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Thegye Map

This page contains the Thegye Map and instructions on how to apply. Please direct all questions and corrections to Peraro Krotoik.


Thegye is a vast and dynamic world, filled with as many cultures and polities as there are stars in the sky. While borders are fluid and difficult to enforce, this does not stop scholars and scribes from attempting to document the location of these nations. Each of the known world's most significant nations can be found below, marked in its own color and labeled. However, their work is never done. You can assist their documentation by providing the location of your own nation via telegram to Bassiliya or on our discord server. Make sure that the information provided is reasonable, no Empire spans half the world or will suddenly grow to encompass an entire continent without warning. Additionally, nations that are actively involved in world affairs will have stronger claims and will be able to hold larger territories. These maps are all subject to change but don't be impatient if your claim isn't added right away. More is coming when I have the time to revise and re-upload the map. EDIT: Until I get a new laptop, please direct claims to Bassiliya, not me. Additionally, the latest version of our map can be found on our discord, this page may not be up to date.

Each pixel represents 4km^2. There is no maximum claim size, but keep all claims and expansions within reason. Any claim found to be excessive or otherwise unrealistic can be denied.

Lime - Tropical
Tan - Hot Desert
Brown - Mediterranean
Dark Green - Temperate
Pale Green - Continental
Pale Blue - Subarctic/Arctic
Dark Grey - Mountains
The continents are as follows:
West - Shanqiang
South - Deteros
East - Kalavik
Central - Oskiya

It is also worth considering the cultural legacy left behind by the Peraro Krotoik when it was at its height. While it may only be a shadow of its former self, the world has not forgotten what it once was. In areas it once owned, many people still speak its language, hold its customs, and walk its roads. This is not to say that the customs of other peoples have not come into these places, but they have rarely supplanted them entirely. The Empire once owned all these lands shown below, and some say it seeks to reclaim them, while others hope to take its legacy - and lands - for themselves.

Original content and created by Peraro Krotoik. Do not reproduce, in whole or in part, without express permission.