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National Federation Factbook - The Commonwealth of Luna (WIP)

The Commonwealth of Luna


Motto: "Lunae sicut unum"
(The Moon as one)

Telephoto picture of Luna.

Population: ~400 million
Density: Variable, average 98.27 people per square kilometer

Capital: Armstrong City
Largest City: Ibid

Official Language: English

National Language: English

Demonym: Lunarian

Government: Republic
WA Category: Free-market Paradise
- President: Joyce Overby
- Vice President: Elizabeth Miller
- Chief of the Senate: Sophia Davison
- Chief of the House: Vanessa Xiao

- Upper House: Senate
- Lower House: House

Establishment: from World Assembly
Independence: August 23rd, 2108 AD

Land Area: 38 million square kilometers
Water Area: N/A
Water %: N/A

Highest Point: 10,786 meters
Lowest Point: 0 meters (Lunar sea level)

GDP (nominal): 40 trillion Lunar chits
GDP (nominal) per capita: 100,000 Lunar chits

Currency: Lunar chit

Time Zone: Lunar Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time)

Drives on the: right

Calling code: +24
(round-trip light delay of four seconds)

Internet TLD: .lun

The Commonwealth of Luna


The Commonwealth of Luna, the Commonwealth, or just Luna, is the Federation's most significant ally and therefore deserves a page all to itself. Established alongside the Federation on August 23rd, 2108, the Commonwealth is responsible for governing the entirety of Earth's Moon, and is the only other extraterrestrial nation alongside the Federation.