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Government [DN]

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The Archontes

Archon Eponymos Gibraltarica

Citizenship Office
Thesmothete [Vacant]

Foreign Affairs Office
Thesmothete [Vacant]

Archon Basileus Dawn Founder

Temple of Eos
Thesmothete [Vacant]

Agora Politeia
Thesmothete [Vacant]

The Voulí

Majority Party

Minority Party

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  1. Archon Eponymos

    1. Held by the WA delegate and elected through endorsements.

    2. Tasked with the following:

      1. Appointing Thesmothetai.

      2. Publishing voting recommendations for WA proposals.

      3. Gathering endorsements.

      4. Encouraging WA membership and endorsements between residents.

      5. Regulating the policies applying to the citizenship office, Voulí, and Chief Priest of Eos

      6. Running the Voulí

  2. Archon Basileus

    1. Held permanently by the founder.

    2. Tasked with the following:

      1. Establishing the Polis of Dawn and its government.

      2. Appointing the Chief Priest of Eos.

      3. Ensuring the smooth operation of the Polis as a whole.

  3. Thesmothetai

    1. Citizenship Office: Tasked with recruiting for the region, enlisting residents as recruiters, processing citizenship applications, encouraging citizenship among residents.

    2. Foreign Affairs Office: Tasked with handling initial interactions with other regions, appointing residents as ambassadors, drafting agreements with other regions and organizations.

    3. Chief Priest of Eos: Tasked with maintaining the Temple of Eos, encouraging the worship of Eos among residents, promoting regional culture, and running the Voulí in the Delegate's absence. Praise Eos!

    4. Agora Politeia: Tasked with enforcing RMB rules, encouraging RMB activity.

  4. Voulí

    1. Each citizen is given at least one vote in the Voulí. One additional vote may be gained (each) by: Joining the World Assembly, being in the top fifth of WA members for endorsements in Dawn, and passing the bar exam.

    2. Additional votes may be gained by the citizen's party's success in the Electoral Games.

    3. Tasked with meeting regularly to draft and debate over laws, and vote to establish them as part of the Nomos.

    4. Laws require a simple majority to pass, except constitutional amendments and treaties, which require a two-thirds majority to pass.

    5. The number of votes in the Voulí shall be updated by the Citizenship Officer every week, and this shall constitute a new session of the Voulí.

  5. The Political Parties

    1. Dawn has two political parties, Scarlet Sun and Crescent Moon.

    2. Political parties are run by internal elections in their respective parties.

    3. Political parties compete in the Electoral Games against each other. The Delegate shall assign them electoral goals at a set time each week to complete before a certain deadline. Whoever has gained the most points by completing those goals each week shall get extra votes in the Voulí for each member.

  6. Rights and Restrictions

    1. Reasonable freedom of speech shall not be infringed

    2. No law shall be made which prohibits citizens of reasonable activity from voting, except in case of punishment for grave crimes

    3. No thesmothete shall abuse their office in a way that privileges any resident or party unfairly

    4. All residents shall have the right to apply for citizenship under reasonable requirements

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