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Emissary Report - January 2020

10000 Islands Emissary Update

Date: January 2020
Population: 1396
Delegate Endorsements: 366
Forum: Link
Discord: Link
Twitter: Link

TITO Command

Has your region been invaded, or do you want to get in touch with TITO? If so, contact one of the following nations:
~Chief Executive: Markanite.
~Field Commander: Kanta Hame.
~Tactical Officers: Shy Guyia, Smugglers and Mercs (EF), Mingulay isle, THX1138.
~Executive Officers: The United Royal Islands of Euramathania, Hakketomat.

Aschente has stepped down as Executive Officer and will be continuing in TITO on the technical side. TITO is grateful for their service as EO. The United Royal Islands of Euramathania will be taking up Executive duties moving forward.


As of this report’s publication, the Government of 10000 Islands consists of:
~Chief Executive: Markanite
~WA Delegate: Kuriko
~Senator for Blue Canaria North (Emissary Report): THX1138
~Senator for Lyonnesse East (Houses): The United Royal Islands of Euramathania
~Senior Senator for New Republica South (Debates and Discussions): HumanSanity
~Senator for Himes West (RP): Marxist Germany
~Minister of Labor: Paffnia
~Minister of Immigration: The Knights Apprentice of Sargon Reman
~Minister of Education: The Tasmanian Islands

January was an election month in 10000 Islands, with two Senate seats at contest. Incumbent Senator for New Republica South Aschente announced that they would not be running again, and incumbent Senator for Blue Canaria North HumanSanity declared their intention to run for that vacated position. HumanSanity defeated Dorab in the race for New Republia South, and now has the distinction of having held all four Senate seats in the region, at various times.

The race for Blue Canaria North was entirely open, with candidates THX1138 and Dandhican both running in their first election, and both as independents. THX1138 garnered the most votes, and joined XKI’s regional government.

The Council of Nine thanks Aschente for their service.

Information about other government officials of 10000 Islands can be found Linkhere.

As a result of their election as Senator, THX1138 has stepped down as Deputy Minister of Immigration. Congratulations to Haivon who has been appointed the new Deputy MOI, and who is already hard at work assisting the Ministry, and recently updated the Immigration Awards and Medals forum thread.

Maintaining a friendly presence in our embassy nations is always a priority, and the region is pleased to announce that HN67 has been hired as 10000 Islands’ emissary to The Hole to Hide In. Marxist Germany will represent XKI in Greater Dienstad and HumanSanity has been hired as emissary to Renegade Islands Alliance.

Other notable regional appointments include Woonsocket, returning as Regional Reserve Chair, with The United Royal Islands of Euramathania being brought on as Deputy Chair. URI will also be the new Manager of the XKI Casino.

Special Feature: XKI Population Explosion!

By now, most are aware that January saw Nations States featured on a popular subreddit, and the ensuing interest in the game was astounding. The influx of new nations over a 2 to 3 day period was unprecedented in recent memory, and at the peak of this influx, new nations were joining the game at a rate of 4-5 per second.

10000 Island recruiters were at the ready, and despite there being more new nations than could possibly be reached, a significant number did receive the region’s message of welcome, and made the jump to the Islands.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of the recruiting team (and most notably by recruiting guru United Counties of Escanaba) XKI saw an overall increase in population of 223 nations in January; an increase so large, it garnered the attention of the international press

