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by The Imperial State of Derika. . 2 reads.

Laws of Derika

Title 1: Weaponry

1. Only certain citizens are permitted to have firearms. Citizens who want the test may go to their local Town Hall.
2. If a citizen is found with a firearm and no license, they may be detained for up to 6 months in a local prison.
3. If a citizen was in the military in any capacity, they are allowed to have firearms. Upon joining the army, they receive a license.
4. Children are allowed to have BB guns once they turn 14.

Title 2: Property

1. If a citizen owns a certain piece of land, they can choose who can stay on that land or use it.
2. Parks and other certain government-owned land are open to the public

Title 3: Medical

1. Everyone is required to have a vaccine.
2. Medical Officers must have an authorized medical degree before they can conduct surgery.