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FCN 2020 Elections

New Waldensia wrote:Updated FCN election dispatch mega-post (in alphabetical order for neutrality). Up-vote them all to bring publicity to the FCN and help us dominate the global dispatches during the election!


For Gagium (Independent, President):

A choice for you, the people.

• Having joined the FCN in September 2017, Gagium is an experienced candidate who has served as Secretary of War, Secretary of Internal Affairs, and President, never putting partisan politics above job and duty. While serving in the Conservative Party, Gagium often voted against the majority of the party and never put party politics in front.

• Gagium has experienced the highs and lows of our great Federation, sticking with the region and doing all that he could to help the region grow and prosper as long as it has existed.

• In previous elections, Gagium has never promised positions before the election and has worked to stop corruption dead in its tracks and ensure the region is merit-based.

• While serving as Secretary of Internal Affairs during President Furbish Island's term and in the past, Gagium has created numerous successful roleplays and has created the FCN Awards, which are still running to this day. Gagium has also led the FCN to victory as Secretary of War and has maintained constant activity in the senate.

An agreeable, common sense agenda.

• Revive the Department of Foreign Affairs and the role of Head Diplomat. We will create new embassies, evaluate inactive embassies, forge new friendships and usher in a new era of interregional cooperation.

• Protect Regional Culture and ensure that our discord and RMB is an enjoyable place for everyone. Public political debates, writing/art competitions, and game nights will all be options for making the FCN the greatest region on the site. We'll also have meme competitions. Heh, just kidding.. unless?

• Continue our great roleplay and potentially start many more great roleplays. We will aim to attract roleplayers from across the site to join our ongoing FCN 2020 Roleplay and any other roleplays that I may create with my Secretary of Internal Affairs, increasing the FCN user base and creating a more active region.

• Put the Federation of Conservative Nations first! No, this does not entail isolationism - We will build new ties with regions that want to befriend us and we will strengthen ties with our current allies, yes. But this will all be done to benefit us - We will not sell our region out to those who oppose us and want to see us fall.

• Turn the Army of Freedom into a competent fighting force through raiding/defending training events, raiding commie/fashy regions and the like, and organizing the Army of Freedom discord server and ranks.

Yeah, cool..anything else?

• The people will decide! Ever had an idea on events or the like that you wanted implemented but couldn't find an officer or senator to propose or implement your idea? No worries! As President of our Federation, I will host 'referendums' and opinion polls on YOUR ideas. I will follow the majority of the region on these plans and ensure that everyone has a voice in my government.

Why not the other candidates?

• That's for you to decide. Vote for who YOU want to vote for - Don't let others or your party leadership tell you who to vote for. Make sure to follow along with the January 11th Presidential Debate for more on my positions on various topics, and feel free to telegram me questions. I will publish more campaign dispatches as the election approaches - Stay tuned!

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Campaign Sign - Variant 3

Credit to Emerisis for the gagium sandwich..He actually has a whole collection of FCN countryball sandwiches..why are you looking at me like that’s not normal?

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For Holy Rhinish Islands (National Populist, President):

Why to Vote for the Holy Rhinish Islands

1. Senate Experience
Holy Rhinish Islands has been a Senator in the FCN since around mid-June. Rhinish has also served in the Senate multiple other times between the founding of the FCN and then, with re-appearances in September 2017, and September 2018. He has pushed forward many important FCN bills, such as Senate Bill 10-05, making 9/11 an FCN Holiday, 10-07, which sets a time limit on how late a President can sign a bill before it becomes a law, 10-11 allowing for the Senate to make it's own laws, 10-12 fixing the order of the Senate Bill numbers, and, most recently, 10-47, which Impeached and Removed the Corrupt President Mr. Furbish Islands. Rhinish has also made many important amendments to bills other Senators have made, including one to give the Residents of the region the right to not be Convicted of Ex Post Facto Crimes, or Crimes that were committed before they were illegal. Rhinish had also saved 29 main motions, passed and failed, from the 10th Senate before the Discord Raids.

