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Arcadian-Owned Celestial Locations

━ Owned Locations ━

[Heavily/Developed Systems]

[Procyon System | Capital - Arcadia]

  • Terra Nova - Mostly desert and aquatic planet, with some mountains; mainly used for resource gathering, mining, and manufacturing
    > Akaszto - Greatly cratered moon; caves, ravines, and crevices filled with glowworms and gypsum; volcanoes throughout oceans

    > Muroz - Natural rock pillars present on most regions; sheltered geysers; massive floods during the second half of the year; mined for imbrium metallum, seminium, and teal obsidian

  • Redstow - Lacking of fertile soil; contains mostly cattle farms with a cooler environment; contains many smaller waterways and several thin but lengthy island chains; huge fir and redwood forests; largest fusion energy and uranium source

  • Lyoladi Pint Asteroid Belt [Quardes Asteroid] - Several military and research installations; frozen

  • Reynes - Second to Arcadia for agriculture and development; half the planet prairies and grasslands with fertile soil; very historically-driven with many different cultures and disputes; large imbrium producer

  • Arcadia [the planet] - Heavily forested planet with a hilly terrain and several mountain ranges, though a high amount of fertile land and beautiful weather; capital planet of the nation, hence the same name; most populated and industrialized; many products are imported from colonies
    > Gihon - Harshly frozen; used for military training and research

    > Pishon - Fog deserts extending over atolls and season-dependent tints on drastic rivers; surprisingly deep oceans within the atolls; thin forests; strong derechos in the south

  • Emerald Cove - A mountainous environment with a rebel problem to the north; cave-riddled with many resources; french-inspired culture towards the center and south with flatter grounds, flower fields, and Kafel trees; harvested for spices and minerals
    > Lakonia - Many large and small desert-covered islands alike; very stormy - hurricanes are prevalent

  • Far Isle - Mostly aquatic planet with many archipelagos and research/energy locations; very tropical and sunny; honeycomb-shaped stones line the beaches; heavy research presence to the northwest; large source of champagne

[Corvallis-Seeley System | Capital - Dohlížet Station]

  • Yaak - Gas giant, harvested for energy and plasma; torrential metallic rain; superheated on sun-exposed side

  • Piera - Completely ocean, save for 4 large and swampy islands with surprisingly large variety of flora and fauna; holds vast amount of resources under oceans; many oil rigs; mined for tungsten and harvested for sugar cane and clanseal plant

  • Dundas - Surface lavafalls, ravines, and caverns; rocky pangea split in half; huge volcano to northeast; immense amount of surface minerals; heavily industrialized; contains several large shipyards
    > Dohlížet Station - The system capital, based in orbit around the most industrialized planet in Corvallis-Seeley

  • New Cambridge - Heavily forested; many fog deserts and season-dependent tints on drastic rivers and lakes; harvested for abundant medicinal plants; western islands nuked after internal warfare - societal collapse

  • Opaque - Huge planet; evenly-distributed biomes, with 50% being taiga or tundras; weather is very rainy/snowy; poor resources; atmosphere dramatically overcast; used for atmospheric and weapon research; metal for augmentations and starship fuel obtained from here

  • Pammukale - Pure, white calcium fields on one section; massive hot springs on another section; one massive asteroid crater; methane, carbon dioxide, helium-producing foreign plants called "scrub grubs" that live all over planet pollute atmosphere - uninhabitable; harvested for starship fuel and hardlight generator materials; hosts a semi-large shipyard

[Sol System]

  • Mount Kanchenjunga, Himalayan-Indian Republic, Earth - One space elevator for trade purely between the 2 nations, specifically wood types, rocks, laser/missile tech, some ammunition, and some vehicles; steep, no trees; slight economic center in the H-I Republic


[Underdeveloped/New Systems]

[Orrichon System | Capital - Sedra]

  • Sedra - Status is destroyed via nuke - atmosphere vented; used for weapons research and as a mining colony for parolees; mined for tungsten

[Igdras System | Capital - Etalan]

  • Etalan - Current population is poor and somewhat primitive, hosting only 2 spaceports and small, scattered settlements; many green pastures and oak/birch forests; massive volcano with frequent ash vents in the center of the main continent; 15 continents in total; population observed as closest to French - dubbed "Burguns"
    > Iota - 9 small rings around the moon; heavily cratered, but mostly flat; no water or sentient life

    > Jastolo - Mainly desert planet; many oases; hosts only a single spaceport and small settlements near oases; southern deserts appear to have windstorms exceeding 127 mph during the day - huge dune formations as a result; similar to Horen in the Ermios system

    > Juneou - Rocked by 1-2 earthquakes a week in the same region - result of 2 continental plates sliding very often; red- and yellow-dyed waterways appear from soil runoff; rivers carry highly-infectious bacteria; population died out due to infection and left abandoned infrastructure and vehicles

[Algol System | Capital - Hvězda Station]

  • Concord - Very harsh and wintry; water cycle pollutes condensation and waterways by absorbing natural acid and tritium; clouds are very purplish; flora has adapted to harsh conditions - very large with deep roots, some giant flytrap-esque plants; fauna on the planet is virtually nonexistant except for large creatures that feed on the plants [they tend to fight eachother too]
    > Hvězda Station -

[Beta Hydri System | Capital - Mindiria]

  • Research Station - Built in orbit of the star Beta Hydri in order to study it over time, as it is an older variant of the Sol system's star

  • Beta Hydri IV - Gas giant; reflects low amount of light; harvested for rare gases

  • Bounty - Remote, huge distance from BHIV; high mountains and overhangs; flux-pinned floating islands [Linksource]; many natural gas deposits among its forests; major rivers and floodplains prevalent; growing colony
    > FOB Silhouette - A small, armed station in orbit of Bounty

    > FOB Condor - An outward station that is decently large and serves as the center between Mindiria and Bounty

    > Mindiria - More ovular than rounded; thin atmosphere; very low gravity; used for exo-atmospheric military and SEAL training

[Ven System | Capital - Sedm Station]

  • Ven III - Many fertile regions and seas; very flat and desolate - trees planted and terraforming attempted in response; new parolee and mining colony, so built-up infrastructure/farms and military presence similar to Sedra
    > Sedm Station - An FOB in geosynchronous orbit above the largest town on the planet

━ Unowned Locations in Owned Regions ━

[Procyon System]

  • Atlas Vigilance - Extreme northern and southern locations built into holes surrounded by glaciers; historical divisions and denominations built into societies; vastly religious population that calls itself the Vonihove; heavily forested; rustic

  • Vonihovean Asteroid Colony [Reporting Name: Asteroeidis] - Almost completely frozen; Forward Operating Base

[Corvallis Seeley System]

  • Hidden Lake - Vast mountain ranges that are littered with lakes; several grasslands with some forests - generally in the west; very tribal [Huayuans] with foreign, dangerous species present among tribes; attempting colonization

[Algol System]

  • Algolis - 1 year is less than 1 Earth day; atmosphere burned away by star due to proximity; high surface temperature