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by The Federation of New welmarica. . 3 reads.

Declaration of martial law until further notice.


Notice to all citizens!

A state of martial law has been declared until the transitioning from the Welmarican government to the New government is complete.
The following laws have been enacted and will be enforced by the Welmarican national guard, military police and police until martial law has been lifted.
Martial law will be enacted on 1-20-20.
The following policies are listed below.

1. A mandatory curfew is in effect. Homeowners and residents must be within their homes by 11:00PM, seven days per
week. Individuals found outside their homes after the curfew will be arrested.

2. The purchase of products containing marijuana will be temporarily unlawful until martial law is lifted. The consumption of
marijuana products purchased before martial law will be allowed.

3. Disorderly conduct is punishable by hard labor.

4. Law enforcement has been authorized to utilize deadly force if necessary.

5. Individuals are not to exit their homes unless necessary.
Necessary trips include: Commuting to an individuals workplace or education institution, To purchase groceries and other
commodities such as gasoline, Visiting hospitals, picking pharmaceutical medications, and delivering outgoing mail to
designated buildings. Individuals must have proof of the intent of their trip. This can be done via acquiring papers. These
will all be distributed to individuals who own a vehicle via mail.

6. Foreign aircraft are forbidden from flying into New Welmarican airspace unless given clearance.

7. All citizens on vacation within state boundaries are to return to their homes immediately.

For any other questions or comments regarding these policies, contact your local government official for more information.

-Jonas Steinbeck, Chief of Welmarican military police.