2. Foreign Policy
Holy Rhinish Islands suggests a Foreign Policy including that of Alliances with other Conservative Regions. He pledges a voting bloc in the World Assembly to prevent Leftist Resolutions from passing either the General Assembly or the Security Council. Rhinish mainly suggests the FCN to re-open relations with The League of Conservative Nations, a major right-leaning region that we have had no relations with for Six Months. The League of Conservative Nations would be an amazing addition to our Alliance list, especially considering the similar ideologies followed in each region, and the fact that the main catalyst of the lack of relations, Doge Republics, now sits in neither region.

3. Raiding
Raiding has been stagnant in the FCN for quite some bit. The FCN has been missing a Secretary of War ever since the Legion of Mankind resigned due to "Decent Boredom" on November the 1st. Without a Secretary of War, the region has no effective raiding force. Also without a Secretary of War, the Regional Alert System could not have been constitutionally updated, and the risk for an attack on NS would be much greater as security measures could not have been taken. Under Rhinish this will be fixed. Raids will become more often against smaller regions with differing interests. Most importantly, a Secretary of War will be appointed if Rhinish becomes elected.

4. Transparency
It is the right of the people to be educated on what is going on within their government. This is why Rhinish Islands proposes a system in which every single motion, vote, judicial decision, and executive order of the FCN Government is tracked on a dispatch available to all. This way the Residents who do not have access to this information, which there are around 200 or so that cannot view the information, can stay informed and make their vote go where they want it to go, to the candidate who shares their views the most and not the one they think shares their views.

5. Corruption
Corruption has been made illegal in the FCN thanks to Ex-President San Carlos Islands. We have Impeached President Furbish Islands for Corruption and Rights Violations. A Corrupt Government is a poor one, and we will fight back against Corruption in the FCN!

6. Bipartisanship
While the FCN may not be induced too much with Partisanship, the issue definitely exists. With the exception of the former Secretary of War, every single one of President Furbish Islands' Cabinet picks was either a CP member or heavily associated with the Party. Also, at the time of their nominations, only one Justice was not from the CP, that was Associate Justice Viridus. Since then Three of his picks have changed parties, and all to the same; Secretary Gagium to the Republican Party, Delegate New Waldensia to the Republican Party, and Associate Justice San Carlos Islands to the Republican Party. Mr. Delegate had been a member of the Anti-Seclusion Party at the time of Nomination, however he is one of the main figures in the history of and the modern Conservative Party. If Rhinish were to be elected, the Cabinet would be composed of Citizens who can do the job, not political supporters or friends.

7. Government Reforms
An elected Senate could be beneficial to the region. I do believe a move to NationStates from Discord could be beneficial, just that the people of the Senate and people of the FCN disagree, as of around 2-3 months ago. By moving the Senate, Judiciary, and Executive to NS, we could stop a raid similar to that of what happened on the 17th of December, and the amount of Nations that would or could participate in these bodies would increase. In the case of the Senate, the amount of Senators would be around Four to Five times higher than that of the current Senate. This could lead to an elected Senate, with an elected Senate leading to more regional involvement as more people try their best to get in and remain in the Senate by voting like how the voters want it. An Elected Senate would also increase activity for the reason explained prior, competition, and it will increase the effectiveness of the Senate as only competent people would be elected by you the populace.

8. A Voice for the Common People
The last time a President was Elected without any major public eye would have been President Libervalley in January of 2018. It was his first Office in the Region, and prior to that President Colorado-Kansas, now under the name San Carlos Islands, would be the only two Presidents elected that weren't major Regional Politicians prior. Rhinish has not held any major Cabinet position rather than Vice President, a position that doesn't quite have any power under the Federation Government. It's about time that the common people, not the News, chooses the President.

9. Experience outside the Senate
Outside of the Senate, Rhinish had helped Topeka form the Confederacy of Conservative Nations government, and had held the titles of Secretary of Roleplay and Secretary of Interior and Defense in the CCN. Rhinish had also founded the oldest party in the FCN History, the Conservative Party. After the server migrated to the FCN, Rhinish was given a spot in the Hall of Fame, given the nickname "Saint Rhiney the Vindicated", and was revered as a meme for many months. Upon his return in September of 2018 and quick leaving he would be transferred to the Hall of Shame for reasons regarding immaturity in leaving, which would later be overturned placing him back in the Hall of Fame in around June 2019, then quickly removed from the Hall of Fame. Since then Rhinish has rejoined the FCN, and have authored several important pieces of Legislation listed above, and have served as Vice President and Senate Clerk, the latter he has resigned from.

