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by The Roman Islamic Sultannete of Bala Mantre. . 32 reads.


Diplomatic and consular corps application

Full name of nation:Holy Empire Dictatorship of Bala Mantre
Head of State:King Chasun
Head of Government:King Chasun
Minister of Foreign Affairs:Saren Sasfgah

Type of government:Absolute Monarchy
Type of economy:Socialist
Is there any law in your nation which protects the rights of racial, religious, and LGBT [if they are] minorities?
If not, why is that?
No, because they deserve to only be working in the mines and fields.
Type of diplomatic mission (tick one or more): Consulate and Consulate-General (Consul) [], Embassy (Ambassador) [x], Legation (Minister) [x]
Name of Head of Mission:Saasd Asad
Gender of Head of Mission:Male
Family members or friends present:18
Staff:Ssagd Asgh, Ash Teleas
Security:Yoaus Nasj, Ahsjk, Asadh Quhi
Weapons (please include number):475
Vehicles (a maximum of five vehicles, no more than two armed or armoured):5
Other possessions worth declaring:Slaves

Head of Mission's background (optional):He was a General before his job which he has had for 5 years. Reason why he took the job was because he took sharpnel to the leg during a war.

Any additional requests:
We wish to bring our slaves
Do you wish for us to open an embassy or consulate inside your nation's territory? If yes, please provide a link to your embassy or consulate programme:No