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Notable Wildlife of Omega

Notable Wildlife of Omega

Compiled into this list are noteworthy and interesting species found on Omega. Furthermore there will be short descriptions of their appearance and pictures, many specimens have not been researched enough to have a description and many more have not been discovered

Creatures that breath oxygen and eat things for energy. Monarchs are not mammals because they donít breath. But there is still oxygen in the air.

    The fox is not a species that naturally inhabits Omega, but was brought here as the nations animal. The fox has populated very quickly, and for some strange reason, has no observed natural predators on Omega. Biologists predict that the iron in Earth faring creatures blood may cause predators to avert eating them, as no predators have attacked humans either.

    The entali is a short and long animal, mistaken for a large lizard before further investigation. The entali is a Herbivore and can often be found hiding in grass where it likes to eat, the entali is about 91 cm long and 15 cm tall on average. Entalis are very friendly to humans, when in close proximity they will often wrap around your stomach like a belt, experts say they do this for warmth. The average entali can run a speed of 62 kilometers per hour

    Burk (super-horn)
    Also called a super-horn for their massive 2.1 m wide horns the burk closely resembles a bull but it stands on two legs and has paws instead of hooves. The burk uses its horns to cut down large trees by centering its horns around the tree and swinging them side to side. It is not yet known why it cuts trees down but they have been observed to cut them up into smaller pieces and haul them off to the herd, herds are too dangerous to be near enough for observation, drones planned on being deployed.

    The xhaus is a carnivorous animal that uses camouflage to mimic passive animals that are appealing to its prey, most commonly seen as mimicking reega, a animal of similar size that is a highly social animal among other mid size herbivores and especially reega. The xhaus have been observed running away from humans and foxes.

    The shamren is an endangered species from over hunting for belief of life extending properties. A legend is told by the natives that anyone who eats the flesh of the shamren will have their life extended by ten years. The shamren is an omnivorous mammal that stands around 25.4 cm tall and 48.26 cm long, most are white with emissive blue spots to blend in with the lunalyths (flowers) they live around. They also make excellent pets.

    These colossal creatures are extremely aggressive towards all who breach their territory, you can tell when your entering their territory by the vine that grows in a circle to mark the perimeter. Once crossed the fatyr will charge at a mind boggling speed of 119 kph, they wont stop at the perimeter. The fatyr stands at 14 m tall and 24 m long.

    The terror is most accurately described as a giant armored meat-sack of rage and adrenaline. They are the only animal on Omega that are hostile toward monarchs, they will hunt you down and kill you then swallow you whole. They are aggressive to all living things including plants but most of all trees. They can run faster than you, they can swim faster than you, they can dig faster than you, and can jump higher than any atmospheric flying objects. they grunt, growl, and roar like demons, they are most likely are demons.

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