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Leon Vennius Von Aetherberg II | Basiliarch of All The Empire

Height: 6'4 Ft

Reign: 2011 NAC - Present

Age: 351 Years Old

Status: Alive and Ruling

Full Name: Leon Vennius Von Aetherberg II

Date of Birth: ??? (1972 NAC - 1976 NAC New Age Calender)

Father: Gordon Crescentian (Adoptive)

Mother: ???


Leon the Second an exalted of the gods, Basiliarch of All the Empire, Founding Father of the Empire of Great Terra and it's Dominions, Great Lion of Aetherberg and Praetorian of the People. King of Kings. Son of Gordon Crescentia and [i]Great Lion of Terra. Founder and Lord of Gloriana, Corriveau, Olemos, Vicentia, Novikrai, Mithandor and Mysera. Grand Prince of Bushido, New Terra and Rex. Commander of the Paladins of the Sun.[/i]

Basiliarch Leon Vennius Von Aetherberg II

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Leon II is the official ruler of Great Terra and it's Dominions. He harbored powers beyond the supernatural when he sought the Materan Artifacts. These artifacts gave him Immortality through Longevity, Invisibility, Telepathy and Electrokineses. He is also highly experienced in warrior combat, melee and ranged as well as specializing in governance. He has earned the title of Great Lion by the Empire's general populace after he slew Emperor Cain Velinmir of Maleroth, bringing an end to the War of Vengeance and the Period of Damnation.

He ruled the Empire officially since the first day it was established and placed great emphasis on a united Imperial identity and a strong military, making him appear to the eyes of other empires as a massive threat. This consequently lead to the Empire's souring relations for it's neighbors, namely the Extiliari and the Inotians. Despite what the galactic community says about him, Leon continues to lead and rebuild the Empire after the war all the while re-assuring to the rest of the galaxy that the Empire will last for the next millennia.


Born from an unknown couple, Leon II as a child was adopted by the noble house of Crescentia. The one who adopted him was his adoptive-father, Gordon Crescentia, who found him in the ruins of Madura after a battle took place there during a time in Imperial history known as the Galactic Curse.

For little Leon, growing up in the Crescentian family outside of the blood line is difficult. Much of the house, except his adoptive father of course, despised Leon since he was outside of their bloodline. Furthermore, Gordon named him 'Leon' - a name that is held sacred by the family and given to it's first hero. Despite this lack of welcome and comfort, Gordon was still there as his guiding hand. The books of the Crescentian libaries helped him in his studies, including him taking interest in several hidden artifacts. One day, Leon wanted to hunt for these artifacts soon.

As a child, Gordon would educate Leon in the ways of combat and grooming him for a future in political office. As an adult he would fight alongside his father in guarding numerous figures of high authority, including the palaces of nobles. Gordon would gift Leon a fraction of his own mercenaries. Leon named them 'The Gilded Legions' as to refer to their armor possessing golden trims.

Life would soon thoroughly test his resolve when his adoptive father died in combat. Once the opportunity rose, the Crescentian House would soon kick him out of the family entirely, along with the Paladins that remained loyal to him. Leon and his Paladins however did not even bother to retaliate and instead left the planet entirely and searched for a new world to reside in.


The world of Aetherburg in the galactic north became the home of Leon and his army and they would defend this world from all sorts of demonic invasion and becoming it's Elected Consul for 2 years. As Consul, Leon was able to home his skills as a politician, all the while he was greatly protected. In secret, he illegally strengthened the might of his newly named Aetherian legion by hiring alchemists to craft enhancing potions.

Leon managed to also make his own friends, and eventually a small family of his own on Aetherburg. All of that would come crashing down during an attack by demons. They were able to sneak into Leon's home undetected and slaughtered the household while trying to look for him. Captain Royce was able to spot one of them and his company is able to eliminate the intruders. The damage however was done when Leon found out what happened. The remains of a family he has now, is his own legion. Although he kept his status as Consul, one of his Legion captains adept at politics would govern in his stead.