10. Government Involvement
You can help the Government! You can start by taking Linkthis survey, to help inform us what is important to you! Afterwards, every month we will publish a similar survey to check out how you feel about the Government, and then changes can be made. After all, this election isn't about making the Candidates get positions, it's about the Will of You, the People. That's why this Campaign is named A Vote for You, because this Month, and hopefully forever, the elections are about YOU.

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For New Waldensia (Republican, President):

My Background
I have been an active member of this region since the days of the Confederation of Conservative Nations, holding at different times nearly every possible officer position. I have served as Delegate twice, Secretary of War (one term), Secretary of Internal Affairs (three terms), and one term as President, in addition to being an active Senator with an extensive record of writing and passing legislation. I bring a lot of experience to the table.

My Pledge
As President, I will make the following five items a priority, in addition to the regular duties of the office:

• Promote the Olympics and involve FCNers in other NS sporting events
• Make raiding great again
• Restore relations with the LCN and continue to forge a leadership role among conservative regions
• Make high regional activity a goal
• Complete the FCN Saga by utilizing a committee of writers and researchers

My Administration
As during my previous stint as President, I will endeavor to bring the best and brightest to my Cabinet, involving as wide an array of members as possible. My intent will be to build a multi-partisan administration, as well as giving new people an opportunity to serve. By tapping into the diversity of our membership, I hope to bring the FCN to new heights.

My Campaign
I am running on the Republican Party ticket. I hope to earn your vote. If you have specific questions, I would be happy to answer them.

My Debate answers
For space, I will include them in a spoiler:

Opening Statement
Greetings, FCN. I am honored to present my qualifications and goals to you this evening in my campaign to serve as President. I am also honored to share the stage with such a stellar and full stage of candidates. Any of these individuals will make fine presidents, and the FCN can rest assured that they will continue to be in good hands following this election.

If I am so fortunate as to earn your vote, I hope to bring my experience to best in leading the FCN to even greater heights over the next term.

Thank you for your attention and consideration during this election. FCN forever!

Q: "Have you decided who to put on your cabinet and Supreme Court if you win the election? And a follow-up, Rhiney, in his dispatch, mentioned appointing a Secretary of War, and as you know my administration has had no one to fill the position, after Legion resigned, and no one else was interested for the position(who I believed was qualified for a cabinet position). How do you plan on solving this, and other vacancies if no one who is qualified is interested?"

re: Justices, I hope to reappoint the current batch as I feel they have done a tremendous and professional job. That would be my preference. If any are unable or unwilling to, I would seek individuals who maintain the same level of commitment to justice and following the Constitution.

Next topic, experience. The candidates have some varying levels of experience, in and outside the FCN. [...] Do any of you wish to comment on your experience, including things I left out?"
Backing up a bit, regarding our War Department. This will be a priority for me. In the past we held some competitions with other regions to boost military involvement -- I would probably try to do that again. In the event of a SecWar who was inactive, as Commander-in-Chief I would take that responsibility upon myself to lead until I was able to find someone able to fulfill the duties of the post.

Regarding experience, I have held most of the possible posts in this government, at one time or another, and so I am well aware of the duties and responsibilities of each Cabinet position. Having such a background, I can assist the Secretaries if needed in achieving goals and hiring staff, helping to direct the administration as it seeks to grow the region.

"Next topic, foreign affairs. Many of you stated your wishes for improving relations with other conservative regions. What do you hope to accomplish in that realm? And while on the topic, the LCN, which has been a controversial issue since last June. Waldy, for example, has been a strong opponent of the embassy closure, whole Gagium was a strong proponent. To both if you, why do you hold such strong views towards the LCN? And what do you plan on doing with them in your term?"
Our relationship with the LCN is unfinished business. I would like to see that chapter closed, and a new page turned. So, specifically, I would seek to restore the embassy and begin a start with a clean slate with the region in particular.

I would also seek to assist RTL in restoring activity again, and carry out our treaty that calls for periodic State visits.