Around the Islands

- In Honour of Chief Executive Markanite’s Security Council Commendation, Taco Island Charities hosted a Commendation Giveaway, where Islanders could commend others in the region for their contributions. Those nominated all received a small Taco bursary.
- Former Senator for Blue Canaria North, HumanSanity announced January’s Rookie of the Quarter. The honour went to Haivon who has been a significant addition to the region, actively participating in the RMB, developing new RP platforms for Islanders, serving as emissary, joining TITO, and most recently being named Deputy Minister of Imiigration. Congratulations to Haivon!
- Regional super-administrator Paffnia announced the Eight Annual Paffnia Prize
awarded to the nation that comes up with the best new idea that has brought regional benefit, each year. The public was tapped to nominate their favourites, and after the nomination period, 24 potentially winning projects, by a variety of Islanders, had been cited. Voting took place in mid-January, and the winning project, and 2 runners up were selected
Congratulations to this year's winner Sargon Reman for their work on the new WA Secretariat position. Second place, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Ruby Prize, was awarded to The United Royal Islands of Euramathania for their contributions to the automation of the monthly Mortimer Report. The Baden-Wuerttemberg Opal Prize for third place also went to Sargon Reman, for the newly created WA Secretariate Engagement Awards. Congratulations to all those nominated, and thanks for your contributions to the region in 2019. Thanks also to Paffnia, Baden-Wuerttemberg, and Taco Island Charities for generously distributing 3,000,000 Tacos in prizing.
-Minister of Immigration Sargon Reman announced a major recruiting award, sponsored by prolific Island recruiter Escanaba. Having reached an incredible 6000 nations recruited, Esca has provided a 6.000.000 Taco bursary for The Six for Six Prize to be awarded to the next recruiter who is able to reach this milestone.
-Himes West Senator (Gaming User) Marxist Germany and Deputy Himes West Senator Central Russia are hosting a National History Competition for regional roleplay aficionados
- Lyonnesse East Senator The United Royal Islands of Euramathania has announced the Winter House Cup and Shield Competition and the House Prolific Posting Contest, to take place in February
-As part of their Senatorial duties for New Republica South, HumanSanity opened a thread in the Great Debate Hall, asking nations to weigh in with their views on Needle Exchange Programs
- Minister of Education The Tasmanian Islands has selected recent arrival Ozierri as January’s featured nation. Congratulations to Ozierri and thanks for your great regional activity so far!
- The Tasmanian Islands also announced the new Welcome Buddy Medals, to be awarded to those nations showing outstanding dedication to ensuring the welfare of new arrivals.
-In the often turbulent and sometimes bizarre world of Taco Island politics, Chief Executive Markanite resigned from the position of Speaker of the Senate, which they’d knowingly held for nearly five minutes. This left the seat vacant, and Hahiha was the clear choice to take up the position, graciously accepting the role, and immediately attempting to raise taxes (although having no authority to do so).
- 10000 Islands implemented a new regional office, dedicated to enhancing and celebrating our unique culture. Newly appointed Cultural Officer Human Sanity wasted no time in the new position and coordinated the 10000 Islands National Animal Competition
Nations throughout the region submitted their national animals for consideration, and winners were selected in 3 categories through a series of regional polls. The contest culminated in a final poll combining the category winners. The winning animals, including the 25,000 Taco first prize, were announced in the RMB

The final round of the National Animal Competition is our regional poll of the month:

Other highlights from January’s RMB include::

A binary battle on the beach: page=rmb/postid=37335803
De-escalation and anecdote: page=rmb/postid=37336037
More robots: page=rmb/postid=37361414
Planetary repulsion: page=rmb/postid=37378046
EDH doing EDH stuff: page=rmb/postid=37402085
Haivon, summed up: page=rmb/postid=37422447
Props for the XKI flag: page=rmb/postid=37473596

WA Affairs

-January saw an increase in the number of regional WA nations from 380 to 452. -Endorsement for Delegate Kuriko rose from 310 to 364.
-WA Delegate Kuriko has created a forum thread to show which resolutions they have approved toward their reaching quorum

January presented a diverse variety of resolutions on which to vote, and a continuation of the exceptional authorship seen in the previous month. Of special note are the resolutions passed in both the SC and the GA, by prolific Island author Marxist Germany.

Jan 1, 2020 GA Wartime Healthcare Protections: Designed to prevent military assault on medical facilities and to ensure access to medical aid for injured combatants in conflict zones.
Author: Maowi
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 11 | Against 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Delegate vote: For (weight 302)
Final WA vote: For 9966 (75%) | Against 3340 (25%)
Result: Passed Jan 5, becoming GAR#480

Jan 3, 2020 SC Commend Ramaeus: Citing the target’s extensive contributions to their region, including several terms as Delegate, their international diplomatic efforts, and successful WA authorship.
Author: Xoriet
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 8 | Against 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 4
Delegate vote: For (weight 303)
Final WA vote: For 10393 (80%) | Against 2654 (20%)
Result: Passed Jan 6, becoming SCR#294

Jan 5, 2020 GA Subject State Enforcement Act: An effort to enforce WA law over proxy nations of WA member nations.
Author: Morover
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 3 | Against 8 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1 | Abstain 2
Delegate vote: Against (weight 307)
Final WA vote: For 3290 (23%) | Against 10796 (77%)
Result: Failed to pass

Jan 10, 2020 GA Data Protection Accord: An amended version of a previous resolution, seeking protections for individual’s personal data, and in particular, for vulnerable minors.
Author: Marxist Germany
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 4 | Against 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 1
Delegate vote: For (weight 316)
Final WA vote: For 11297 (80%) | Against 2875 (20%)
Result: Passed Jan 14, becoming GAR#481

