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The Internationale • Comrade's Guide

Hello, and welcome to The Internationale! You are among comrades, and we embrace you as one! 😊

You may be wondering what The Internationale is all about. Well, we’re an alliance of anarchists, socialists, communists, and other left-wing players that has existed on this game for over a decade! Our goal is to create a safe, direct democratic, transparent, pan-leftist network in NationStates that emphasizes left-wing unity in resistance to all reactionary forces, including, but not limited to, capitalism, imperialism, and fascism.

From daily discussion of politics, history, news, and even casual topics, to weekly co-op gaming events and music listening parties, there’s plenty to do as a comrade of The Internationale! So, let’s get you involved and the fun started!

Getting Started

Our Government


You're probably wondering how our regional government works. Well, it's simple, so let's dive right into it!

The government of The Internationale is based off direct consensus democracy, and day-to-day administration is conducted by the Comrade Chairperson, General Council, and Custodian. Since you're a player with a nation in The Internationale, you're considered a comrade, and entitled to a single vote, the right to propose matters to be voted on, as well as the right to run for office, as long as you follow the rules written in the Code of Conduct.

Voting & Elections

Voting and elections usually occur on the off-site forum, so it is important that you register an account on it. If ever the forum is unavailable, voting and elections will be conducted on the Regional Message Board, and you'll need to join the World Assembly on your nation in The Internationale, another nation in another NSLeft member region, or be a member of The Red Fleet in order to vote.

You may propose matters to be voted on Linkhere.

Matters you may currently vote on, including elections, will be posted Linkhere. All matters up for the vote will last 7 days, excluding elections, which last for 10 days.

In matters up for the vote, you may vote 'For', 'Abstain', or 'Veto'. You can change your vote any time during the 7 day voting period. If you vote to 'Veto' a proposal, then the proposal will fail to pass. Please note: if you choose to vote 'Veto', you will need to explain the reasoning behind your choice in order for your vote to count! This is to prevent malicious people from abusing our mode of government

Elections occur every 70 days, and open with a period of nominations. The nomination period will last 10 days, during which you may nominate yourself or another comrade. If someone nominates you, or you nominate someone else, then you or the other comrade will need to publicly accept that nomination in the nomination thread. After the 10 day nomination period, elections will immediately begin, and voting will last 10 days.


There are four positions that you can run and be elected for; Comrade Chairperson, Councillor for External Affairs, Councillor for Internal Affairs, and Councillor for Moderation. The two other governmental positions, Comrade Custodian, and Root Administrator, are unelected due to security purposes.

The Comrade Chairperson is basically a recordkeeper, keeping up with the legislative archive, charter, and, regional history, and is responsible for putting matters up for the vote. They also help moderate the region both on-site and off-site, provide leadership and guidance to the Councillors, and fill in for Councillors in their absence.

The Councillor for External Affairs handles foreign affair by looking for new allies for The Internationale, serving as an ambassador, as well as making sure that our allies, and those who want to be allies, are in compliance with our requirements.

The Councillor for Internal Affairs is responsible for creating interesting polls, organizing fun events, such as music listening parties and game nights, as well as promoting membership in the World Assembly, The Red Fleet, off-site forums, and Discord.

The Councillor for Moderation's duty is to moderate the Regional Message Board, off-site forums, and Discord.

For your reference, the Comrade Custodian handles elections and nominations, appoints the duly elected officials, fills in for the Comrade Chairperson when they're unavailable, and moderates the Regional Message Board and off-site platforms. The Root Administrator is the owner of the website, off-site forums, and off-site bot, Lenin.

For more information about how our government works, you can read the Charter of The Internationale.

Inter-regionalism & Gameplay


As a pan-leftist region, The Internationale stands in solidarity with other leftist regions within NationStates, and promotes the spirit of left unity and inter-regionalism as opposed to regional chauvinism. Accordingly, we are a member of the alliance, NSLeft, which exists to bring serious regions together to advance leftism within NationStates.

You can become involved in NSLeft by registering on the LinkNSLeft forum, where our own forum is also located, and joining its LinkDiscord server. On these off-site platforms, you will meet many comrades from different leftist regions, and will be able to participate in weekly inter-regional events. You can also contribute to the advancement of leftism and improvement of the leftist experience in NationStates by volunteering for the Gameplay and Editorial Committee.

The Volunteer Committees

You’re probably wondering what these committees actually do. Here’s an overview:

The Gameplay Committee discusses matters before the World Assembly, reaches a consensus on them, and encourages NSLeft member regions to vote according to the consensus, with the goal of creating a leftist voting bloc in the World Assembly. It also engages in authorship of World Assembly resolutions and national issues to improve the leftist experience and representation within the game. Tired of the capitalists dominating the World Assembly? Sick of issues that don’t pertain to your left-wing nation? Want to leave your mark on the game? Then join the Editorial Committee today!

The Editorial Committee is made up of the writers and editors responsible for the NSLeft’s newspaper, which is called LinkThe Red + Black. The Red + Black reports on NationStates news, features editorials on all sorts of topics, publishes poetry, reviews, and much more! Want to break the news? Want to get your viewpoint out there? Share an awesome record, recipe, or maybe a poem you wrote? Join your comrade writers and editors on the Editorial Committee!

To volunteer for one of these committees, simply ping @Administrator in the NSLeft Discord server, where the majority of the committee affairs are conducted, and you will be given the appropriate role.

The Elected Committees

Additionally, NSLeft has two more committees you may join, although, not by volunteering. These are the Regional Committee and Central Committee.

