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Cold Winds Descending: Part Two - The Escalation (Knowhere RP)

Previous Dispatch (Part One)

In this issue are three major roleplay storylines: Midaia, Insurgency, and Empire of UEE
This roleplay combines these three storylines, telling a story of tyranny, an insurgency, and a desire for peace. Posts are mostly written by Midand, Hanguk-Nippon, and United Europe-Eurasia. This is a log that seeks to archive these posts.
Happy reading!
(in case of confusion, all dates are written in month-day-year)

03/02/50, 8:56 AM
Midaic Intelligence Headquarters, Midandia

It is a cold day, quite rare for a tropical nation. Except for the protesters in the city center, much of Midandia has gone quiet on this day, hiding from the cold. In an office of a gray, dull building, a man is busy on a laptop. He is working away, reviewing recent discoveries by Midaic Intelligence's operatives. He makes an amused face every now and then at some of the recovered secrets.
He is interrupted by an intern crashing through the office door.

"What is the meaning of this?!" the man shouts, exiting the secure window on his laptop.
"Director, The Intelligence Board needs to see you!" the intern sputters. "It's urgent."
Carefully closing the laptop, the man exits the office and enters the building's conference room. "What is the meaning of this?"
The people around the conference table, are in a frenzied mess. A while later, one person finally addresses his question. "United Europe-Eurasia. They're onto us."
"They were onto us a while ago."
"Yeah but, this time they're really onto us. All our work there is being infiltrated and extracted."
The man cannot hide his shocked expression. "What of our operatives stationed there then?"
"They had to go dark, Director. There's a full hunt being initiated. We won't be able to get in touch with them for a long time."
The man rubs his face and sits down, his face now matching his partners'.
"And that's not all, Director. Depending on how good their cyber division is, sooner or later they're going to learn of the Operation."
The man silently screams. "Vice-Director, does Vodden know about this?"
"'s not like he is going to react too kindly to the news."
The man groans. "I will inform Vodden. Transfer all sensitive data they haven't go yet. Secure transfer to our servers on the Island. They won't get to that for a while."
"But what about when they do inevitably get to it?"
"That's...better for another time. Our priority now is getting our data safely transferred. I also want a task force set up to redo our firewall. It's obvious it wasn't the most secure."
"Yes, Director."
The man leans back in his chair and lets out a nervous sigh.

03/02/50, 3:41 PM
The Quarters at Midandia Central Park

"Good morning, Delvin. We seem to be seeing each other a lot these days."
"Yes, Chairman, I acknowledge that."
"What is it now? I trust that those meddling Eurasians are under our control, still?"
"Erm, yes about that, sir. There has been a bit of a...leak."
"Leak? That sounds nice. Enlighten me, Director."
"All operations in other lands - Volaworand, Hanguk-Nippon - are going normal. It's just that...the Eurasians have a lot to say about us."
"Our operatives in Eurasia had to go dark. There is a full search being initiated for them. We won't get information from Eurasia for a while."
" cyber-ops division has initiated a full cyber-oriented assault on our territory. We have experienced a severe leakage of some of our previously undisclosed operations. Much of our work in Eurasia is being disclosed to them as we speak."
"And...erm...I have ordered a transfer to the servers on the Island. Data about the Operation, the Park, some of our more sensitive information is being sent out there. We can hold it there for some time, but depending on how good Eurasia's cyber division is, well..."
"Chairman? I just need...erm...a suggestion on what our next plan-"
"This has escalated faster than I anticipated."
"Erm, I'm sorry-"
"The Eurasians. They're smart. Smarter than I would ever have guessed. They want to play this game with us, we'll give them a game they will never forget."
"...yes, Chairman."
"You are aware of the satellite spying they are doing on us, right?"
"Of course."
"We can spin it to our advantage. The world of cybersecurity is tight, Director. We can throw them off the trail for some time while they are busy dealing with the inevitable backlash, but until then, we need a more grounded plan. You follow me?"
"Of course, Chairman."
"Also, it seems Hanguk-Nippon is starting to become aware our intentions were never solid in the first place. Director, I also need you to throw them off the trail too. It should be simple enough for a man of your talents."
"Yes, Chairman."
"Then, good. I'm glad we had this discussion."