The Hunt for the Artifacts

Leon could not allow the loss however to deter him from his ambition. He set forth on a personal quest with his Legion to locate several artifacts, able to grant him powers. He first located Trore's Necklace, granting him the power of electrokineses. The second was the Totem of the Elves, giving him telepathic powers. The third was the Ring of Thenia, able to make him invisible. In retrieving all of these artifacts in under a few years, he encountered multiple enemies and was able to obtain information.

This information was political happenings involving the Alliance and it's states, mostly squabble between differing opinions. The more worlds he ventured on his quest, the more his political views formed. He started believing in a single unified entity between the elves, the humans and the dwarves. Leon thoroughly believed that such a thing was viable, relevant and possible.

Becoming the Basiliarch

While he was claiming these artifacts for years, along the way he fought his way through and helped many civilians from demons or criminals. The reputation of the Legions grew to the point where Basiliarch High-Inquisitor Alger Tonmay summoned Leon and his soldiers. Leon would quickly acquaint himself with the old Inquisitor and learned they had the same ideals. Alger however was old, so he decided that Leon would instead establish the dream by making him his successor.

Thus when Alger had finally died, Leon became the new Basiliarch. Soon enough, he would establish Great Terra and it's Dominions. The move was widely accepted by the general populace. Nevertheless, his programs for the new empire were instilling national unity, pride and patriotism across the territories. Speaking of his territories, he divided the Empire's northern territories into Imperial Dominions to govern on behalf of the new Empire. His legions would also soon become known as the Imperial Legions.


Continuing his personal quest, he located the Youth Chalice, said to grant it's users with immortality through longevity. It was buried neath a temple on the world of Hivanur, a world in the far-south. Leon drank from the chalice, but in that moment the temple started to collapse and only his Legionaries escaped. For the next 300 years, Leon would sit unconscious and underneath the temple rubble.

Since then, when the word that Leon was missing, the public and other institutions became highly suspicious. Captain Royce and the rest of the Imperial Legions would try to keep his reputation afloat.


In the middle of the Period of Damnation, he resurfaced once more after digging himself out of the temple for a month. Since Hivanur is located on the very edge of the southern galaxy, the world was entirely peaceful with no incursion. He roamed the world for weeks on a donkey he managed to tame until he found Vanessa Silvere, an engineer that was stranded on Hivanur for several months. The two became acquainted and he helped her repair her transport ship to get out of Hivanur and return to the Empire.

Once the vessel was operational once again, Vanessa's ship traveled to the world of Groziu within a month. From there, Leon and Vanessa attempt to return to Terra, meanwhile the return of the Basiliarch alarmed the people of Groziu and soon the Empire. The Imperial population rallied to the Basiliarch.

Finally reaching Terra at long last, the Empire officially announced his return. He gathered the war council and his Paladins to embark on a plan to finally push back the Malerothian advance. The numbers of demons started to thin, making a window to counter-attack open. In time, Leon would finally launch the 'War of Vengeance'.

While the Imperial counter-attack took place, Emperor Cain Velinmir of Maleroth wished to fight the Basiliarch in single combat. He viewed Leon as a worthy opponent in his eyes. Hundreds of millions died in the War of Vengeance but the most grim battle was the 25th Battle for Feldirn when the Basiliarch met Cain in combat and lost dearly - almost died even, causing the War of Vengeance to extend another 3 years.

Death of Cain Velinmir

He recovered from his wounds and sought to kill Cain and destroy the Black Gate to end this war. The second round would come again in the world of Saikana. Him and his Legionaries face of Cain and his own Legions, infamous for their efficiency, barbarism and vampiric ranks. As the chaos ensued around them and the casualties mounted, the two warriors entered single combat. The bodies of the two armies stacked in such high numbers that it formed a hill of armor, meat and blood. Many of Leon's Paladins continued to fight on despite having their limbs torn, believing that their Basiliarch would triumph. All the while Leon and Cain battled them to a stand still until Leon grew tired and was nearly killed the second time. However, what saved the Basiliarch was the heroic action of his First Captain and closest friend who placed himself in front of Cain's blade to shield Leon.

