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K-poop, my K-pop collection (WIP)

I have a K-pop collection but I'm not a fan of it, its just K-pop stars are adorable and cute, so that's why I have one. I don't have anything against K-pop, everyone has their own music taste and I have listened to it some and it's not bad, I'm saying this because people might think I do because I called the collection “K-poop”, I do immature jokes like that for the sole purpose of being immature. Even though no one probably noticed or cared, I put that there because I overthink things.

I don't like overly joyful and cute music like K-pop or Kawaii metal because it makes me feel bad because I'm not overly joyful, in fact, I struggle with finding joy in life, more so than other people. A picture of someone who is over joyful does not have a negative effect on me though. The music should make me cheer up but it doesn't. That's why I like darker and aggressive stuff like Extreme metal, that mainly being Black and very aggressive Thrash metal, that stuff cheers me up because it is more relatable.

Now enough about me and on to the collection!

I don't feel like doing the collection right now :p

The Socialist Republic of Dangine