Eurasians accused of spying on foreign neighbours; Midand recommends full trial and investigation
The country of United Europe-Eurasia has had its own words thrown at back at it today, with recent findings by Midaic Intelligence drawing attention to "suspicious satellite presence" around its foreign neighbours.
This previously undisclosed satellite presence has led investigators to the verifiable proof that Eurasia is utilizing a form of satellite spying, especially on Midand.
More on A4

03/11/50, 7:56 AM
Midand New Capitol Subway Station, Midandia

"This is a Red Line train to Midandia International Airport. Stand clear of the closing doors, please. The next station is Midand New Capitol. Passengers to-"
Michael Andrews silently stood still on the subway, having no one to talk to.
The subway left the station and loudly rumbled through the tunnel.
In the months ever since Andrews was dismissed from the police department, he had struggled to secure a new occupation. He had begun a new position last week, as a consultant with a defence firm. The pay was lousy, but Andrews had become desperate anyway. He didn't find it too bad, though. His new place of work was close enough to his former profession and was only a couple of subway stops away.
As the subway continued through the tunnel, he noticed some people on the train with picket signs.
He never really understood the department's hostile attitude towards the relatively peaceful protesters.
"Vodden's ego must have been popped", he thought to himself.
"Now approaching Midand New Capitol station. Please mind the gap when disembarking the train."
Andrews stop had come. Absentmindedly getting ready to leave the train, the doors opened and Andrews prepared to get off...before being forced back in by a fully armoured riot police officer. "Wha-what is the meaning-"
"Quiet", the officer snapped back, his voice distorted and obscured by his helmet. Andrews quickly fell silent, intimidated by his gear.
An entire squadron of riot police entered the train.
One officer banged on the door to the driver's compartment, yelling, "MPD! Stop the train and don't let it leave!"
The officer in charge activated a megaphone and started yelling towards the passengers. "By orders of the Midandia Police Department, do not leave this train. We are inspecting this train for rioters! Failure to comply with our orders will lead to strict consequences."
As if on cue, two other riot police boarded the train, armed with tear gas canisters. Andrews silently backed into a corner. The squadron then walked throughout the train. They made a beeline for the passengers with the signs. Two passengers stood up from their seats in defence of them.
The officer was not amused. "Sit back down, citizen. I will not warn you again."
"Sit back down and let the tyranny pass me over? No thank you. We are all here for-", the passenger started, but was interrupted by the officer forcefully shoving her into a wall.
His partner did the same to the other passenger.
"Arrest these two for noncompliance, officer", the officer said, letting the passenger go. He then walked towards the protesters.
"And you-", he started, before another riot police tapped him on the shoulder.
"What?" he asked. The other officer pointed towards a passenger recording video on her phone.
"HEY!" the officer yelled almost immediately, forcefully making his way towards the passenger.
She didn't back down.
"Very well then", the officer said. He ripped the phone out of her hands and smashed the phone to the ground. He stepped on it with his boot.
"Arrest this person for noncompliance as well!" he shouted, before two officers grabbed her and pinned her to the wall, handcuffing her.
He then stomped all the way back towards the protesters, who were now huddled in a clump close to a door. Before he could get to them, however, a group of passengers pounced on him and held him back, motioning for the protesters to run out the train.
"Hey, hey, HEY!" the officer yelled, trying to free himself from the passengers' grasp.
The other officers approached the group, unsure of what to do.
"Just do it!" the officer yelled, still stuck in their grasp. "We have masks, they don't! Spray 'em!"
Before Andrews or any of the other passengers could react, two officers opened the canisters and started spraying...


