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ИХ: Обо мне

My name is Bernard (in various pronunciations) but people have called me ‘Google’ (apparently I am able to produce random facts about random things upon request, as long as they don't concern food, sport, cars, television, or non-classical music), ‘Voldemort’ (due to the inability of some to pronounce my last name), and ‘Christian Holiday’ (I have no clue why). I live in a village in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Europe).

I am a pseudo-linguist and a pseudo-musician, not having much time for either of these interests because of my job, but since I also love my job there is no real suffering involved. I am also a geofictician, which is why I’m here. Other interests of mine are history (mostly medieval to 19th century but it depends on the subject), European politics, maps, series on Netflix, and travelling by train.

I have been geofictionally active since the early ‘90s and have created several countries and developed their aspects (including things as political systems, maps, languages, etc.). I used to be a member of the LinkDutch Geofiction Association (Genootschap voor Geofictie) and participate in several other projects internationally. Nhoor was created in December 2018 when I discovered NationStates. I have two other nations, Yij (Yi) and Rakavo, but I recently decided that I don’t have as much time for them as I want so they will probably die a silent death soon. Projects outside NS include my oldest country LinkKronenburg, Linksome territories on LinkVexillium, LinkWyster on OpenGeofiction, and some more.

I like languages. I studied Dutch language and literature (bachelor thesis about remnants of ergativity in Germanic languages) but I should have studied comparative linguistics, which still interest me a lot. I speak five languages rather fluently: Dutch (native), French, German, English, Luxembourgish (the last four of these being languages that I speak on a daily basis in Luxembourg; three of them are official languages and English is internationally convenient), and three languages a lot less fluently due to lack of practice: Danish, Swedish, and Russian. I can read Norwegian, Frisian, Italian, and Portuguese relatively easily.

I’m mostly interested in classical music from all times after 1791. Some of my favorite composers (but I change allegiance rather often) are Alfred Schnittke, Olivier Messiaen, Johannes Brahms, and Sergei Prokofiev. On the other hand I know extremely little about non-classical music, probably because I don't like music with one or only few vocal parts: it should be a massive choir or nothing!