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A Clarification of Duties

Whereas the Refugia Revised Statutes should present a clear set of expectations for Regional Councillors in order to carry out administrative duties of the region without overburdening them and,

Whereas such duties as carried out already by Regional Councillors should be reconciled with the legal text of this document,

The Refugia Revised Statutes shall be amended so as to create:

- A Clarification of Duties -

1. The current contents of RRS 6. shall be replaced with the following:

6. The Regional Council is defined to comprise of the following members:

  1. The Arch-Administrator, defined as Refuge Isle, which acts as the head of state for the region. The Arch-Administrator's responsibilities are defined as the appointment and dismissal of all positions that are fairly elected into office and maintaining records of significance. Where the Arch-Administrator is the World Assembly Delegate to the region, it shall cast votes corresponding to the will of the Region's voting Member States.

  2. The Councillor of Foreign Affairs, whose responsibilities are defined as management and maintenance of the travel portals within the Region. The Councillor of Foreign Affairs must maintain and develop international relationships between the Region and foreign powers as well as process any official correspondence as necessary in this field. The councillor may determine the diplomatic direction of the Region.

  3. The Councillor of Culture, whose responsibilities are defined as orchestrating cultural events, inspiring activity, and developing the identity of the Regional culture. The Councillor of Culture must develop a Regional Eco Report in order to support RRS 10. a) and b) which identifies ways in which Member States of the Region may contribute towards the environmental targets established herein. Further, the Councillor of Culture must publish regular updates to the report in order to maintain its relevance and timely advice.

  4. The Operations Councillor, whose responsibilities are defined as identifying internal and external threats to the region, as well as verifying voter integrity by maintaining a roster of valid member states. The Operations Councillor may carry out operations to best use and expand the region's influence.

2. RRS 11. shall be struck from the record.

Authored by Refuge Isle
Seconded by Sylh Alanor

Edit 17/3/20: Reclassifying to Dispatch