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A Relevant Title for the De-esclation of Doing Things

Good day nations of Refugia, permit me a moment to make some reflections of my time here,

In December of 2018, I returned to this game for the first time since our tumultuous 2013 go of it in what was known as the region Exile. It was a community that kept to its own and lived under the rules and social norms that were well known to us off-site. This time around, things were different and I didnít have an insular community to hide in.

My first attempts to navigate the outside world of NationStates without that group turned out somewhat less than stellar. Crushing conservatism, overwhelming self-interest, and rigid demands on regional residents to swear unrelenting loyalty in order to prop up the status quo, was a timely reminder that everything we used to stand against was alive and well. It was a reminder that the world still needed a Refuge, and it was time for us to be alive again to possibly survive here.

Long before its founding, the namesake of this region had a storied history of devotion to providing a home to everyone who needed one, providing the option for everyone to voice their ideas on equal terms, and leaving a reminder that everyone has and needs the right to self-determination. We believe in the power of positivity and taking an active role in our own lives to tackle our problems instead of getting washed away by them. More than getting stuck in a feedback loop of personality or self-glorification, Refugia is still at its heart, a community of people who believe in the same goals.

For the last year, I have been championing these beliefs and values, at times to regions that have been less than receptive of it, at times to nations that would deem us insignificant for not buying into their own political hegemony. Nevertheless, the living embodiment of those beliefs in action, through the existence of Refugia and the positive atmosphere it holds, shows that we have the power to carve out our own space in the universe and have a safe and dependable home within it.

As my time as delegate reaches its anniversary mark, it has been my greatest joy to have accomplished what I have done, and it has been my greatest regret to not have done more. I feel, now, that it is time for the next generation of leadership in Refugia to rise up and follow this example. Consequently, I will be resigning the delegacy on Friday, January 31st, 2020 in conjunction with the presumed passage of the RRS Referendum on Guidelines for an Elected World Assembly Delegate. I will retain my roles as Arch-Administrator to ensure fair referendums, elections, and appointing officials into office, but the leadership of Refugia will be up to the members living within it.

Kind Regards to you and yours,