- Midand

03/22/50, 10:55 PM
Tōki Station, Esutoru, Karafuto Province, Hanguk-Nippon

Tenjung Saichimo (最치も 天중) walked down the steps to where the Shikuka Line usually stops. He wore a jet black trench coat and a Homburg hat, a personal favorite of his. Outside, a massive blizzard raged. Esutoru was experiencing oddly cold reasons this year, which was unfathomable by local meteorologists. Tenjung felt the revolver in his coat pocket. It was cold and loaded. The station was inactive at this time of day, and thus prior he discovered that Midandian agents would rendezvous at Platform 3. He looked at the station map with contempt and slipped back into the darkness. Steps were heard in the dark station. Two men were converging, both covered in black with briefcases. Tenjung slowly began to slip the revolver out of his coat pocket.
"Give it. Now."
Tenjung held the gun in his hands.
"Here. Be sure to get to Point 7 as soon as possible. Aga:sa'no ma denir Midaia."
"Aga:sa'no ma denir Mida-"
Tenjung fired two shots at the man with the briefcase.
The other man began to run off to where he came. Tenjung fired one more shot at the running man and watched him collapse on the floor. He ran over to the briefcase and quickly grabbed it. He slipped the revolver back into his coat and scurried off.

03/23/50, 10:15 AM

The next morning, Tenjung spent his time researching what he had found. He was constantly on the phone with Sesato about his new findings on the case with the Midandians. Tenjung took a sip of some tea and set it down on his desk. "So they were lying. These files contain false troop movements and diversionary attacks. What I found inside was incredible..."
"Get to the point, Saichimo."
"Well, they weren't helping us. Hanguk-Nippon is suffering because of Midand. These files are all written in Midandian... Their government seals are all over these papers, and their flag was engraved on the upper right corner of the top section of the inside of the briefcase."
"I see... Anything more?"
"Indeed. There was a specific group of papers folded behind everything else. My translator tells me that it says, 'Plan Spy on Hanguk-Nippon'. Well... No... Er, that translation must be wrong. No soul would make such a silly name for a reconnaissance plan."
"Whoever named that plan and sent those spies is far beyond hypocritical... They can't even keep their plans secret for even a year. I honestly feel bad for them... Bah. Fools, heh. What do those nosy Midandians know anyways? If they wanted information from us, they could've just asked. Haha! Good job, Saichimo. Order all Hanguk-Nipponese divisions to begin harassing and apprehending Midandian volunteers. I shall speak to the Imperial Diet on this matter later this evening. The world shall know the truth."
"Alright... Understood, sir. Though I would think that state-sponsored harassment would incur some backlash from Midandians. Both the people and the government..."
"... Well, we can do it discreetly. Their operations are going down in flames for all I care. A spectacular show for the Hanguk-Nipponese government to stage for the world's entertainment. All Midandian students studying abroad in Hanguk-Nippon shall be barred from attending classes, all Midandian bank accounts in Hanguk-Nippon shall be frozen, and all money within those accounts shall be returned to the state... Better yet, that money shall be returned to the people... The Hanguk-Nipponese people. Once again, thank you, Saichimo. Your efforts are unforgettably integral to the prevalence of our nation."
Sesato then hung up, and immediately began to dial the numbers of his ministers.

03/24/50, 4:56 PM

Seong Hayashi (성林), the previous Prime Minister of Hanguk-Nippon sat worriedly at his new home in Hitachi. He had moved there permanently ever since Emperor Sesato rose to power. He couldn't bear to live in Seoul where Sesato would constantly be shown on television.
"Things are bad. Things are bad and they were so much better before... Midand wasn't a mess... We weren't in this mess... Nobody had even heard what the pacifists had to say. When worst comes to worst, this is probably one of the worse scenarios... Sinjōism... Funny. It really is... Pale compared to the ideals of collectarchism and nationalism. Perhaps we just would've been better off if I had appointed somebody...", Hayashi pondered. He sipped a bottle of beer and sat back on his couch.

THE WONSAN PRESS - Sesato Decrees Anti-Midandian Crackdown!

