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Iranian Film Awards | Culture

Iranian Film Awards

Film/Culture Awards

Created By
Iran, Empress Xassandra Pahlavi

November, 2007

Shiraz, Iran

The World

No. Episodes

The Iranian Film Awards was established and created by Empress Xassandra Pahlavi to promote film making, acting, directing, costume design, make-up design, sound design, writing and culture worldwide. Believing that the world needs further cultural integrity and believing that poorer, developing countries also deserve more recognition and support for their film industry and cultural expansion, the Iranian Film Awards was created.

Unlike many other Film Awards such as the Oscars or the Cannes Festival, the Iranian Film Awards Festival works completely differently. Each year, seven films are chosen by a specialist jury from all around the world, and the seven films are placed into different categories that they could win; Best Film, Best Leading Actor/Actress, Best Supportive Actor/Actress Best Director, Best Costume-Design, Best Sound Design and Best Writing. The poorest country that wins in any of the categories will win a donation of over $400,000 Million for furthering their cultural programs and each category will give out the prestigious IFA Award to the winner in each category.

2008 Grand Seven

Nominated Film




Depicts a young man saving a girl and her family from crime and danger after falling in love with her. It is directed by Emir Kusturica and stars Uroš Milovanović as the male lead with Marija Petronijević as the supporting female actress.


Flame & Citron

A fictionalized account based on historical events, stars Thure Lindhardt and Mads Mikkelsen as two Danish resistance movement fighters nicknamed Flammen and Citronen, during the Nazi occupation of Denmark in World War II.


The Dark Night

After Gordon, Dent and Batman begin an assault on Gotham's organised crime, the mobs hire the Joker, a psychopathic criminal mastermind who wants to bring all the heroes down to his level.

United States of Paramerica

The Mourning Forest

The Mourning Forest tells the story of a nurse (played by Machiko Ono) who is grieving for her dead child. She works at a nursing home and grows close to an elderly man (Shigeki Uda), suffering from dementia, who is searching in the local forest for something connected to his dead wife that he cannot explain.


African Renaissance

An Afrofuturistic film about the prosperous future Africa is destined to have

Songhai Empire

Rise of the King

The legendary story of Zahil Amin, who rose from a peasant farmer to the King of the first united Terravia. From his appointment as a general, to his challenge to and slaying of the Chieftain he swore fealty to, to his struggle to fight off four tribes alone in the ensuing War of Unification, as a disgraced noblewoman from the Tanta tribe, Zahil's most powerful and hated enemy, Namira provides a strong source of counsel for the man who is to be King, a status often neglected in history books.


May 18th

The film is based on the massacre at Gwangju on May 18, 1980. It occurred when General Chun Doo-hwan tried to eliminate any rebels by using military force. Min-woo (Kim Sang-kyung) leads a relatively peaceful life with his younger brother Jin-woo (Lee Joon-gi)—until the day the soldiers go on the rampage against the citizens. The citizens form a militia determined to protect their loved ones, and Min-woo finds himself in the middle of it all.

Korean Empire

Iranian Film Awards Results


Best Film

Best Leading Actor

Best Supportive Actor

Best Director

Best Writing

Best Costume-Design

Best Sound


The Dark Knight

Machiko Ono - The Mourning Forest

Stine Stengade - Flame & Citron

Emir Kusturica - Zavet

May 18th

Rise of the King

African Renaissance