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Roleplay [GH]

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Daunting are the large walls of texts that stare you down. Mentions of things you have not heard of before filling the pages and the action seem swift and unfollowable. You have stumbled upon an RP. But never fear, this factbook is here to help you understand exactly what might be going on.

What is an RP?

Good question. An RP (Roleplay) is when your nation interacts with other nations to form a storyline. There are three types of RPs: Regional Message Board RPs, Forum RPs, and Discord RPs. This factbook will only cover Regional Message Board RPs.

How do I join an RP?

Well, fairly easily, you just join. There are no specific requirements to join any RP unless stated otherwise, and for the most part, you can just hop on in.

How do I know what is going on in the RP?

Unfortunately, the best way to know what is going on is to read the recent Regional Message Board pages. I know it may sound daunting and even unappealing to do, but it's the best way to understand the dynamics of the RP. Alternatively, you could ask for a brief summary of the RP. While this is significantly more convenient, it omits many details and doesn't give as complete a picture as reading over some of the previous Regional Message Board pages.

How do I create my own RP?

Woah there! Now I do encourage you to create your own RPs on the Forums, and on the Regional Message Board as well. But there are a few prerequisites. The first is that you won't interrupt the current RP, just out of courtesy. The second is that it is an include RP so all can participate in it. And lastly, keep the content PG-13 (basically nothing explicit, or sexual).

But what if this factbook doesn't answer any of the questions I may have?

Feel free to telegram my puppetmaster Monsone who is the head of RP for Cape of Good Hope. I am his puppet after all.

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Dreams of Good Hope is a region belonging to the Cape of Good Hope to be used as puppet storage for the member nations of the Cape of Good Hope. It is also the designated RP region for the Cape of Good Hope. You DO NOT need to have a puppet in the region to RP there. Just feel free to head over and jump right into the fun with the region. If you wish to place your puppet(s) in the region please see the following:

This Dispatch is the official log of which Cape of Good Hope resident each Dreams of Good Hope nation belongs to. Any and all CGH puppets are welcome, but please be sure to inform us whose they are! You can do this easily by tagging Bearded Dragones or Fuzy on the DGH RMB, or telegramming either.

Important: If your main (Cape) nation has CTE'd, you will need to re-claim all puppets that you return to DGH.

Password: Seashell





    Peoples stalinist republic*
    The free pirates republic*
    Feudalist republic of europe*
    Thette chast*
    The supreme vatican*
    West slovia*

    Wild awesome people
    The primaeri
    Socialist aerlanica*

Super Duper Nice People
    New unibalia*

North South North West Kansas

The Olivavan Union
    The andromeda corporation*
    The obsidianite empire*
    The democratic-capitalist alliance*
    The zogathii imperium*


    Haven of the void*
    Order of astra*



    Brunswig mafias
    Brunswig anarchists
    Brunswig socialists
    Brunswig centerists
    New brunswig
    Brunswig capitalists

Greater Anjulas
    The knight hospitaller*
    Tesla model s*

Riko republic
    Rr puppet*

Slothiest Sloths
    Killer Sloths*
    The drug addicts*
    Challenge and farm me*
    Mcdonalds happy meal*
    The red name*

Al Montica

Recycling Bins
    Celsius 232

United States of Gondor
    Mysterious visitor


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Please that these are RP ideas and you don't need to confine yourselves to these. If you can think it up, you can RP it.

->State Visit (One leader visits another leader).

->International Summit (A bunch of leaders meets up to discuss topics of varying importance).

->War (Well, yes, you can RP a war; please do it with the consent of the nations you are declaring war on).

->International Crisis (One nation doesn't like another nation; both bring out their shinny weapons to scare each other and the neutral countries ask for restraint---can be used as a lead-up for a war RP).

->Natural Catastrophe (Mother nature played dirty again and damaged some stuff of varying degrees of importance---can affect multiple nations).