[responding to Gagium on the LCN topic, him taking an opposing view and all] As I said, it's the biggest "unfinished business" of foreign relations at this point in time. I'd like to see it resolved and push on with new endeavors. While I don't see us cooperating with the LCN in the manner we did against Farkasfalka, I don't want the one region we have outlawed relations with to be one that has Conservative tags and Conservative in the name, as well as one that, for better or worse, has members with FCN ties in it.

Furthermore, on foreign relations, I would try to make sure we don't lose a step on our Delegate's endorsement level. Currently, we have the most Delegate endorsements of any Conservative-focused region, and thus hold a position of some prominence.

As I mentioned, there is currently only one region in the entirety of NationStates that we have officially cut ties with, and it is the LCN. Not TCB, not Farkasfalka, not The Leftist Assembly -- it's the LCN. To me, that is something that should be corrected.

"Next topic, internal affairs. There are plenty of plans from various candidates, on this, and plenty of good ideas. New Waldensia, you stated your hopes to revive the FCN Olympics, which currently is indefinitely postponed because few people applied. How do you hope to fix this?"

I would make sure that regular regional telegrams are sent out on events like the Olympics. Additionally, I helped several individuals put together their delegations for the previous Olympics, and in an effort to get the next Olympics off the ground I would offer assistance to those who are interested but perhaps don't know quiite how to go about joining.

The regional newspaper was a great thing for our region. I would love to see it revived, though perhaps it should be spaced out more in order to not burden the Head Journalist too much.

I am pleased with the status of our current RP. Although I have been unable to join it due to other constraints, I have heard great things about it. I would work with my SecInt on ensuring that efforts are made to continue it.
"Another question about internal affairs, which I believe will be an important issue in this term, which is Senate reform. Ulrech and Rhiney proposed an elected senate. How do both of you envision this elected Senate to be? To the rest, what are your opinions on this?"
I am excited to see reforms being discussed in the Senate. Activity has increased of late, and I would love to see more members become involved in regional politics. I do agree that Senate proceedings should be opened up to the general FCN public.

I do not, however, believe that moving the Senate to NS from Discord is a wise move, as the setting would not be as conducive to deliberation, debate, and voting as Discord is

How the Senate decides to conduct or reform itself is primarily a role for the Senate, not the President. In the matter of the President being potentially a member of the Senate, I have begun to think that it may be a bit of a conflict of interest. Perhaps the President should be a non-voting member, able to debate and propose legislation, but unable to vote as he wields the veto pen.

[Closing statement]
I'd like to thank the gentlemen for an invigorating and thought-provoking debate. @Mr. Furby, you did an admirable job of designing questions that would prompt in-depth discussion by the candidates, and the FCN is better for having held this event.

Voters of the FCN, you have before you a field of candidates that are determined to see our beloved region flourish. Your decision will not be light, but neither will it be wrong. I am confident that our region will see continued progress with any of the candidates in this contest.

I have served the FCN since the very beginning. I plan to serve the FCN until my dying NS day. My record speaks for itself. My platform can be viewed at page=dispatch/id=1303633. There are some additional items that were not discussed tonight that I will make a priority if elected, such as finishing the offical history of the FCN.

We have built a truly wonderful home in the FCN, and I would be honored to receive your trust in leading it through the next term.

FCN Forever!

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For The Legion of Mankind/The Neo austro hungarian3 empire (Nationalist, President):
For Ulrech (Conservative, President):

I have been active in the NS community since November 2014. Most of my previous experience comes from the now defunct region of Redlandia where I served as Commandant for most of the region's existence. I also served as High Command for the Gentleman's Coalition, an inter-regional military organization that consisted of Redlandia, the Federation of Conservative Nations and the League of Conservative Nations. Since joining the Federation I have served as a Justice as well as briefly serving as interim WA Delegate to ensure our continued involvement between elections and I am currently the Senate Speaker of the Federation Senate.

As President I intend to make the following my priorities:

Regional Defense:

As your President I will begin reforming the military, a new direction is required within the R/D Scene due to gameplay changes. I will seek to establish a strong regional defense force, combining our resources with fellow right-wing regions to protect against Leftist raids. As I mentioned earlier I have plenty of raiding experience and honestly offensive raiding has consistently failed. The time commitment required to establish and maintain an effective offensive military is frankly out of the scope of the region at this stage. Defensive raiding presents an opportunity for those citizens who wish to engage in R/D to still participate on a more casual scale. The protection of the Federation and her allies is of the utmost importance to me.

