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The Call to Serve: Join the NPA

[background-block=#1d2c7c][hr][center][floatleft][img][/img][/floatleft][size=220][color=#dfecff]The Call to Serve: Join the NPA[/color][/size][/center][hr][center][color=#dfecff]Sponsored by the Ministry of Defence[/center][/color][hr][/background-block]

[size=150][color=1d2c7c]What is this all about?[/color][/size]

The North Pacific Army is calling upon all residents of The North Pacific to consider serving in our regional army. 

This series will document the background and activities of the leading members of The North Pacific Army. This will provide an insight into the day to day activities of The North Pacific Army, how its Generals achieved the highest rank in the NPA, and any advice that they have for new recruits. 

For each General that is featured, we will create a draft of nations who are also featured and invited to join The North Pacific Army*. 
[size=60][i]* Joining The North Pacific Army is entirely optional![/i][/size]

[size=150][color=1d2c7c]What is The North Pacific Army[/color][/size]

The North Pacific Army (or NPA) is the regional army of our fine region which takes part in both raiding and defending operations, as required by the region's interests. The North Pacific Army gives members of our community the opportunity to experience one of the most dynamic parts of NationStates - military gameplay, supported by the close-knit community of soldiers and officers that make up our regional army. 

[size=150][color=1d2c7c]How do I join the North Pacific Army?[/color][/size]

Simply register on our regional forums and fill out the application form [url=]here[/url]. Send a telegram to Minister of Defence [nation]Trondstorm[/nation] if you have any questions about the NPA!

[size=150][color=1d2c7c]Who are the Generals that will be featured?[/color][/size]

The below nations are all currently serving as a General in The North Pacific Army. Each of them has served as Minister of Defence on at least one occasion. All of them have a tremendous amount of experience in serving in the NPA and in undertaking complex operations abroad. 

We hope that hearing their stories and learning about their experiences will encourage you to join The North Pacific Army today!

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