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Quarrels & Quislings: My Experiences as the former Confederation of Corrupt Dictators Discord Administrator Part I

Jocospor, Supreme Council, Members of the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators, and members of the greater NationStates Community.

I had hoped to wait and see if these "reforms" would be real. Unfortunately my dear friends of 2nd Imperial German Reich, Kafair, and Castelia were revealed by Krvava Koupel. It's a sad day indeed but we all were prepared for this eventuality.

Many people wonder why my vendetta with the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators started. It actually started the day I learned of a chat channel called "Meeting-Room-1". This chat room was established around the time right after Jocospor posted his "The Right and NationStates". It was established because Jocospor invited high ranking members of Farkasfalka and other Alt-Right regions within the game to partake in OOC talks. When I obtained administrator I was able to see into this channel and Farkasfalka leadership brought up materials regarding the potential doxxing of Reploid Productions (yes, that Reppy). While Jocospor did not lend his explicit support for this plot, he continued to engage with them after they presented it with full awareness of their proposal. I didn't speak up loud enough at the time and decided to repeatedly remind him that he had to be careful of it as time went on (dumb on my part). However the more I sat on it, the more it ate at my mind. I did go out of my way to file a GHR a few months ago however it was declined since it was a bit hard to read from the staff prospective. I took it that they weren't interested and moved on from it. However recently I learned that they hadn't fully understood what I meant so I refiled a GHR and continued on with my path. I don't expect much to come from these GHRs but I figured since a much beloved NS Staff member was at the core of the issue that I would still file it for the staffs' awareness of these ongoing issues.

Jocospor & I discussing Meeting-Room-1/The Doxxing (To large to post direct):

A few weeks back, Castelia was talking with our small group and the nation of Depackya (2nd in Command of the CCD and acting Viceroy at the time) was clear cut and admitted to the deletion of the chat rooms where these OOC talks with other Alt-Right region leaderships occurred.

Tonight my friends were kicked out of the Confederation for seeking the truth and Depackya took it upon himself to brag a bit. While bragging, he again admitted to all this taking place.

Although you are correct Depackya, NS Staff don't react on offsite issues but the NS Community sure as shootin will be interested to learn about this.

To the members of the Confederation. Many of you probably never knew that Jocospor, the target of a minor doxxing attempt himself, would stoop so low as to engage willfully in talks in which a plot to doxx site staff was discussed. I wouldn't expect any of you to know about this unless you were the handful of players who reached out to me to learn the truth and for that, I am thankful that you took it upon yourself to learn the truth and to at least give an open ear and listen. Sure some of you turned your back but hey, at least you tried and that takes some balls.

When I first heard that the TNP-CCD issue caused enough imbalance that there were going to be reforms, I was actually interested but so long as Jocospor possesses leadership of the region, I doubt we will see real hard reform that can't simply be wiped away in an hour. I would encourage members within the CCD to at least let their voices be heard on this matter and not silenced.

On a more personal note, I have been waiting for this moment for some time because I can finally open up about my least proud moment as CCD Administrator. During my time as Administrator, the nations of Scherzinger and The barefoot anime girls resided within the CCD and I became introduced to both of them. As time passed, I misread the situation and thought that Scherzinger and Barefoot Anime Girls were one and the same when they weren't and thought that they might be a liability due to some stuff that was said. As such I informed Jocospor of my worries and we took it to the Moderator Closet chat where we discussed it with the other Supreme Council members and staged a fake thing where I was made out to take the fall for the ejection of Scherzinger and Barefoot Anime Girls. Instead of manning up and sticking with you two and offering help, I took the cowards way out, labeled you two liabilities and helped set up your ejection. For that I would like to sincerely apologize to both of you and I hope that you have found a better home in The Pacific.

Jocospor's RMB post about Scherzinger & Barefoot: page=rmb/postid=35793802

Before I hit the sack, I would like to personally thank Castelia, 2nd Imperial German Reich, and Kafair for sticking with me through this whole thing. I am extremely proud to call you all friends.

I will write more on these subjects and others tomorrow but until then, I await the response from the CCD leadership.

Ta, ta.

The Chuck.

The Armed Republic of The Chuck