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v 1.2

1. General Features




Issue No. 643; the ongoing space elevator construction project has elevated the national debt to all new levels
Issue No. 68; the government regularly hires contractors to construct high rise apartments

environmentally stunning

Issue No. 23; tourists from around the world come to visit the country's famous rainforests
Issue No. 590; burning twigs to keep warm while lost in the wild is now a felony

efficient nation

Issue No. 800; Government workers are more efficient and more unhappy than ever.
Issue No 39; government officials are held to the highest standard of morality


Issue No. 633; The new national anthem passes the Turing Test.
Issue No. 865; children dream of becoming physicians and physicists


Issue No. 581; Tech-mad citizens think that the laser-powered bread-slicer UPhone App is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
Issue No 803; a faint smell of body odour can be detected at several miles' distance from the National Science Park

socially progressive

Issue No. 831; Escalators are avoided at all costs.
Issue No. 29; the government awards prizes to television shows featuring stereotype-breaking minority roles


Issue No. 537; the number of judges has tripled in recent months
Issue No. 587; court verdicts are predictable to within a hundredth of a percentage point

2. Specific Features
2.1 Administration



daily referendums

Issue No. 253; referenda are held for every conceivable government action.
Issue No 294; legislators work 24/7 due to an influx of single-issue bills

punitive income tax rates

Issue 532; The tax agency is feared more than serial killers and terrorists.
Issue No 410; extraordinary tribunals try accused financial criminals.

state-planned economy

Issue No. 472; only AI know why the nation is rapidly increasing its semiconductor stockpile.
Issue No. 57; much of Aigania computer network is controlled by a rampant artificial intelligence

digital currency

Issue No. 343; mandatory electronic currency is a boon for credit card companies and government surveillance.
Issue No. 666; the masses are surrendering their civil liberties without complaint for the sake of shopping convenience

2.2 Defense



pith helmet sales

Issue No. 26; the government is pouring money into 'Operation Enduring Democracy'
Issue No. 422; 90% of active duty AAF personnel have been laid off and replaced by robot kill-drones.

2.3 Education



keen interest in outer space

Issue No. 589; the government is continually probing the galaxy in search of alien life
Issue No. 1099; The government spends billions to protect Aigania from a disaster that is one in a million.

sprawling nuclear power plants

Issue No. 69; protesters are up in arms over new nuclear power stations
Issue No. 542; nuclear physics is the most popular course at university

vat-grown people

Issue No. 1003; too many hyper-intelligent chefs can spoil the allegorical broth.
Issue No. 183; government-run screening operations remove embryos with severe genetic disorders

soft-spoken computers

Issue No. 82; major internet servers have acquired citizenship
Issue No. 715; centuries-old legal documents detailing agnatic-cognatic gavelkind succession are being dusted off again

museums and concert halls

Issue No. 124; artists are pillars of society
Issue No. 959; high school band practice is often crashed by technicolor-clad ravers

smutty television

Issue No. 303; Saturday morning cartoons feature full frontal nudity
Issue No. 801; the realistic depiction of tentacles is on the core syllabus of most art schools

2.4 Environment



free-roaming dinosaurs

Issue No. 474; Sexually-starved male dinosaurs terrorise tourists during weekly breakouts from Mesozoic Park
Issue No. 556; failed genetic experiments wreak havoc as they roam the countryside

2.5 Healthcare



national health service

Issue No. 48; The government is spending millions to provide full health care for all citizens
Issue No. 217; hospitals are amongst the best-funded in the region

absence of drug laws

Issue No. 19; All recreational drugs are
Issue No. 641; life expectancy is way down but posthuman perfectionism is way up

anti-smoking policies

Issue No. 1210; the tobacco industry has burnt out
Issue No. 1119; exceptionally healthy police officers can sprint after crooks for hours on end

2.6 Industry



rampant corporate plagiarism

Issue No. 340; The government subsidizes everything from particle physics to fabric softeners.
Issue No. 85; copyright laws have been abolished

2.7 Law & Order



complete lack of prisons

Issue No. 75; Criminal rehabilitation takes place in re-education centers.
Issue No. 212; every citizen must submit to DNA testing to be eliminated from police inquiries

2.8 Public Transport



unlimited-speed roads

Issue No. 272; Cars speed down national highways while drivers sleep at the wheel.
Issue No. 83; a vast monorail network carries people all over the country

2.9 Social Policy



multi-spousal wedding ceremonies

Issue No. 539; Robosexual marriages are increasingly common.
Issue No. 1; same-sex marriages are increasingly common

2.10 Spirituality



irreverence towards religion

Issue No. 243; The government's official stance on religion is that it is so very silly.
Issue No. 6; the nation's official head of religious affairs is an atheist

2.11 Welfare



devotion to social welfare

Issue No. 255; The government is using tax revenues to provide jobs for the poor.
Issue No. 638; orphans would rather live their life of luxury than be adopted by prospective parents.