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[Draft] The Abominable Factbook of Refuge Isle

The Fanciful Tales of
Refuge Isle

"Building a Better Internet"

National Flag, as of 2018

Map Overview

Population: 70,583
-Density: 44.11/kmē
Capital: Calamity Refuge
National Languages: English, Irish, French,
Tau, Ancient Orokin
Demonym: Refugi
Government: Devolved Elective Monarchy
- Arch-Administrator: Luca Mcgrath
- First Admin: Siv Ember
- Leader of the Opposition: Natalie [redacted]

Establishment: Jul 16, 2008
Land Area: 1,600 kmē

Currency: Refuge Planet (℗ - MRP)

GDP (nominal): ℗4.63 trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita: ℗43,679

HDI (2020): 0.942 very high


The digital community of Refuge Isle, is a devolved elective monarchy, located amidst a variety of other island nations on the geographical border between the Hipster Sea and the Sea of Art, in the North Connection Ocean of the Internet Plane. It is the founder nation and political centre of the local region, Refugia and is responsible for its basic infrastructure and defence. The political domain of Refuge Isle covers its primary island and a smaller island off the southeastern coast, which collectively makes up approximately 1,600 square kilometres of land territory.

Although the island, through various calamities and wars, has been entirely disintegrated and reformed three times now, the natural features and layout remain more or less consistent. The centre of the island are hilly and forested, and much of the outlying areas around in the south and west are entirely undeveloped and function as unofficial nature sanctuaries.

Several developments lie on the Isle's soil. The largest of them is Calamity Refuge, which occupies a 0.8 kilometre-wide area in the southeast-central inlet. This city is composed of a central administrative tower, surrounded by tenements, socializing establishments, and public access infrastructural facilities. Below the surface, there is an elaborate series of access tunnels that connect to various access hatches across the isle. In the far northeast, there is a monolithic citadel populated by an eccentric former Refuge administrator, sporadically unstable assistants, and assorted supernatural superpals.

There are, additionally, remnants of ancient ruins that have been copied over across the reconstructions of the environment, although their scarcity renders them more of a myth than an archaeological feature. It is possible that more of these ruins can be found in the far reaches of the Isle that are not often traversed.



The Arch-Administrator

The Arch-Administrator is the chief executive of Refuge Isle. They are the head Administrator and highest authority charged with enforcing the Code of Conduct, responsible for the creation and dissolution of all services, programs, and structures within the Isle. The Arch-Administrator is also the Head Captain of the Refuge military force, and is expected to be at the height of Internet Magic abilities.

Since Refuge Isle's foundation, there have been three Arch-Administrators. The creator and shortest-serving head admin was W. Dueck (2008-2010), who tragically died in an accident, falling into a river of lava. The longest serving was Sylae Corell (2010-2018), who was recently felled in battle. The current Arch-Administrator is Luca McGrath, who assumed office February 11, 2018 and is the longest serving member of government.

The Administrators

Administrators are the second highest ranking officers within the government of Refuge Isle. Administrators oversee Moderators and the departments and projects which they run. They are also, themselves, selected from pool of Moderators by the Arch-Administrator whenever a vacancy appears. An Administrator's primary purpose is to ensure the continuity of Calamity Refuge. There are, traditionally, two people in this capacity at any given time. Currently, they reside within the sixteenth floor of the Admin Tower.

Administrators are seen as the embodiment of Refuge Isle. As such, they enjoy a significant degree of autonomy to carry out the will of the Refuge, including creating diplomatic agreements in the name of the Refuge and spending its wealth with limited restrictions. They command sizable portions of the military and are expected to have significant personal combat abilities, themselves. Administrators also have the power to appoint Moderators through evidence of ability or by circumstance.

The current Administrators are Natalie [redacted], who is entirely normal, and transferred to her position in an extraordinary wartime appointment. The other Administrator seat is held by Siv Ember who was recently promoted from the Local RP Mod seat.

Honourable Leader of the Opposition

The Leader of the Opposition is a title held by a member of government selected to lead the resistance to the agenda of the Arch-Administrator. They are seen as a high ranking official within the government regardless of their primary title. Traditionally, this position is held by one of the two Administrators. Functionally, the Opposition Leader is heir-apparent to the executive, and acting head administrator if the current one becomes unable to lead, unless the opposition leader holds a rank lower than administrator. The title does not provide additional salary or authority beyond its attribute of inheritance, but the political connections provide a powerful mouthpiece for dissenting points of view.

The current Leader of the Opposition is Natalie [redacted], who was appointed to the position January 11, 2019.

The Moderators

Moderators are local authorities in Refuge Isle, selected from the citizenry, and who serve as regional leaders to oversee the day-to-day operations of their domain. Moderators are given control of specific sections of Refuge Isle, regional outposts, infrastructure, or research superstructures in order to maintain the stability of the Isle and develop low-level improvements therein. Their primary functions is to ensure the defence and wellbeing of all inhabitants of their domain. There are anywhere from four to ten people in this role, depending on the size and scope of a particular incarnation of Calamity Refuge.

Nioca's Citadel was the first
domain structure assigned.

The types and styles of the domain a moderator may be given control over will vary according to their interests and abilities. Nioca's Citadel was constructed on the east side of the Isle in order to provide a security presence in a region with otherwise low government presence. The south east quarter is overseen by the Technology, Operations and Research Centre, which contains the Z-Archives of the Refuge's combined knowledge.

Moderators are provided with support staff and aids in addition to the membership in the surrounding territories. The only domains that do not feature living citizenry beyond the support staff is the moderator charged with the care of the SimpleBot hivemind, under the Admin Tower.

Instead of a militia, for this domain, the moderator commands a number of SimpleBots that are equipped with TI-84 chainguns.