The First Captain, Royce Vanderlift, was sliced clean in two, his bloodied entrails showed and no longer drew breath. However this gave Leon the chance to strike down Cain with his hammer and finally end his unfruitful existence. Cain's head was utterly shattered by Leon's firearm, thus making sure the Emperor of Maleroth was truly dead.
Without their Emperor, Cain's Black Army was demoralized. The Paladins and what is left of them subjected them to whole sale slaughter. Saikana was soon under Imperial control and the Black Gate was closed by Imperial's Mages, one of whom is an imperial vampire that Leon encountered years ago.

Imperial Victory

The Empire and it's allies are victorious as a massive chunk of the Imperial Military now occupies the capital of vampires. Leon decreed that the Empire should receive the spoils of war including reparations, release of imperial citizens from captivity and labor, and surrendering of numerous naval assets. Leon decided that this occasion must be celebrated with a military parade to mark the end of the war on the world of 'Rex', a flat and open world suitable for these types of events. Leon called this Holiday, Victory Day. Later on, Leon and his paladins would host a funeral to honor the lives of the fallen paladins. Their bodies were buried on the fiorests of Aetherberg. Hundreds of thousands of bodies, among them was 1st Captain Vanderlift, buried neath a cherry tree.

Now Leon had to attend to matters of state. He instructed the Imperial Military to stabilize the north of Maleroth and quell any sort of dissent, all the while he created the 40 Year Plan to provide recovery aid and reconstruction to the battered worlds of the Empire. High Inquisitor Thranuine also had the liberty to grant upon him titles of prestige, including the title of Basiliarch of All The Empire.

Marriage with Vanessa Silvere

After participating in business of state, he decided to take a bit of time off to spend time with his love, Vanessa who spent years waiting for Leon back on Terra during the war. Leon proposed to her on a cold night and the two became officially wedded a week later, making Vanessa inherit most of his titles and becoming Siliarchess of the Empire. Consequently, he irritated some of the noble houses on Terra, even some that were loyal to him. But those who did criticize him for such were never aware that he was never one of royal blood to begin with, neither is Leon going to reveal unto them that truth. But so as long as Vanessa is by his side, Leon will feel like he can face the universe.


Currently as of year 2327 NAC, Basiliarch Leon has a 7 year old daughter named 'Emilia' and has overseen the development of the 40 year plan. Governance has indeed been affecting his personality for the past years for he had to dodge several assassination attempts and killed a few of his political rivals. Worst of all was the tension mounting with the Empire's neighbors, the Extiliari and the Inotians. But with Leon spending sometime with his daughter, he starts to wonder where his desires lay. He questioned if he ever belonged on the seat of power, or with his family on a small house on Aetherberg. He has not made up his mind yet, but for the time being he is still the Basiliarch.


"Emperor Velinmir, your forsaken
forces have no escape.
Face me again in single combat,
and let us decide who
will have this galaxy!"

-Leon confronting Cain Velinmir on
Saikana (War of Vengeance)


Leon II was a charismatic visionary, professional warrior and statesman. The hobbies he liked that we knew of was training, working out, meditating and planting his favorite flower: a Lilac. Known to be kind and man of virtue as well. However as he leads the Empire, the responsibilities that come with being the head of state have started to build over him. Overtime, he became increasingly more cunning and calculated, making sure everything goes carefully. Even in the last few years, Leon become more stern, blunt, ruthless when it came to ruling the post-war Empire. It is almost as if being the Basiliarch slowly rots away his entire being due to the massive of responsibility of being so. Regardless, he has been known to rest in a couple of occasions.

As Ruler

Though a charismatic visionary, in the last few years he has grown to become more ruthless and more careful in his approach. Many of his political opponents including other galactic powers, secessionist rebels, other royal houses and corporations seek to depose him, all of which have been foiled by his personal guard, the Imperial Legions. Despite this, his overwhelming support from the Empire's population and it's major institutions means that he has significantly more influence and leverage than his opponents will ever have. Furthermore, he has a habit of suppressing political dissent through subtle means.
Despite his authoritarian methods, he genuinely cares for his subjects and as such set up the 40 Year Plan with his advisors to restore worlds ravaged by war during the Period of Damnation and the War of Vengeance, enforcing it also upon his dominions. His other plans including bolstering trade with minor xeno states and projecting imperial influence unto the The New Republic of Maleroth, the nation of which the Empire had been previously at war with for 1200+ years.

Great terra and its dominions