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Endorse Your Heart Out!

Endorse Your Heart Out!

What is this?

It is the season of love, with Valentine's Day right around the corner. As such, we are throwing together this even to encourage all of you to share the love and endorse your heart out!

~ If you are not already a member, join the World Assembly (WA).
~ If (or once) you are a WA member, endorse Delegate McMasterdonia and Vice Delegate Francois Isidore.
~ Then, proceed to Linkendorse all other WA nations in The North Pacific.
~ Finally, post on the regional message board and send telegrams to encourages others to do all of the above.

What if I don't beleve in Valentine's Day?

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You should still do all of the above! Why? As may know that, The North Pacific is currently ranked #2 in the World for average number of endorsements.

Nobody likes being second, and we are hoping to bring The North Pacific to the #1 spot. This will only be possible through coordinated community effort, and we hope that this event will help facilitate exactly that.

Achieving the first place in the world rankings requires that we both increase the total number of WA nations in the region,and that each WA nation gives out at least an extra 100 endorsements to other WA nations. You can contribute to the community effort by joining the WA if you are not already a member, endorsing as many other WA nations as you can, and encouraging other nations to do the same. With your help, we can make our region the #1 region in the world!

Through cooperation and a little bit of hard work, we hope to reach our regional goals by the end of this event. And as a reward for all this work, nations that actively participate in this event will win a large variety of awards! So get to it - join the WA, and Linkstart exchanging endorsements right away!

How long is this event running?

Endorse Your Heart Out! will run for two weeks, starting on February 11th and concluding on February 25th.

What are the regional goals?

For this event, we have two sets of regional goals, which together will help us reach our ultimate goal of making The North Pacific #1 in the world rankings for average number of endorsements.

The first set of regional goals aim to increase the total number of endorsements exchanged within The North Pacific.

Endorsement goals

Goal 1

Reach 270,000 endorsements

Goal 2

Reach 280,000 endorsements

Goal 3

Reach 290,000 endorsements

Goal 4

Reach 300,000 endorsements

Goal 5

Reach 310,000 endorsements

Goal 6

Reach 320,000 endorsements

Goal 7

Reach 330,000 endorsements (this will bring us to #1 in the world rankings)

Goal 8

Reach 340,000 endorsements (this will help us create a buffer in the world rankings)

If every WA nation increases their given endorsement count by 50 nations, we will reach Goal 8 by the end of the event. You will need to endorse enough nations to account for any nations you are already endorsing that might CTE during the event. For this reason, we'd recommend endorsing at least 100 more nations.

The second set of regional goals aims to increase the total number of WA nations in The North Pacific.

WA Membership goals

Goal 1

Reach 1,425 WA nations

Goal 2

Reach 1,450 WA nations

Goal 3

Reach 1,475 WA nations

Goal 4

Reach 1,500 WA nations

Goal 5

Reach 1,525 WA nations

Goal 6

Reach 1,550 WA nations

Goal 7

Reach 1,575 WA nations

Goal 8

Reach 1,600 WA nations

You can help us reach the WA membership goals by encouraging other nations to join the WA, either through telegrams or by advertising this event in the regional message board.

Are we any close to achieving these goals?

We will be periodically provide progress updates through posts on the regional message board, as well as telegrams to all nations in The North Pacific. In the meantime, you can track our progress towards the regional goals using the graphs below that update autocally every day. (You can click the images for interactive versions of these graphs.)


What do I get by helping us achieve our regional goals?

You help make our region safer and stronger! But that's not all: We have two sets of incentives to further motivate everyone to help us meet our regional goals.

First, by actively participating in this event, you can win some of the most valuble NationStates trading cards for free!

~ Throughout the event, we will run a daily lottery awarding a legendary card to a winner selected from among nations endorsing at least 90% of the WA nations in the region.
~ At the end of the event, we will run a single-day lottery awarding to distribute a large number of legendary cards (10 cards per achieved regional goal, for a maximum of 160 cards if all goals are achieved) to winners selected from among all WA nations that won an individual prize during the event.

Second, we have a large set of individual prizes for your bling collection. You can see the table below for details, and you can use the scoreboards linked at the top of the dispatch to track your progress towards winning these individual prizes.

Individual prizes

Increase endorsed WA nations in TNP by 25

Increase endorsed WA nations in TNP by 50

Increase endorsed WA nations in TNP by 100

Increase endorsed WA nations in TNP by 200

Increase endorsements given to nations in TNP by 400

Endorse 30% of all WA nations in TNP

Endorse 60% of all WA nations in TNP

Endorse 90% of all WA nations in TNP

Endorse Delegate McMasterdonia and Vice Delegate Francois Isidore

RMB Hero: Advertise the event on the RMB

WA Recruiter Champion: Recruit new WA nations!

Are there any additional materials I can use to improve my performance?

The WA Development Program has a lot of information that you can use while participating in this event. In particular:

Who is running this event?

Endorse Your Heart Out! is an event sponsored by the LinkMinistry of Culture of The North Pacific. For any questions, please contact Minister of Culture Prydania or Delegate McMasterdonia.

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