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Solar System

The Archlight System

Monarche is located in a solar system called the Archlight system, known for its blue super giant sun, the Archlight system holds 19 planets consisting of seven regular planets and four gas giants three dwarf planets and five planetary-mass moons that are actually planets that got caught in an others orbit. Monarche is located on one of these "moon-planets" called Omega, one of the three habitable planets in the Archlight system
the other two habitable planets are Tremdes which is a sandy and hot planet but still has oxygen, and the other is Auqador which is a oceanic planet with only 3% land. Dynvis Archfiem and Messorum are the two resource planets one is a gas giant and the other is a small inner planet. Omega orbits the gas giant closest to the sun, called Titus, most of Omegas heat comes from Titus, because the surface glows red from the heat created by the constant seismic shifts, its estimated there is 3.2 per minute.

The planets in order from closest to the sun to farthest are:
-Dynvis Archfidem(planet),
-Titus(gas giant)/Omega(planet-moon),
-Halbyite(gas giant),
-Cerberus(gas giant)/Fulminem(planet-moon)/Guram(planet-moon),
-Yrominus(gas giant)