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by The Roman Islamic Sultannete of Bala Mantre. . 32 reads.

King Chasun XVI (The Great)'s life

-He was born in 2002 March 4th in the town of Kamarsh in the State of the Mountainese
-Kamarsh has a population today of 7,560 people
-The population back then at the time was 295 people
-He and his father became nomadic merchants and herders until he was 12 years old.
-Even though he was a nomad, he read at the senior college level and impressed the little group of 12 they traveled with.
-When he turned 13, his father King Chasun XV (The Innocent) became the 15th King of Bala Mantre
-When 27th civil war between the Bala Mantreans and the Basinese Prince Saadash Chasun XVI went to war because his father refused to even go against his fellow country man
-The war was won within a year and Prince Chasun XVI gained his Great status after he had a win-lose score in battles of 19-1.
-After a secod war where his battle win-lose was 27-0 at 16 America "discovered" Mantre Continent and Prince Chasun XVI was sent to Salem, Oregon to "Study"