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Weekly Update

Weekly Update

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(Europeia, Feb 9th, 2020) - This week in Europeia saw the ushering in of a new Chief of State alongside confirmations for his staff, a number of private media and Europeian Broadcast Corporation (EBC) articles, and our European Republic Navy who aided its allies in the hold of a region.

As former Chief of State HEM released his farewell speech, the Senate voted in incumbent Chief of State Pichtonia on Feb 3rd, who remained unrivaled during the campaigning. Chief of State Pichtonia was voted in unanimously and the confirmations of his staff quickly commenced. Stay tuned to a separate dispatch for more detailed information.

In the media both the private sectors and EBC produced riveting content. The Panda's Pen released an article discussing class regions and their importance in Nation States. Meanwhile, the EBC released two articles. One was an article about the significance of the Europeian public offering criticism and questions to our Executive. The other was an article detailing the results of the First Minister election.

The Europeian Republic Navy recently embarked on a mission alongside our allies, The Black Hawks, The Land of Kings and Emperors, and Balder, working to capture and hold ASEAN REGION. The ERN's sailors held the region for several updates. A resounding success, this operation has ended one term with a bang while another commences.

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