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M57 Pilum

M57 Pilum

A standard issue M57 Pilum on display.

Surface-to-Surface Rocket Launcher
Place of origin: United Orian Technocracy
Service history
In service: 2241-present

Production history
Designer: Hallcar Gotdom
Designed: 2238
Manufacturer: Brisk Systems
Unit cost: $2,099
Produced 2240-Present
M57 Pilum
M58 Pilum Quantum Encusted


Weight: 5.3Kg
Length: 140 cm
Barrel length: 20 cm
  • 50x137mm

    Action: Semi-Auto

    Rate of fire: 64 RPM

    Muzzle velocity: 42.67 m/s

    Effective firing range:
    152.4 metres (500 ft) (unscoped)
    274.3 metres (900 ft) (scoped)

    Feed system: 2, 4, 8 reusable, fixed tube and detachable box magazines

    Sights: left-sided 2 magnification scope folds

The M57 Pilum is a Rocket Launcher developed in 2241 by Hallcar Gotdom and produced by Brisk Systems. The M57 Pilum is a shoulder-fired multi-role rocket launcher employed by infantry in the UOAF. It has several main firing modes - the primary of which requiring the user to acquire a single lock-on, before firing a self-guided missile that will then seek the locked target automatically. However, the launcher also supports dumb-fire (firing the missile without need for a lock) and mortar fire modes, for increased versatility in the field.

The M57 rocket launcher is also significantly different in design philosophy, featuring a single, reusable, fixed tube and detachable box magazines rather than dual, rotating, pre-loaded, disposable tubes.

Design details

Why and how the weapon came into being.
Folding fins at the base of the rocket stabilize the projectile in flight, thereby helping the weapon reach its effective range of 274.3 metres. At this range the M57 operator has a 90% hit probability against a stationary target, which reduces to 50% against moving targets. The weapon is aimed using a left-sided 2 magnification scope folds. This has a target reticle with lead and crosswind correction lines and range estimation stadia graduated in 50 metre intervals.


Standard warheads used by the rocket launcher are 50x137mm Tungsten high-explosive multi-purpose, but specialist rounds are also available, including those with thermobaric fillers or AI-driven "brilliant" guidance systems. The weapon is fed by a two-round detachable box magazine on the upper left side, forward of the user. The magazine retracts into the weapon when chambering each round.

The 50x137mmmm Tungsten warhead is capable of penetrating roughly 400mm of Ceramo-Metal Armor, giving the M57 the ability to knock out any known infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) or armoured personnel carrier (APC), as well as the majority of main battle tanks that might be encountered. Furthermore, M57 boasts over 2 metre of concrete penetration, making the weapon ideal for use against infantry sheltering in urban areas and for 'mouse-holing' tactics to breach external and internal walls during urban combat, as well as engaging enemy firing positions and strongpoints.


Software in armor systems allow operators to increase accuracy via their smart-linked weapon system through their suits heads-up display. A 2 magnification scope folds out from a module on the left side when activated. Its missiles are able to lock onto aircraft if the operator uses smart scope.


Accessories that can be applied to the rifle.

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