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Imperial Navy Directory


Serving as the largest Military installation of the Empire, the Imperial Navy is divided into three classifications; the Dominus Flotilla, Sovereign Flotilla, and the Titan Flotilla. These divisions are mostly defined by the ship classes unique to each and their individual specialties, however the main and most obvious dividing factor is the graphical culture of each Flotilla.


The iconic Sovereign Flotilla is the smaller of the three, however the technological prowess of its designs and their versatility are unmatched. However, due to its size and the sheep firepower of the Dominus and Titan flotillas, the ships of the Sovereign Flotilla mostly serves as a convoy escort and for use during parades and celebration due to the aesthetically pleasing designs of the ships. Additionally, many of the Sovereign Flotilla's ships serve as an experimental basis for the more conventially used wartime designs used in the other two Flotillas.
Strike Craft

Aquila-class AISC

Deployed typically during planetary strikes, the Aquila-class is the standard ship type deployed to suppress personnel and provide air support, as well as to fight off small craft with its impressive ordinance for its small size and speed comparable to that of a ship utilized more for racing than active combat. With the creation of the Bellator-class they are largely being replaced, though due to how inexpensive and easy to transport they are, many flotillas still utilize their design.

Praelia II-class ACSISC

Many Admirals of rival enemies have met their demise at the hands of the Praelia II class. Though very small and compact, these bombers pack a punch. Their sensors allow for precision targeting, and with the Praelia II-class's specialization against Capital-class ships, their devastating high-energy torpedoes rip through hull like paper.

Sicarius-class Interdictor

The smooth silhouette of the Sicarius-class hides a terrible armament. Equipped with a missile rack and four small hardpoints, the Sicarius Interdictors are used as the flagship covert craft of the Sovereign Flotilla. They preform routine assassinations, spy missions, and are even used for infiltration of enemy infrastructure.

Harenarius-class Heavy Fighter

With enough power to take on a fleet with only a wing of its own design, the Harenarius-class utilises its limited size expertly. Featuring two large and one small weapon hardpoints and a missile rack, the Harenarius is unmatched in the vacuum of space. They are however almost unusable in atmospheric or high-gravity battlefields due to the odd proportions of the ships, with the firing of any weapons flipping and tossing the ships to the point where they are almost useless in such situations.

Bellator-class ISC

The crown jewel of the Sovereign Flotilla, the Bellator-class is a multipurpose ship usable in all combat situations and with extreme efficiency. Their sleek design allows them to enter atmospheres without concern and their design allowing for the seamless retrofit into a strike vessel capable of point defense, anti-capital ship combat, and even the stealth work of the Sicarius class with notable drawbacks-namely detection. Still, the wide visibility of the cockpit and the default hardpoints have made the Bellator-class the most common strike craft of the Imperial Navy, and their iconic design has become a symbol of the seamless integration of opulent design and combat ability.


Percussor-class INC

Though small enough to be deployed from a conventional Hangar Bay, the Percussor-class is a strong ship nonetheless. Fitting a small crew, the Percussor specializes in 'Spider Tactics;' Getting the enemy into difficult situations, weakening them, and then destroying the now-helpless prey. Fitted with technology to disable shields and hack into vital systems, able to disable weapons and thrusters as well, the Percussor-class is an able disruptor that specializes in smaller engagements. They are fitted with two pulse lasers fused to the bottom of the ship, and though nothing special, they make short work of their disabled enemies.

Ferrum-class INC

A menacing ship that has given many enemy ships an early grave, the Ferrum-class is nothing short of war incarnate. The ship is built specifically for war, sparing even conventional landing gear for extra weapon hardpoints-of which there is an impressive five, plus a missile rack. The ships have largely left construction due to being far too expensive to justify their combat ability which is almost matched by the Bellator and Harenarius and absolutely outmatched by the ships of the Dominus Flotilla, they still are in several fleets and play a central role in effective battle tactics.

Land Engagement Ships

Praenuntium-class Heavy Transport

By far one of the most recognizable designs in the Empire, there is hardly a day that there is not Imperial business somewhere that is attended to by several ships of the Praenuntium class. These versatile ships are used for everything from troop transportation to cargo transport, blockade running, bombing, and even day-to-day trade and transport by Imperial corporations that are permitted to utilize the crafts. They only have one weapon, a long-range turret on the front of the ship, used mostly for neutralizing advancing enemy troops that attempt to board the ship or simple atmospheric fighters in pursuit, saving as much space as possible for cargo bay capacity.

Lator-class Troop Transport

The Lator-class is, despite the superior strength and capacity of the Praenuntium-class, the standard choice for delivering troops directly into combat zones. It has VTOL engines that allow it to land on dangerous terrain and can reach speeds that are almost unthinkable in any other ship for a period, allowing for rapid engagement and deployment far faster than the Praenuntium-class that requires a stable landing area and is far slower in comparison.
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Dominus Flotilla

by Eotenses


Strong. Indoomitable. Titanic. Undefeated. All words that describe the famed-and-feared prowess of the Dominus Flotilla, but none truly doing it justice. The red hulls of the ships have become synonymous with Imperial hegemony-to the point that many independent worlds fall into disorder and chaos from sheer terror at the first sight of an Oculus drone in its system, which often preludes the Dominus Flotilla's arrival. Some superstitious folk have even gone so far as to claim that the Dominus Flotilla was created under the orders of a dark and malevolent deity to exert its thirst for blood. While entirely false, there is no denying that the Dominus Flotilla has truly earned it's secondary name-the Emperor's Legion.
Strike Craft

Oculus-class ISC

The Oculus-class is a drone used for reconnaissance and intel gathering for the Dominus Flotilla. They are a retrofitted version of the Sovereign Flotilla's Harenarius-class Heavy Fighter, though they have sacrificed its comically large weapon hardpoints for sensors and scanners to collect vital data on enemy forces. Due to their size they are somewhat easy to detect, however, the systems that the Empire truly wishes to mobilize against often only detect these small craft when it's already too late.

