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The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update, January 26th, 2020

The Vice Delegate's Weekly Update

Office of the Vice Delegate
Week Three: 26 January 2020

Greetings all! Today is Sunday, 26 January 2020, and you know what that means! It's time for my weekly report from the Office of the Vice Delegacy, and we've got a handful of exciting things to mention for this day's edition.

Last week, we had four Security Councilors (Pallaith, El Fiji Grande, Siwale, and Nessuno) with a rating above 98% in terms of endorsements given. This week, I'm pleased to report that we seven members endorsing over 1,360 different residential nations who have their World Assembly membership intact. The Delegate and I, who stand at 99.21% and 99.9% respectively, have also continued the trend upward that we saw from last week in terms of endorsements received with an influx of new Redditor nations joining the game. Across the board, all Security Councilors' nations have gained over ten endorsements - with many of them having acquired an additional twenty plus endorsements since last week's report.

Moreover, nations who hold Keeper of the North status are also on the rise. It was anticipated that the election of a new Vice Delegate would cause a substantial dip in this aspect of WADP tracking, but with forty-eight Keepers being added in the last seven days it seems as though this is recovering quite nicely. By the end of this week, I expect that our amount of Keepers will continue to grow even further, and in the coming days, I hope to send out more individual telegrams that will encourage nations to reciprocate my personal endorsement.

Lastly, the card lottery has been resumed, and just in time for the awards at the end of the month! Based on the results that we received from the last term via an on-site poll, the vast majority of our Keepers had said that they'd like to be able to win legendary cards from season one and season two. The preferences of North Pacificans everywhere have been taken into account, and in 2020 we'll be honing in on an approach that works best for the long-term sustainability of the program. Hopefully, everyone has been having fun card collecting so far, but in 2020 the stakes can be even higher! Let's keep on climbing higher and seeing where the prosperity of our region takes us!

In service,

~ Robespierre (Francois Isidore)
Vice Delegate of the North Pacific

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Jointly sponsored by the Delegate and Security Council of The North Pacific.