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On the CCD-TNP Crisis

Imperial Communication. 1146AEST 20-01-2020. Vocryae, Jocospor.


It has been brought to the attention of both myself and Viceroy Kellner that, in the last seventy-two hours, there has been a sizeable increase in regional tensions between the Confederation and the wider multiverse.

I have been on state-sanctioned leave since 01-01-2020, and I find it regrettable that I must now address issues during a time that could otherwise be spent with my family.

I call for cessation of all hostilities until the legitimacy of various parties' claims can be ascertained. The Imperial Empire would be prepared to host - or at least participate in - discussions with Mcmasterdonia, The Chuck, Castelia, United massachusetts, Ikea rike, and other delegations representing interested nations and regions.

I did intend to extend my respite until 01-03-2020, but doing so now no longer seems possible. I will return on 01-02-2020, by which time I hope all hysteria has abated and parties are willing to reasonably negotiate.


Rogger Wolfe
Regent of Jocospor

The Shadow Cult of Jocospor
Confederation of Corrupt Dictators

The Office of the Regent. Authorised by the Imperial Palace, Jocospor. Copyright 2020.


The Shadow Cult of Jocospor