The Regional Committee consists of the executive representatives of the governments of each member region of NSLeft. This means that if you’re elected to the position of Comrade Chairperson, or one of the Councillor positions, then you’ll be on the Regional Committee of NSLeft. The Regional Committee is a communication and diplomacy hub between NSLeft member regions, and also assists in promoting and executing the events, projects, and other plans for NSLeft.

The Central Committee is the coordinating body of NSLeft, and is responsible for its day-to-day administration. It works to improve NSLeft and makes sure that everything is working as it should. It consists of 7 comrades chosen in an NSLeft-wide election, held every four months.

If you want to have some fun and do your part, you should try to become a member of all four of the committees!

For more information on NSLeft, you can read its guiding document, The Solidarity Pact of the NSLeft.

NationStates simulates war between nations at the regional level, where nations will fight over regions through a process known as “raid and defense,” or “military gameplay.” As a revolutionary and militant region, The Internationale encourages participation in military gameplay, and bringing the fight to the reactionary enemies of the people, wherever they may be!

Do you want to learn more about the ‘war’ features of NationStates? If so, apply to Linkjoin The Red Fleet!

The Red Fleet is the premier leftist military in NationStates, the vanguard of the NSLeft’s cause in military gameplay, and the only active raider organization to be commended by the World Assembly Security Council! It has contributed to the destruction of some of the most notorious fascist regions in the game, such as Nazi Europe, The Greater German Reich, The Iron Confederacy, and many more!

You do not need to have any past experience in military gameplay to join The Red Fleet! Once you join, you will find that The Red Fleet has extensive training guides for new sailors, as well as interactive tools to help you learn how to raid and defend! You can find a sample of The Red Fleet’s most basic guide Linkhere.

As a sailor with The Red Fleet, you will be given the opportunity to rise through the organization’s ranks, as the Fleet operates on the basis of “to each according to their contribution.” You will receive operation participation points for each campaign you participate in, and can also earn medals and campaign ribbons, as well! Click Linkhere to learn about the duties and advancement path for sailors of The Red Fleet!

Do you want to join your comrades-in-arms to take the fight to the fascists and imperialists? Do you want to defend your comrades from the thread of capitalist and fascist invasions? Do you want to be part of the premier leftist and anti-fascist fighting force in NationStates?

Then Linksubmit a Rate Application to join The Red Fleet today!

Pax ignescens!


Q: How do I register a forum account?

A: While logged on to your primary nation here at NationStates, open a tab to the LinkNSLeft forum registration page.

You should see an embedded screen from NationStates showing your nation and a login verification code.

If you don't see this code and instead are greeted with a message that says "Uh-oh, The login page is not available in embed mode," make sure you're logged in to NationStates in the same browser that you are trying to register with; some users have had issues seeing the code that were fixed by switching to a different browser.

If you want to change your primary nation on the forum at any time, you can login to your puppet nation here on NationStates and then go to the LinkClaim Nation page to associate the puppet with your existing forum account.

Q: How do I verify my Discord account?

A: To verify your Discord account, you'll first need an account on Linkour forum.

Once you have created a forum account, make sure you're logged into your forum account & the Discord account that you would like to verify. Next, head Linkhere and click the "Authenticate Me!" button in the center of the page.

This button will take you to the official Discord website (, where you will be prompted to allow the NSLeft to verify information on your Discord account. To work properly, we need three things:

  • Who you are on Discord (your username)

  • Whether your Discord email address has been verified (only users with verified Discord email addresses may join the NSLeft server)

  • Permission to add you to the NSLeft server, in case you are not already a member.

Once you authorize this information, you will be redirected back to the forum. If verification worked properly, you will be greeted with a green check mark and success message. If not, you will have an error message that you can send to the NSLeft Off-Site Administrator @Courelli for assistance.

Once you have properly verified your Discord account, head over to the Discord server which you're trying to access, and type .verify. This will prompt our Discord bot, Lenin, to role you properly. After that, you're free to socialize with your comrades to your heart's content!

Q: Someone is breaking the rules. What do I do?

A: If you see someone violating the Code of Conduct, please click this link to report it to the government via telegram, or simply ping @General Council and @Administrator on Discord.

Q: Why do we vote off-site? Why can't we just use an on-site poll or the RMB?

A: Voting off-site ensures that each person only gets one vote, as our Charter mandates. If we did not do this, people could login to multiple nations and cast many votes to manipulate outcomes in their favor.

Q: Does this region roleplay?

A: Yes! If you would like to start a roleplay, or participate in an on-going one, please do so in the LinkRoleplay Hall on NSLeft's forum. Please note: roleplay on the RMB will not be allowed, but you can advertise your roleplay there, if it's taking place in Roleplay Hall.

Q: I saw someone with a special government type or title before their nation name. How can I get that?

A: The custom nation pre-title is a feature unlocked after your nation reaches a population of 500 million. National population increases with time, so stick around and you'll be able to have a custom pre-title, too!

Q: Why are there so many nations here that don't have left-wing government types?

A: The Internationale no longer has requirements regarding government types. We allow any nation in our region, provided that the player behind the nation identifies as leftist, or wants to learn about leftism, and follows our rules.

Q: I answered an issue and it messed up my nation! Can I reverse the decision?

A: Unfortunately, you cannot. You may, however, randomly get the same issue again and answer it differently. Additionally, there are many helpful guides out there that will reveal the results of each issues' answers to you. Like this one, for instance:

LinkNS Issues Results

Q: This game is biased in favor of capitalism! I cannot get a strong economy, no matter how hard I try!

A: This has been a complaint about NationStates for a long time. Luckily, some resourceful comrades have put together guides to overcome this. Check out these guides, and use them in conjunction with the one in the previous question, if you're interested:

LinkCIL General Guide to Economic Success, LinkCIL Economic Issues Guide