->Civil War (Nation has too many opposing sides with too many guns, other nations intervene for their own benefit or pleasure because why not).

->Revolution (The people get fed up with your leader and topple them; the world now reacts).

->Worlds Fair (Nations showcase their newest toys to other nations).

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Roleplay [AA]

by Rex omnia

AA RolePlay

Welcome fellow AA members to AA Roleplay. The year of the roleplay will be starting from 1859 AD. Hopefully that is something unique for you and better than the the usual modern RP. Now just follow the steps below to get started.

1. You will first need to make a claim on the map. Follow the instructions that have been laid out on how to get a spot on the map.

2. If you are not in the AA Roleplay channels already then you need to do the `>request Roleplay` command to access the channels.

3. It is important you read through rules so nations don't go off godmodding and start using modern tech.

4. You can get started!

Roleplays will be occurring on the LinkAA Discord. This RP will only be occurring on AA Roleplay channels, not regional channels. To join the AA Roleplay channels read through step 2.

Phew, that the general talk out the way now make yourself introduced to the rules.

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  • If you are starting a new RP please use this format at the top of all roleplaying posts: **Location** *Date of RP* YOUR RP POST

  • No God Modding

    • Being invincible, having no weaknesses, avoiding every (or nearly every) single attack/action directed towards your nation, personnel, units and equipment, forcing hits on other players nation, personnel, units or equipment.

  • OOC messages should be conducted in `ooc_discussion` and `ooc_planning`.

  • Using unrealistic and an absurd level of tech depending on the current RP time period. For example if it is the year 1859, don't start using 2020 level tech. Keep it to the tech limit.

  • Please review your post before actually posting it, as to help prevent having to fix errors.

  • No Power Playing

    • Taking control of everything a nation has. For example nation's personnel, units, equipment etc...

Roleplay Moderators

  • Roleplay moderators can enforce and make any additional roleplay rules.

  • Roleplay moderators may suspend or ban any roleplayer on the grounds of rules violations.

  • Do not start arguing with roleplay moderators as severe consequences may follow.

  • The cartographer has authority over the map including the oceans or unclaimed land. Questions of the map will be directed to the cartographer.

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Map of AA as of 30 November 2020

1 pixel = 20 miles. Initial claims may not exceed 550,000 sq miles. The cartographer will be responsible in keeping claims in check. When exceeding this limit, size of claims will be weighed against time in AA RP and activity. Check out the format below on how to claim.

- First method: write a Factbook containing this exact format and telegram the link to Liberto-Ancapistan:

"Category:Meta ---> Gameplay
Title: Map Claim

[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]What spot/area are you claiming?:[/b] (a rough image of claim is encouraged)
[b]Detailed location of capital city:[/b] (optional)

- Second method: DM @Radical Centrist#3140 on Discord with this exact format:

__**Map Claim**__
**Nation Name:**
**What spot/area are you claiming?:**
**Detailed location of capital city:** (optional)

If you wish to expand your existing claim, please use the same process as above.

First method: write a Factbook containing this exact format and telegram the link to Liberto-Ancapistan:

"Category:Meta ---> Gameplay
Title: Map Claim Expansion

[b]Nation Name:[/b]
[b]Where are you trying to expand your claim to?:[/b]
[b]For what reason do you wish to expand your claim?[/b]

Second method: DM @Radical Centrist#3140 on Discord with this exact format:

__**Map Claim Expansion**__

**Nation Name:**
**Where are you trying to expand your claim to?:**
**For what reason do you wish to expand your claim?**

Expansions will be approved to claimants for something meaningful related to roleplay.
Expansions may be given out under special circumstances (such as the result of a war, land trade, or if you are well under the maximum limit for a claim.) If you are at the maximum limit for a claim, please provide a very good reason as to why you should be allowed to expand your claim.

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Daily Life in Metropolis
A staple of casual role-playing, this RP would focus around a bunch of expats from multiple countries living in a foreign city, and be the story of their lives. What makes this RP type interesting is that it’s pretty much completely open-ended with no goal, allowing you to explore with writing styles and improve RPing without affecting anyone else’s enjoyment.