Sagittarius-class ACSISC

Much alike to the Praelia II, the Sagittarius Class is an Anti-Capital Ship strike craft-however, the Sagittarius-class is unique in that is foregoes the high-energy focused laser for a single cannon that hurled superheated plasma gathered from nearby stars at the enemy, burning through the hull and causing catastrophic damage. The internal systems can keep the plasma at the desired temperature for an extended period, however it does need to be used urgently, due to the fact that the containment will fail if active too long and melt the ship from the inside.

Leo-class HISC

Symbolizing the lion in aesthetic and use is the Leo-class. These evocative if simple designed ships are easily the strongest of their type in the Imperial navy, with dual repeaters on either wing that tear through hulls with ease and a study, angular hull that allows entire fleets worth of these small ships to be stationed in one carrier. If the Leo-class has any downsides, it lies in the ships' instability and low maneuverability due to its front-facing thrusters being so close to the center of gravity and lacking auxiliary thrusters, requiring the pilot to force the ship upwards. Still, the opulent design symbolizes the Empire with no shortness of a punch behind it.

Gladio-class HISC

Combining speed and strength in a perfect balance, the Gladio-class Heavy Strike Craft embodies the strength and finesse of the Imperial Navy. Within its sleek design is stored six pulse lasers and a max speed that can exceed 1800 km/h in vacuum for several hours on end. The firepower of the Gladio-class is also a force to be reckoned with, all of which serves to justify its high price, making these a rare sight among the ships of the Empire, but a welcome one nonetheless to the Empire's Admirals-and a mortifying one to its enemies.


Jussum-class INC

The Jussum-class serves two purposes on the battlefield; First, to fight, of course. It is equipped with two long-range beam lasers that can cut though an exposed hull like butter, and second to command all autonomous, pilotless drones on the battlefield. For safety's sake, there are usually three or more of these ships when drones are in use, so if one falls the others can lead in its stead. Usually, drones are commanded from a capital ship however, eliminating the need for these risky ships.

Phoenix-class INC

The imposing form of the Phoenix-class is hardly the most terror that this class of ship evokes. Not only does its sharp form threaten, but its two massive cannons fused to the bottom of its hull fire bursts of energy capable of obliterating shields and punching through hulls. Not only that, but some of the energy remains within the ship's shields during combat, often encasing it in blue flame, hence the name.

Hemerodromus-class Blockade Runner

These small, sturdy ships are armed to the teeth with missiles and brimming with ordinance. The Hemerodromus-class serves an explicit purpose; Getting where it doesn't belong. These ships are given the strongest shields possible and a hull almost a half-meter thick. They are also sometimes spotted in conventional combat, but they appear in hordes when an Imperial planet is under siege or in an active combat zone. The Empire contracts these designs out to the Interplanetary Red Cross.

Latronem-class INC

Seen as the jack-of-all-trades of the Imperial Corvettes-and one of the most popular-is the Latronem-class. These formidable assault ships are widely used in the Imperial Navy for their extensive arsenal, as well as their virtual cockpit and high speeds.

Capital Ships


One of the few ships in the Galaxy given such a title, the Regnator is the Imperial Navy's pride of engineering, displaying the true extent of Imperial might. These ships are limited in number due to cost, though their presence in a fleet has been the cause for the defeat of innumerable foes to the Empire. The Regnator-class defies many expectations as well-It is only engineered in-vacuum, and as such is specialized for space combat. Also, they are extremely fast. Without atmospheric inertia to stall it, these titanic ships are capable of crossing star systems in under a month while in normal space. This of course comes with the fact that, if such speeds are reached, there is great difficulty in slowing back down, so their crews are advised to maintain speeds not exceeding that which they cannot fully stop in twenty seconds, and five if other craft are nearby.
These ships are objects of great importance to the Empire, and as such 'Regnator' has become a title synonymous with strong, warlike Emperors and leaders.
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Titan Flotilla

by Eotenses

The draft designs of the Titan Flotilla to be used by the Imperial Navy have caught the galaxy's attention. The new line of capital ships-a rare class of ship in the Galaxy as of yet-have left the people of the galaxy in awe from both interest and silent fear. In spite of the numerous differences that may arise between their designs and the older models of Imperial Navy vessels, all of the variants of the Titans appear to have incorporated some elements from them. While many questions remain unanswered, the Imperials have not yet chosen to release any design specs for these special and powerful vessels publicly, however it would seem the designs are almost ready to enter development.

Designs currently confidential. Check back after they enter production phase!
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