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Secretary of Information Election Speech (26 January 2020)

"So You Want To Be A Secretary of Information?"

Yes, I do!

As many of you know, information was invented in 1910 by the Portuguese nobleman Dom José Luís de Informação Ávila e Daun, who initially named his invention ávila. He died however the same year and in the troubles around the abolition of the monarchy his invention was lost for some time until it resurfaced in 1956. The government of prime minister Salazar had no use for it however and it was forgotten again until after the Carnation Revolution of 1974. Successive governments of Portugal implemented the invention, which they called informação ('information') instead, and when Portugal joined the European Union in 1986, information slowly started to spread to the rest of Europe and eventually to other parts of the world.

Candidate for the office of Secretary of Information of The Western Isles
I have used information on several occasions and I think that it is an excellent way to tell people about important things that they need or want to know, e.g. about the Western Isles, and that is why I am presenting myself as a candidate today to become the next Secretary of Information of these same Western Isles. Austrovik’s sudden disappearance as both my neighbour and – more importantly – Secretary of Information of The Western Isles has created two vacua, of which I can sadly only fill one (as the function of ‘my neighbour’ can probably only be filled by someone else than ‘myself’ but that is an existential question for another time) so there we are.

Background and experience
Some information about myself: I have been geofictionally active since my puberty and in the 25 years that followed I have created a whole list of successful and less successful nations. My oldest surviving nation (created in 1997) is the Kingdom of Kronenburg (a small nation off the coast of Rhode Island and Massachusetts founded by Dutch and Scandinavians). I participate in projects like the AGL and FICT (fictional international organisations on earth), Vexillium, OpenGeofiction, and – since December 2018 – NationStates. I have two other nations here as well but these will probably disappear soon following a recent decision of mine to spend more time to quality instead of quantity.

The information part has been important in my geofictional activity. Most of my countries have had their own websites at some point (LinkKronenburg, LinkFICT, Linkmy countries in Vexillium) but information can also be found in wikis and (here on NationStates) in factbooks. As for responsibility for projects as a whole my experience includes having been ‘coordinator’ of projects (which mostly involved telling people off for being inactive) as well as editor of the bi-monthly magazine (which used to be a real magazine on paper in the pre-internet time when we had to publish our news and stories like that. Needless to say with all the printing and stamps that was a lot more expensive and time consuming than sharing information is now; praise technological advancements!).

Some negative points about myself: 1) I am too busy with work and other stuff so if elected Secretary of Information I will try to give the latter priority over other hobbies. 2) I tend to write too much.

My intentions
If elected, my intentions are to make sure that there will be monthly reports in any case and hopefully the weekly one as well; continuation is important to show the rest of NationStates that the Western Isles aren’t just any random region but a place where all geofiction and role-play loving players can find a comfortable stay for their nations. Further, I love lists with facts so perhaps I will compile other stuff as well if time permits. My initial main goal however is to get the Secretariate of Information going again!

Merci, Thank you, Cnacu6o,