Under the Same Roof
This idea is an expansion of the Daily Life role-playing, but with a more intimate relations between the roster characters. Essentially, the selected characters live within the same household for various reasons, ranging from host family program, college students that decided to rent a house together, even romantic relations if applicable. The idea is that the intimate relation should be able to brew a lot of interesting interactions that would not otherwise be present in a regular Daily Life roleplay, especially concerning cultural shock and such.

State Visit
Leader A visits Leader B. You know the drill. However, instead of the normal NS formula of go in, talk, leave, a state visit can be so much more. For instance, you can conduct an elaborate opening ceremony, include media interviews and press conferences, take the other leader on a tour of landmarks, describe the lives and struggles of the staffers in charge of planning the visit, etc.

International Military Exercise
A lot of people have been looking for military RPs, and a military exercise/wargame is a way to tell a war story without affecting much. Mock battles, deployments, going into the thought processes of the commanders on the ground, are all potentially interesting plot points to explore. Some diplomacy can be thrown in by having a hostile nation RP spying on the exercise or issue diplomatic protests.

Tourist goes globetrotting
A guy (or a TV crew) go around the world, interacting with local people and seeing sights. They may run into (mis)adventures along the way. This allows for everyone involved to sharpen their storytelling while also creating an opportunity to world-build through exploring various countries.

Attackers on the run
The story starts with a guy planning an attack or a crime of some sorts. After he goes through with it, he finds himself public enemy number one in his country, and the role-play can take on various genres:
Action - The attacker flees from the authorities as they try to hunt him down.
Diplomatic - The attacker manages to escape into a foreign country, requiring the nation’s diplomats to negotiate his extradition.
Legal - The attacker is caught by police and brought to trial before a local judge.
Military - The attacker flees to a lawless part of Anteria, and commandos are dispatched to recapture him and bring him to justice.
Whoddunit - It is revealed that the attacker had help from inside the highest institutions of state. A lowly police detective battles political obstacles as he tries to find the accomplice.

Election Campaign
Basically, you let other players take control of your political parties and have them role-play the election campaign.

Sports tournament
A tennis cup, or a basketball tournament, or a synchronized swimming competition, the possibilities are endless. You’ll probably want to familiarize yourself with other nations understanding of said sport beforehand though.

Crime Outfit
Characters from various countries can run a crime outfit of various questionable activities in a country of their choosing; from smuggling cigarettes at the docks to gunrunning to trafficking in human beings(!), they have to avoid the police services of the country in question, the difficulty depends on whether the police forces have completely collapsed, highly militarized, or varying in quality.

After the Storm
A major storm destroys the only road out of the isolated hamlet of one of your small towns. Law and order in the village collapses as supplies begin to run out, and everyone is left to fend for themselves. Several people can have characters that try to survive, while the OP would likely control background development, create deux ex machina to advance the plot and roleplay some NPCs.

Plane hijacking
Passengers of a flight from various nationalities are bound together as hijackers take the plane to a country of their choice (controlled by OP/CO-OP), and they have to survive the hijacking in the best shape they can. Difficulty can range from a couple of guys with pistols, to a full on terrorist group. Difficulty can also range in what country they land in, whether the army is actually functioning to abandoned airfields, requiring a Entebbe-style SPEC-OPS raid thing.

The fair is in town! Exhibitions are gatherings meant to educate and teach visitors of the attending states’ cultures and achievements. The RPer can pick and choose what they wish to exhibit, the design and theme of their pavilion, etc.

International Trade Deal
Involves a major global free trade agreement between many nations in Anteria that on paper seeks to lower trade barriers, boost trade and all that “business” talk. It would involve backroom government talks, shady provisions, conspiracy theories and massive opposition in the form of protests and riots.

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Have fun with your RP adventures!

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