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JocoLeaks: Fascist Region, and Coups?

The Invisible Scripts of JocoLeaks
Official Report
Edition 1: Fascist Region, and Coups?

Fascism is allowed!

The "unofficial" formation of Political Parties saw the formation of a few far-right parties embracing Fascism (a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism). And the best thing is that ShrewLlamaLand allowed it.

Really? No one believes it, not even long timers in the CCD, as this series of exchanges will tell you

(snip, see last 2 screenshots below)

Whatever it is, it has now been confirmed. The CCD is region open to fascist-sympathisers, and their Supreme Council (or whatever they call it now, the High Council?) know about it and support it, all under the illusion of "In Character".

Coups, Infiltration, and Spraying Dirt?
You may ask us, how did we get the information about such logs? Isn't it also infiltration? Well, we are like LinkWikiLeaks, and that we are willingly sharing this information to tell the whole world more about the things others may not know behind the CCD. We are here to break glass walls, shatter whatever illusion you have about the CCD, and we openly tell you everything. Anonymously, of course, so if you want to share more, you can TG us and we will consider publishing it.

First, we would like to inform the Azure Watester Federation(AWF) about spies in the AWF. We are unsure, at this moment, whether this is a state-sponsored espionage attempt, or a personal effort, but we would like to inform them that such a thing is underway and they should be on the lookout for it.

And also, this:

Secondly, we have evidence that a member of their High Council/Supreme Council (Purple Tag, FYI, are all High Council/Supreme Council members) are having a espionage operation on someone somewhere, but I am not sure if it refers to the AWF or not.

Thirdly, this steals the cake, because The North Pacific is getting another coup from the CCD? MY LORD, they cannot possibly do it again, can they? Well I present you, from the horses' mouth, the official confirmation.

Also, on a side note, we are calling on each and every region to do something about this, because, ultimately, in a pay-to-win game, everyone needs to block the CCD's official outputs, no?

The Invisible Scripts of JocoLeaks is an official publication of Invisible Scripts in CCD, a report about things in the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. All references to the CCD will refer to the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, while references to CCaD would refer to the Confederation of Caring Dictators, a splinter region where the Invisible Scripts in CCD is based in. If you, as a whistleblower about the CCD, would like to contribute to the publication, please Telegram us. We will keep your identity secret under the banner of Anonymity, because that is what we believe in.