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The Cult of Sheev

The Cult of Sheev is a hidden group, that uses the Emergency powers that had been granted to Sheev abusively. Sheev and his followers make deals with hidden organizations, and people who speak out against Sheev, Politely turn away and see his point. Or they disappear. There are currently 15 members of this hidden group and wish to bring Rothella back to its glory days as an Empire.


Initiation to the Cult of Sheev is impossible, only the members of the government can "join" and even then, they're used, and thrown away much like a piece of candy. Only the Sacred 15 can be in the Cult and if one dies, a new member will join, most likely a close friend.

The Cult of Sheev began 25 years before the Abdication of Aren. It sought to continue the old, traditional ways, and silence any opposition. A huge defender of the Emperor, Sheev sought to become a close friend of Aren. However, Aren did not trust him (Rightfully) and decided to fire him privately. Sheev began to grow his assets, and decided to become the Emperor himself. Possibly responsible for the Fire of Solem, and some diplomatic incidents, the Cult of Sheev has a group of members called the:

Unsacred ones
The unsacred ones are a group of soldiers highly trained and have incredible amounts of combat experience. These warriors are handpicked, and now that the cloning industry is on the rise, a large number of newly initiated Unsacred Ones have been chosen. Unsacred ones hold high positions and can sway their squads or even battalions to help the cause of Sheev, of course, they don't know this, thinking they're under orders.

Current number of Unsacred Ones: 576

Praetorean Guard
The Praetorian Guard is the elite few of the special Falcon division who have been chosen to be in Sheev's Cult. Many of them are incredibly trained, extremely accurate, and have incredible experience in combat. They guard Sheev at all times, a full garrison is always at his home.
Current number: 75

Dark Eclipse
A shadow of a man about 6'2 donning a fearsome helmet, and only wearing black. The man is incredibly mysterious, hidden secrets (Not known to anyone except the Cult) reveal he is a lost son of Aren, who was bent on revenge. He was fitted with cybernetics and is nearly faster than the eye can see. Surprisingly, he has no gun, only a black blade that can deflect laser blasts and cut through most things. His extensive use of Ro is staggering, granting him mutations to use things such as lifting objects out of thin air, crushing windpipes, breaking walls, holding objects back, etc. His armor is incredibly strong and can absorb most small arms fire. Anti-tank weaponry, AA, rockets, and missiles can be damaging to him.

(This doesn't sound familiar^