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Proletaire: Candidate for the NSLeft Central Committee

Comrades of the NSLeft,

I am Diljan rikardsson, also known as Proletaire (main nation), and Teksi. I am one of the original members of The Internationale, having joined the region on the day of its creation in 2009. Formerly, I was Comrade Custodian of The Internationale, a Squadron Admiral of The Red Fleet, and the Founder/Organizer of the Congress of Armed Proletarian States. Currently, I am Comrade Chairperson of The Internationale, a Lieutenant in The Red Fleetís Huey P. Newton Squadron, Founder of the region, NSLeft, and an Off-Site Administrator for NSLeft. I also am an author of the original Solidarity Pact of the NSLeft, as well as LinkThe Internationaleís original charter.

This year we have come a very long way and are much closer to achieving Linkthe dream set forth years ago in the Congress of Armed Proletarian States; to create a leftist inter-regional that fosters unity and peace amongst all left regions, and furthers the interests of leftism within NationStates. With recent amendments, new committees, originally outlined in the Congress of Armed Proletarian States, have been established within NSLeft, making our Solidarity Pact a much more functional alliance; one capable of furthering the interests of the Left.

One such committee is the Central Committee, comprised of seven comrades, solely dedicated to overseeing the day-to-day affairs of NSLeft. I hereby announce my candidacy for a position on the Central Committee, and if elected, promise to work towards the following:

  • Establish that The Central Committee will work with the Regional Committee closely in order to organize regular inter-regional events, such as game days, music listening events, various contests, and the like.

  • Establish regular promotion of membership with the NSLeft forums, Discord server, Editorial Committee, Gameplay Committee, and The Red Fleet by the Central Committee and Regional Committee

  • Personal involvement in the Editorial and Gameplay committees.

  • Review of the appearance and purpose of the in-game region, NSLeft.

  • Finding new comrade regions to join NSLeft.

In general, I would be an active Central Committee member, and have a previous record of dedication to inter-regionalism, left unity, and NS gameplay. I hope you will take my candidacy into consideration and provide me your vote! And if you haven't already, please join the Linkoff-site forums of NSLeft, LinkNSLeft's Discord (ask to be roled into the Editorial Committee and Gameplay Committee), and Linkjoin The Red Fleet!😊