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by The Multiversal Bureau Empire of MineLegotia and Equestria. . 277 reads.

On "Azure ties to Nazi History"

Azure Watester Federation
Official Government Transmission

Recently there has been a person going around known as "Anonymous Tipster" digging up past records of the various government members of the Azure Watester Federation. Well, I am here to properly put an end to these rumours.

Number One, these screenshots are quite clearly taken today. AT, as I shall refer to her now, claims that these screenshots were taken some time ago before she was kicked. Let's assume that she took these photos yesterday, on the 31st of January. Now, let's take a look at a screenshot this fella posted.

As you can see here, I'm saying something completely irrelevant right now. That does not matter. Now please pay attention to the comment in between my two posts. That's South Reinkalistan. And hmm, that's a cool profile pic is it not? Well, guess what, that Profile Pic was only changed on the 2nd of February!

As you can see by this picture, Rein announced the changing of his Discord Profile Picture today! On the 2nd of February at 7:45 am! How can a screenshot from the 31st January get the profile pic of Rein today? This means one thing, and that AT is still in the Confederation's Discord, and therefore a liar. And most likely a Confederation plant to damage our blossoming republic. And take a look when she posted it!

How can "some screenshots I took earlier" get South Reinkalistan's new profile pic that he changed on the 2nd of February despite she claiming that "they're taken from a few days ago"?! This means that AT still has access to the Confederation discord and only recently taken the screenshots in an attempt to slander us.

We can all agree there is only one conclusion to this. Anonymous Tipster is a Confederation plant to take down the Azure Watester Federation, and a liar.

This dispatch may be updated when more information by our investigative teams are found.

Thank you for your time.

Ministry of Justice of the Azure Watester Federation
The Multiversal Bureauratical Empire of MineLegotia and Equestria
Azure Watester Federation