Regional Records:

Following the tragic destruction of our discord server many government documents were lost. Having backups of each and every law and important document is absolutely crucial to maintain the history of the FCN. As your President I will create a system to protect our past and safeguard our future.

The Constitution:

I believe the Constitution is a living document and requires reform in order to service the Federations citizens. As President I will work with the Senate Speaker and the Justices to find loop-holes and issues in the Constitution and ammend as appropriate to sure-up the Constitutional integrity of our Region.

State of the Federation:

If I am elected as your President I will address the entire Federation at the midway point of my Presidency to provide updates on my campaign promises as well as to hopefully provide some new goals for the Federation to reach - for too long have Presidents drifted into obscurity and been left unaccountable to the people.

Final Remarks
Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign dispatch.
I have strong opinions on many other issues and strong conviction to boot - I have kept this dispatch short and concise because I understand your time is precious, if you have any questions or just feel like getting to know me please telegram me on NS or dm me on discord @Lord Ulrech#6368
I will happily answer any questions or concerns you have.

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For New Inglaterra (National Populist, Speaker):

★★★New Inglaterra 2020★★★
For Senate Speaker

As Senator I've pushed for and written critical acts such as...

-The Separation of Powers Amendment-

-The Senate Inactivity and Debate Refrom Acts

-The Electoral Fraud Consequences Act-

-Puppet Registrations-

-Referendums on Major Foreign Policy Decisions-

I served as Senate Pro Tempore for almost 3 months and Acting Speaker for several weeks, and during my tenure...

-Bills were posted on time-

-Votes were counted correctly-

-All Senators, regardless of influence, had a voice-

-Bills were presented to the President in a timely manner-

-The Senate became more active than at any point in recent memory-

As your Senate Speaker I promise...

-A fair and well oiled machine of a Senate-

-Strict inactivity standards-

-Deference to the common resident of the FCN-

-A puppet nation, that I will personally maintain, to store laws passed and update the region on the Senate's doings-

-To work with my fellow Senators, no matter their party-

New Inglaterra 2020
★★★The Right Choice★★★
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The case AGAINST San Carlos For Speaker

San Carlos claims that he is the best choice for Senate Speaker, but is he really? Let's look at some of SCI's accomplishments...

Added to the Hall of SHAME
SCI was added to the Hall of Shame for his actions under his old nation of Colorado-Kansas, such as aiding Crimsonfield.

Is an accomplice to a CRIME
SCI aided the UCS in the Coup of 2018 and encouraged Christian Bounds to DDoS Gagium's wifi, a CRIME in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union, and he could be charged with being an accomplice.

Fought on the OTHER SIDE
SCI fought against FCN forces in numerous coups in the UCS. SCI also attempted to coup the FCN itself in the Coup of 2018, and yet accuses his oppenent of the exact same thing, despite his oppenent being exonerated while he himself is confirmed guilty.

Attempted to open up the FCN to INVASION
Furthermore, SCI, while President of the UCS, created a resolution in the WA that would open up the FCN to a foreign invasion.

SCI also doesn't believe the congressional report on 9/11.

San Carlos is a criminal, has fought against the FCN on numerous occasions, and is a conspiracy theorist. Do you really want him for SENATE SPEAKER?
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★★★New Inglaterra 2020★★★
For Senate Speaker


The FCN is a democracy, but the current state of the Senate is horrible. I will work with my Senators to establish a form of electing our legislature, so that it remains accountable to the people.

The Senate should not be the sole entity responsible for passing laws. As your Speaker, I will push for the common resident of the FCN to have a say in major decisions, such as amendments or policy changes, with the result of any poll being binding.

The man who I hope to call my predecessor, Ulrech, was by no means a bad Senate Speaker, but he has not updated the region's population on the doings of the Senate. That is why I will personally maintain a Senate Speaker puppet nation to post dispatches, either weekly or for major pieces of legislation, regarding the state of affairs in the Senate.

★★★New Inglaterra 2020★★★
For Senate Speaker

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For San Carlos Islands (Republican, Senate Speaker):