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Middle Earth Role Play

Join us on an epic adventure!

We are almost ready, the only thing we are missing is YOU.
So please Link read the FAQ.

We really hope you participate, and give the role play a chance.

The roleplay is similar to the tabletop strategy game of Diplomacy (if you know it), where you are the leader of a faction owning several provinces on a map of Middle Earth and with the power of your armies and your cunning diplomatic skills you make or break alliances and conquer more land. You do not need and roleplaying skills in order to play but for those of you that are more skilled in roleplaying, we invite you to hone your skills and show them off by adding a layer on top of the roleplay, with engaging stories (brave, hopeful, horrific or terrible) that span the regions on the map.

The roleplay is divided in several "updates" (times when all the information is compiled, actions are done and the map changes), and we have 2 updates per week, meaning that if you'd like to play all you need to do is to be active for a few minutes and post your In-Character message at least once every 3 days.

Everything takes place on the regional message board of the NationStates region Middle Earth Roleplay, where registered nations (after being accepted into the roleplay) will send a new nation (a "puppet") and post with it on the RMB the In-Character (and Out-of-Character) messages.

We have the map ( Link ), we have a FAQ that further explains things ( Link ), we have a roleplay calculator (if you need it) and for how the actual roleplay is going to look you can check the old RMB messages on Middle Earth Roleplay or visit the website at
Link (you might need javascript activated in your browser).

The Roleplay's registration period is starting from the 22nd of February and is going to last until we get the necessary 14 brave volunteers willing to play. Be around that date so you have priority on the provinces you'd like, as well as the map color and the army icon.

Once the 22nd comes, be sure to follow the instructions at Link"How do I join up?" in the LinkFAQ.

If you have any question regarding the role play,
Do not hesitate to send a telegram to Tatarica.

The Eastern Kingdom of Dwarven Mines