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The Manners of Governance of The West Pacific

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The Manners of Governance


We, the nations of The West Pacific, heartily believe in the supremacy of the Delegacy, the principles of meritocracy and sovereignty, and the in-game mechanics of the region. We believe that the nations of the region determine the Delegate through daily endorsements. In accordance with these principles, the Delegate exercises in-game power as they see fit.

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  1. The Delegate of The West Pacific has all sovereign authority over the region and government of The West Pacific and has the final say over all relevant decisions.

  2. It is recognized that the Delegate may choose to exercise their authority through the issuance of Orders. Orders from the Delegate are supreme and the Delegate alone may amend them. The Manners of Governance of The West Pacific and the Etiquette of the Hall of Nations are considered to be Basic Orders by which the governance of The West Pacific shall be conducted.

  3. Guardians are appointed and dismissed by the Delegate as needed. Guardians shall maintain a high level of endorsements and influence and shall serve as protectors of The West Pacific against risks to sovereignty and security. Guardians may be assigned to other duties to serve the region as determined by the Delegate.

  4. All interregional treaties and agreements will be negotiated and ratified by the Delegate. The Delegate may direct Guardians, Ministers, or advisors to assist with negotiations.

  5. The Delegate shall select their successor at a time of their choosing. In the event the Delegate ceases to exist, resigns, or gives away their nation to a third-party without previously having selected a successor, that nation will cease being recognized as Delegate and the Guardians shall choose a new Delegate.

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  1. All residents of The West Pacific will have the right to citizenship provided that they meet the requirements set out by the Delegate in a citizenship Order.

  2. A citizen must maintain residency and post at least once per month on the official forum.

  3. Residents will not be made citizens during an on-going election cycle and will not hold voting rights during an on-going voting period.

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  1. The Hall of Nations is the advisory body to the Delegate of The West Pacific, composed of all eligible citizens, styled Members of the Hall of Nations. The Delegate may ask the Hall for opinions or votes on various topics. Members may also propose legislation in the Hall which does not infringe on the rights and responsibilities of the Delegate and/or the Guardians as realized by the in-game mechanics or in Orders.

  2. All Members will be allowed one vote in governmental legislation, referenda, and elections that are brought before the Hall of Nations.

  3. The Hall will elect a Speaker, for a three-month term, who will facilitate discussions and coordinate votes in the Hall of Nations. The Delegate may remove a Speaker from office at any time for cause and the Hall will elect a new Speaker to complete the term.

  4. The Speaker will moderate all votes and elections. All votes, unless otherwise noted, will be decided by a simple majority of voting Members.

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  1. The Delegate may delegate governmental business to Cabinet Ministers and advisors, who are appointed or removed as needed. Ministers will be in charge of a Ministry, with mandates being added or struck from the Manners to reflect the overall priorities of the Ministry.

  2. The Delegate will appoint a Minister for the Ministries of Cultural Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Military Affairs, and World Assembly and Recruitment.

  3. The Minister will have a Deputy Minister who shall be elected by the Hall of Nations for the same term as the Speaker.

  4. Ministers may appoint and remove staff and assistants as required to fulfill the mandate of the Ministry. Staff and assistants of the Ministry must be Members of the Hall of Nations.

  5. Each Minister shall maintain and provide to the Delegate an up-to-date roster of Ministry staff.

  6. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs (MoCA) is mandated with promoting West Pacifican culture internally and externally.

  7. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is mandated with representing the Government of The West Pacific to other regions and interregional organizations.

  8. The Ministry of Military Affairs (MoMA) is mandated with control over The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF) as directed by the Delegate.

  9. The Ministry of World Assembly and Recruitment (MoWAR) is mandated with representing The West Pacific in the World Assembly and to encourage nations to become citizens of the region.

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  1. The Delegate and Guardians may eject and ban nations from The West Pacific for breaking the Code of Conduct, RMB Etiquette, Endorsement Cap, or other reasons found valid by the Delegate.

  2. Should a citizen be ejected or banjected, they may appeal to the Delegate. Non-citizen nations have no right to appeal.

  3. All criminal and civil disputes in The West Pacific, occurring onsite or offsite, are heard by the Delegate or designated Guardians.

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