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by The Factory of Aluminum Oxynitride. . 63 reads.

Why TWP?

Where else would I go?

On the recommendation from a friend, I created Aluminum Oxynitride in July 2019. My nation founded in The West Pacific and I have not had a reason to leave (and hope to never have one). I started off as one of those “issues only” players and casually followed the RMB to get a feel for what NationStates was all about. I received many recruitment telegrams, mostly from RP regions. When Monday rolled around, and I saw that TWP celebrates Punday Monday, I blocked recruitment telegrams. I knew that this was a region for me. The RMB, clean and free of spam (thankfully – spam is gross!), with meaningful content adds to this region’s value. Nations in TWP have been nothing but kind to me. 

As time progressed, I have slowly become more involved in The West Pacific. Becoming a citizen (mostly so I could check out what raiding was via TWPAF), joining TWPAF, and possibly going on several raids. While raiding isn’t nearly as complex as it seems, it brings together a group of people across the world for a common purpose. For all I know, I could be working with a 72 year old from New Zealand, a 23 year old from Brazil, and a 38 year old in Germany. But none of that matters. What is important is that we all share the same goal: proving that TWP is really The Best Pacific. 

No other region has the same style as TWP. NationStates (the region) has some fun things like Jeopardy, but many regions are either inactive or hyperactive. Nothing has been posted on the RMB since several months ago, or there are over 1000 new posts every day. While opposites, neither is my style. 

The West Pacific, my first home in NationStates (the game), is The Best Pacific. From RMB games, to raiding and defending, to the ever present snark, I am proud to call The West Pacific my home.