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The FCN Art Hall: Issue #1

What's up conservative nation, I'm your host, Prince Emerisis, welcome to the very first edition of the FCN Art Hall.

This is a general archive of special art works and media created for and by the FCN (But mostly by me honk honk), with some additional comments and descriptions to properly archive the value of these pieces. Let's start this off strong with a few of the most important artworks to establish some running themes.

"Countryball Sandwiches"
January 11th 2020

You may have seen an ad for these (non) edible spheres in your local newspaper, and here they are in full! These all started back in the first FCN discord server, when I noticed that Gagium's flag looked like peanut butter and jelly, and thus a very unfunny SUPER funny pun was made.
Some other quirky fun facts: Gagium and Furby's breads are meant to contrast each other, WHITE bread and BLACK bread. Waldnesia is a combination of this contrasting bread even though its not explicitly black..its implied...shush.

Additional Breads

There are a few more bread additions, notably Furbish Islands' in accordance to him being a very picky man. The second is Ibenta, fun fact: this one contains a secret innuendo! Haha.

Let's not forget the comedic art pieces in accordance to certain events

The candidates, made during the FCN presidential election (January 12th)

The senate, during a certain debate

And finally, a slightly odd type of idea that was created: Personifications

Sheet of FCN Stick Figures

These were first created as a way to make absurd short comics more about the users of the FCN rather than their nations. But then spiralled out of control just like my life, in the next issue we will tackle what came of these stick figures (as well as some bigger art pieces), for now here are some fun facts:
Gagium's hair is in reference to his flag
Gagium and Furby have an angel and demon dynamic
Mietkael is wearing a tie, because he is so fancy
Rhiney has RHINO horns because of his name sounding like rhino
Knat has qualities of a gnat
Aglonia is wearing a generic discord icon face mask, because he never had an icon until now
Fluvannia has a car on his head because he used to always have a yellow car as his discord icon
San Carlos is meant to look like a Russian priest

And that's all for the first FCN Art Hall, if you have any suggestions or feedback please don't be afraid to telegram me (Emerisis). See you next time, and remember: never ask for anything unless you have shekels!