Jan 17, 2020 GA Forensics Accord: A brief resolution encouraging member nations to employ certified forensic genetic science when investigating causes of death.
Author: Clydeith
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 0 | Against 10 | Delegate’s Prerogative 3
Delegate vote: Against (weight 337)
Final WA vote: For 3808 (26%) | Against 10696 (74%)
Result: Failed to pass

Jan 21, 2020 GA Ensuring Safe Syringe Use: Mandating the universal use of clean, safe syringes in medicine, to prevent the spread of blood borne diseases.
Author: Sylvai
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 4 | Against 0 | Delegate’s Prerogative 4
Delegate vote: For (weight 343)
Final WA vote: For 13592 (87%) | Against 2041 (13%)
Result: Passed Jan 24, becoming GAR#482

Jan 21, 2020 SC Commend Benevolent Thomas: Praising the target nation’s strong leadership in multiple regions, significant contribution to defending, and WA authorship.
Author: Marxist Germany
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 13 | Against 2 | Delegate’s Prerogative 3
Delegate vote: For (weight 343)
Final WA vote: For 11930 (82%) | Against 2710 (18%)
Result: Passed Jan 24, becoming SCR#295

Jan 25, 2020 SC Condemn Norrlands: An RP condemnation based on the target’s IC actions, mainly human rights violations and alleged war crimes.
Author: Ultior
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 0 | Against 7 | Delegate’s Prerogative 4 | Abstain 1
Delegate vote: Against (weight 346)
Final WA vote: For 1737 (13%) | Against 11870 (87%)
Result: Failed to pass

Jan 25, 2020 GA Ban on the Involuntary Administration of Drugs: Proposing a series of regulations around the administration and control of sedatives.
Author: Morover
Note: A Legality Challenge was issued against this proposal, citing contradiction with existing legislation. The GA Secretariat supported this challenge, deeming the resolution illegal.
Result: Resolution withdrawn

Jan 29, 2020 SC Commend Crushing Our Enemies: Efforts to commend the target nation for their time spent as a raider, regional contributions, and song-writing.
Author: Jakker City
10000 Islands discussion on this resolution:
Regional vote: For 0 | Against 11
Delegate vote: Against (weight 355)
Final WA vote: For 7130 (46%) | Against 8389 (54%)
Result: Failed to pass

Meet A Nation Interview

This month’s interview features prominent Islander Mingulay isle, TITO Knight and Tactical Officer, and Nation States player since 2015. Ming was kind enough to share a bit of their history and some advice for newer players to the game:

THX: Let’s start at the beginning: How did you first find Nation States, and, when did you join 10000 Islands?
Ming: I was invited to Nation States by Lennia when they were just starting Oatland back in 2015. I didn't join XKI until 2018. So I'd already gotten my feet wet in NS, being involved in Forest, Oatland and others.
THX: Can you expand on what you mean by ‘getting your feet wet’?
Ming: I started branching out into regional gameplay pretty much immediately with Oatland, basically designing its government system, and in the general assembly, where I participated as its delegate.
THX: How do you find life in XKI since moving here?
Ming: XKI is a region where you can experience nearly anything NS has to offer, be it debate(real stuff or WA), military gameplay, or regional events. We even have a regional economy. That was
appealing for me since I like diving into as many aspects of NS as I can.
THX: What drew you to Defending?
Ming: I was always a defender at heart, but it wasn't until the LWU coup on Lazarus that I started engaging in R/D gameplay, first independently, and later as a member of TITO.
THX: What is your most notable deployment since joining TITO?
Ming: Definitely the liberation of The East Pacific last year. After LWU's coup in Lazarus I hoped that GCRs, their embassies, and defenders would take lessons from the failures there, but I didn't expect that the next year I'd not only take part in the interregional response, but champion it as a commander in one of Nationstate's most prestigious military organisations.
THX: I note that your national animal is the boar, and a boar also appears on your nation’s flag, what's the significance?
Ming: Well, boar are a recurring theme in Scottish symbolism, and Mingulay Isle takes inspiration from the real world Mingulay island in Scotland. Boars are also often a symbol of strength, tenacity, and ferocity, which suits a nation created for defender gameplay.
THX: Any advice for players just starting out?
Ming: Do your homework and don't be afraid to ask questions. NS has great depth of gameplay and a rich community. There's a wealth of guides, and plenty of experienced players to help you navigate it. Take full advantage of that.

Until next month, your 10KI Update Staff is signing off - THX1138

The Empire of Kuriko