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[Treasure Island Report] A new decade in roleplay




A new decade in roleplay
Issue XXVI — Friday, 31 January 2020

It’s a new year, a new decade, and a new era for roleplay in the South Pacific. In the past month, Linka new Discord server was created for the roleplay community of the South Pacific, the Treasure Island subforum Linkunderwent a renaming, a roleplay event between the South Pacific and Conch Kingdom was held over Discord, the Pacifica community have Linknamed their continents and Linkbodies of water, and a fantasy canon called Aurora is under development, Linkspurred by conversations on the new Discord server.


A summary of events

January 2020 saw the addition of four member states and one observer Linkto the World Forum, with one observer upgrading to member status. Meanwhile, Eggraria finds itself in Linka state of civil war, the sidelines of the Kalkara War are busy with Linkcovert discussions and negotiations, and FiHami enjoys its Linkfirst days of peace. There has also been an international spat over Qaweritoyu Prime Minister Joanna Barrett describing herself as a socialist.

Strunk and the World Forum
Source: GIN Online | Written by Andreas Byt on 4 January 2020 | Nation: GI-Land

It was a rainy afternoon when GI-Land finally accepted their nomination for another term as the seat of the World Forum. While this does not guarantee the actual outcome of the upcoming vote - FiHami and Hystaiga are also promising candidates - it is at least a first step in the right direction for the Federal Republic, which already had possession of the speaker position in the first speakership-term, but Mr. Strunk gave it up and entrusted the Omegan ambassador with this task.

Now, two years after his first election, Mr. Strunk tries it again. "We are in an exceptional situation. The Reizen Conflict still hasn't ended yet, even though it looks like it could end at any given moment. Meanwhile a WF member - namely Valkyria - has nothing better to do than to attack another member based on loose indications, probably to push the current nationalistic agenda. To top that all of, we all know that almost every country in the South Pacific struggles with something they probably could need the help of the WF of. Seeing that not many countries trust the WF with these issues is - to say it nicely - concerning. The idea of the WF gets torpedoed by this mistrust and also the inaction of several countries in there - also the inaction of GI-Land of course."

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Ha'Coron' Finix of tribe Fi'Shi Pronounced Dead
Source: Ha'Hani Times Post | Written by Kiki of tribe Kilaweioni on 12 January 2020 | Nation: FiHami

This morning, at 11:03, Finix of tribe Fi'Shi has been pronounced dead. She was 17 years old.

Three days ago, January 9th, Ha'Coron' Finix and Puani were along the shores of the Tikiri'i River around 22:00, when a strange man assaulted the pair. Ha'Coron' Puani ran for help, leaving Ha'Coron' Finix fighting for her life. Officials arrived on the scene by 22:15, where Law Enforcement brought the assailant under arrest. An ambulance escorted ki Ha'Coron' to the Hospital of Ha'Hani, where she reportedly passed quietly between 10:30 and 11:00 January 12th.

[Editor’s note: The Ha’Coron’ was later found to be alive.]

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Steve Bennett elected Socialist leader
Source: The Stockholm Post | Written by Chelsea Frost on 18 January 2020 | Nation: Qvait

On Saturday, the membership of the Valkyrian Socialist Party voted to elect Steve Bennett as the leader of the party, succeeding Amalia Rollins, who has served as party leader since June 2017, when the party first gained representation in Parliament. In his victory speech, Bennett promised to "firmly stand in opposition to [the] unjust and unlawful war" in Hystaiga. In spite of his unpopularity amongst the general population and accusations of being a "single-issue candidate", Bennett won the support of 87% of Socialist Party members in an election between four candidates.

Before his election as the Leader of the Socialist Party, Bennett represented Stockholm's 2nd constituency in the National Assembly and served as deputy leader from June 2017 under Rollins' leadership. In his apolitical duties, Bennett is a reserve captain in the Valkyrian Naval Service, formerly serving in Neptune Group, a naval special operations unit. His rank and service during the Great War of 2014 has earned him the nickname "Captain Valkyria" by some of his peers, but conservative political opponents admonish the nickname as a symbol of a "cult-like following".

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Kitaihae Liberated | War to End Soon
Source: The Togami Times | Written by Seojiro Tōyagi on 26 January 2050 | Nation: Hanguk-Nippon

Hanguk-Nipponese forces have made a breakthrough in the northeast front as Imperial Army soldiers march into and past Kitaihae (北이헤). The city had been recently captured by Pacifist forces, now lies once again in the hands of the government. Exiled officials are slowly being returned to their posts, though normal incoming and outgoing transport will not occur anytime soon. Residents are reportedly "relieved" that they've been liberated, and have welcomed back the state troops with open arms. Testimonies claim that "much more horrid things" happen further in the Pacifist-controlled territory. "Many are glad that they were only occupied for such a short time. The situation may have devolved into something unimaginable if we had not acted as soon as we did," stated Nijiko Chōjang, Mayor of Kitaihae, at an official speech held in Ssangryō.

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Sector A1-0

News from Stoinia
Source: Interstellar Stoinian News | Nation: Stoinia

"Greetings Stoinians. I am Cynthia Torqueman and I will replace Jane for today’s special edition, where we take a look back on recent events that have transpired on our proud nation. First off, we start with the 15th celebration of the Cheunh Compromise. As you all know, the Cheunh Compromise was a result from the First Mardakii Crusade where we learned of the Cheunh and their exceptional military prowess. It is for that reason that the King invited them to join our Star Kingdom. Our first special guest of today is High Admiral Tholum who is in charge of integrating the Cheunh Navy into the Stoinian one. Hello High Admiral, can you hear me?"

A Cheunh in the uniform of a High Admiral appeared. He had a neutral face like most of his species who heavily controlled their emotions. Although they initially appeared ice cold, the Stoinians had learned that deep down they weren't and were similar to themselves.

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Developing Aurora

In the past month, the forumside community has been trying to figure out how to create the region’s fantasy canon. Progress has been made with roleplayers agreeing to the name of the canon—Aurora. The origins of the name are traced back to a 2016 thread called "LinkTSP 1116: Aurora Discordiae", a roleplay that was loosely connected to the Pacifica canon. Heading into February, the community has been leaning on having the fantasy canon feature both a character and nation roleplay.

An out-of-character digest of roleplay

The South Pacific–Conch Kingdom event

In January, the South Pacific and Conch Kingdom held a roleplay event on Discord more than two years after the 2017 ratification of the Seashell Accords between the two regions. There were speakers from both regions and a guest speaker, which included Omega, Phoenix, and Qvait. The in-character component of the event centred on a leaders’ debate and a banquet..


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