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by The ပျော်ရွှင်စရာ ကြောင်ကမ္ဘာ of Valentine Z. . 193 reads.

Wonders of the World - The Wonders and Places of Interest which were preserved by Valentine Z before the inevitable Cold War Nuclear Strike.

Table of Contents

As Valentine Z and its autonomous nations recovered from the devastating Nuclear War, so did the various cultures, religions, and many more aspects of humanity that has distinguished one culture from another. These are preserved by Clarissa and many other countless machines in Valentine Z, with their schematics backed up as they roam around the world before its nuclear demise. Eventually, after the terraformation of Earth, they were rebuild to their former glory, perhaps even providing the population of Valentine Z with cultural knowledge, their power, and everything else in-between.

Botanical Gardens – Singapore, Valentine Z Province, Valentine Z

Considered the UNESCO World Heritage Site back in the pre-Valentian eras, the 161 year old and 82-hectares area Botanic / Botanical Gardens has been home to a myriad of species of trees, plants, flowers, and hybrids. It is also a home to National Orchid Garden, which houses the largest orchid collection of 1200 species and 2000 hybrids. Unfortunately, come the Cold War, the Botanic Gardens, along with a good percentage of Singapore, was lost to the fires of nuclear war and were irradiated, with all its plant life gone and vaporised. Clarissa and her robot assistants, along with the rest of the Valentians, have tried their best to collect samples before and after, but only 60% of the total number of species (including a few animals) were collected. It was marked as a net loss by the Valentians, but after terraforming, the Valentians, especially Valentijn, decided to reopen the garden, using the original landmass and planting and reseeding as many species as they can. Overall, the project was somewhat of a success, with the newly-grown plants being able to replace the old ones. When it was first re-established, many would consider this to be rather artificial, given the human element of re-foresting the area. A few decades would pass, and the area would be taken over by Mother Nature yet again, perhaps even literally, as Klarissa considered this place to be simply a “Heart of Her”.

National Powers / Bonuses:

  • +25% to Tourism Industry.

  • +1000 Environmental Beauty.

  • Reduces effects of All Industries by 8%, except Mining with 4% less effects.

  • +200 Scientific Advancement.

  • Pharmaceuticals are 5% cheaper, and 10% cheaper to research.

  • -4 Greenhouse Effect. +8 if lack of periods of strong sunlight are felt.

Colosseum – Rome, Italy, Victoriaans Nederlands Province, Valentine Z

A large amphitheatre built out of travertine limestone, tuff, and brick-faced concrete, it was the largest of its kind of be built around 70 – 80 AD, being able to house 50,000 to 80,000 spectators. Used mainly for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles such as mock sea battles, animal hunts, famous battle re-enactments, dramas, and even executions. Ruined due to repeated earthquakes and stone robberies, the Colosseum is still an iconic symbol of the power of Rome, and is still is Rome’s most popular attractions. This was up until Cold War whereby eventually, after withstanding the aforementioned disasters, the Colosseum was eventually turned into ashes, but later preserved by the Valentians. The construction of the Colosseum eventually began as part of Project Resolute – to restore most of the structures of the old Earth into their former prime, perhaps with some tweaks here and there. The Valentian Colosseum is slightly bigger, being able to house 120,000 spectators, as well as being used for Olympics, some gladiatorial fights, and in a strange twist, Valentijn using the venue to host annual fights whereby the other Valentians would try to take him down in the shortest time possible. The current team went to the 5-men team, none other than Superintendent Clarissa, Head Secretary Jamie, Colonel Adrian, Foresittend Marcus, and Field Marshal Jacob. In comparison to the actual fights of the yesteryear, the Valentians would comment that the fights are lacking blood and quite a degree of violence.

National Powers / Bonuses:

  • +20% to Tourism Industry.

  • +50 Culture.

  • Reduces the costs of horse and vehicle-based military units by 10%.

  • Increases Attrition Rate on Valentian soils by 33%.

  • +5 National Borders.

  • Forts are 10% cheaper, with 5% less stacking costs.

Large Hadron Supercollider (LHSC) – Geneva, Switzerland, Victoriaans Nederlands Province, Valentine Z

A collaboration of over 10,000 scientists and over 100 countries all over the world, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) back then was the world’s largest and highest-energy particle collider, as well as the largest machine ever conceived by mankind. These circular accelerators are the types that are used to search for subatomic particles, whereas its linear machine cousins have a place in areas of medicine. Many physicists back then hoped that the LHC will help answer some of the fundamentals and open questions in physics, as well as the laws of nature that governs our universe (and perhaps even spanning other universes). However, as breakthroughs as there might be, they were more or less overshadowed by the occurrence of Cold War and this, too, was destroyed in the process. The restoration and further enhancement with the Valentian technology has upgraded the LHC to a LHSC, being able to yield and output more energy, being able to accelerate particles (and objects < 10 g) to a tremendous speed of c – 1.5 m/s, i.e. only 1.5 m/s slower than speed of light. The Valentians would continue the scientific ambition of Mankind with this device, hoping to find and unlock the keys to the universe and possibly the omniverse.

National Powers / Bonuses:

  • +600 Scientific Advancement.

  • One-time bonus of +33% Eco-Friendliness. Green Energy researches are 15% cheaper.

  • Reduces the cost of researches by 40%. Increases the speed of researches by 100%.

  • +20% Economy. You buy goods 20% cheaper, and sell them at 115% mark-up.

  • +2 National Border.