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Rules of the GDU

On behalf on the WA Delegate of The Global Democratic Union, there will be new rules for February 2020 as the original rule list was short and improper.


1. We frown upon cursing, words as far as crap are allowed however. Posts with swear words in will result in suppression and a warning, if language like that continues then it will result in a ban.

2. No bad behaviour to other nations. That will result in a warning then a possible ban depending on reputation with the officers.

3. Do not spam in other regions. This includes people new to nationstates. Things like posting 2-5 things in a row.


1. We allow only nations with some form of democracy (Anybody who has a position that can be voted on). Nations The Democratic Legion,Goldgamia and Krishnama are oligarchies, the monarchy has the same power as the equivalent of a parliament, so they would be allowed. Colonies or puppets donít need to meet these requirements

2. All people must be treated equally, no matter of gender, sex or age. No slavery of any sorts (South ninkang has slave labour but it has been authorised by The Global Democratic Union for risk of a bad reputation with The Democratic Legion, that is allowed).

3. Racism is banned in nations. This may be against free speech but who likes racism?

4. Healthcare must be free for all and vaccinations must be compulsory. (If you have anti-vaxxers kidnap them and force vaccines on them. JK)


1. We expect every nation to have a military to support others.

2. Declaring war must be approved by either Goldgamia or The Democratic Legion.


1. Up to 3 nations minimum must be in a party

2. Elections take place at the end of every month

3. Nations outside the region can join a party but wonít count as an official member

4. Countries wishing to join a party must send a job application to a party leader

5. We do not wish to have clone nations with no use but to vote in our region. Otherwise the clone wars would begin (again)

Follow these rules and youíll get on fine. Enjoy your stay.