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IDA polls 2020

Poll by Enlightened Sempiternity
65 votes
Yes, children cannot have access to the internet at such a young time in their development.: 1 vote United Fartland.

Yes, but the children should have access in small controlled quantities.: 4 votes San Carlos Islands, Knat, Jaya Karta, and Louis20.

There should be some restrictions but only to keep kids away from dangerous sites.: 11 votes The Ruby Ranch Republic, Natashalandia, Dominioan, Narwhalstan, Kittydog, The New United Socialist Random Empire, Trichester, Knechting, Palins, Greater-Amazonia, and Aethelia.

Any restrictions on a child should be solely up to the parent.: 32 votes La xinga, North Azarath, Electric America, Reyo, Luxenermy, Cayenne Minor, Lake of Fur, Saint Viktorsburg, Holy Rhinish Islands, Denathor, The Sladerstan, Aleixandria, Nuovoiork, Sagacious Phoenix, Emere, Turtle Town, Gocian Mercenaries, Tiska, Feoras, Enlightened Sempiternity, Jehovahs Witness, Kabravosk, Liberated American Provinces, Smiley Bob, Oxes Republic, Voopmont, Aidviet Union, Graag Brom, BJMS, Western Aestorusia, The Suspicious Corner, and Emerisis.
No. There should be no restrictions. The internet is free for all.: 14 votes Pingu Armada, Rousing Anger, Salton Republic, Gladesville, Peachtree city, Star Crimson, Russian Subsidiaries, Adryvia, Gagium, Dabberwocky, Beatitas, Aerilia, Nuroblav, and Deacarsia.
Greece is Macedonia (Abstain): 3 votes The Legion of Mankind, Viridus, and Potentially Zazumo.