Emperor Sesato has pushed forwards several significant laws stipulating limitations on Midandian citizens residing or traveling within Hanguk-Nippon. He has called for "large measures" to be taken against the Midandian government. He was quoted at a press conference, one of the first in his lifetime, saying, "No nation shall make Hanguk-Nippon appear foolish. If they even think about it, I will personally ensure the safety of every citizen from these madmen in their tyrannical government of sycophants. No longer shall we lose ground to Midand. We strike back now. The children of Midand shall no longer receive the newest computer or video game. It's their fault, after all". Several people have noted that this was a very bold move by Sesato against Midand. Some say that this was unnecessarily strict, and that it would hurt the Hanguk-Nipponese economy. However, many still insist that Midand is "the enemy of the century", specifically online communities which have sparked great debate and anger from both sides. Even a few have been lead to believe that Midand was the instigator of this civil war. Much remains uncertain, though. The Midandian Government has yet to respond.

- Hanguk-Nippon

03/25/50, 8:56 PM
Providence Forge, UEE

Michael Rossborough sat on his balcony chair, thrilled at the constant amazing news that he had been receiving from Minister Hopkins. "What a wonderful Saturday night, I always enjoy watching the sun go down with some sweet eggnog!"
Then, suddenly, Mr. Rossborough hears his phone ringing. He instantly jumped out of his balcony chair and picked up the phone.
"Good Evening Minister Rossborough, this is Minister Hopkins, I hope you're having a wonderful evening."
"Ahh, Minister Hopkins! A pleasure to speak with you once again, how may I help you on this fine evening?" "Well, we have good news and bad news, which would you like to hear first?"
"Let's hear the bad news first."
"Well minister, a lot has happened since your speech, we have a new notification from Midand signaling a plan being formed."
"Oh great, they're coming back for more already? They're gonna regret this move."
"Well Minister, Midandia has practically gone silent and a press release was published this afternoon calling us out for "Espionage" so I suggest we open a press conference and explain everything. Including the declassification of our satellite plan just so they're aware of what's happening too. We have to be somewhat transparent with the public."
"Very well, I agree with that, schedule a press conference for Monday at noon."
"I'm on it. And the other thing is that... We believe Vodden is controlling the press. Free press and media were squashed months ago. I feel like the Midandian people want to be on our side but they can't. Vodden is practically the anti-christ to them, and he's only getting worse."
"Wow interesting stuff, issue another investigation, but this time make it international. Feed the press everything that they want. Accuse them of outlawing political freedom and civil rights."
Minister Hopkins remains silent for a few seconds before picking back up and continuing. "I sent my assistant to get on the phone with The Royal Media and they'll post everything. Now onto the good news."
"Okay, go on." Minister Rossborough says in an intrigued voice. "Hanguk-Nippon has finally caught onto the Midandians, this is our time to shine. We have an opportunity to share some intelligence with Emperor Sesato that would make him go on a full-on rampage against the Midandians, and it's just what we need. We need the forces there to be completely obliterated."
"Sounds great, add that onto our to-do list." Minister Rossborough reclines his chair and places the phone on the speaker. "Anything else, Minister Hopkins?"
"Yes just one more thing, and this is a big one."
"Okay, I'm ready."
"Get this, actual video evidence of their crackdowns are live and it's spreading like wildfire."
"Wow! Fill me in!"
"So basically, this unknown girl wasn't just recording a regular video, she was live-streaming the entire confrontation through her phone, it's all over Twitter, the guy pretty much pinned her down and smashed her phone to the ground."
"Yes!! Just what we needed, send me the video through email immediately, The New Midaic Order will be ended before it barely even started. Trust me, the Midandians will be calling us their heroes after we're finished with their tyrannical government."
"Very well, sir. Well have a great rest of your night, I'm getting some rest so that I'm prepared for the press conference tomorrow."
"You too, Minister Hopkins." Mr. Rossborough hangs up the phone and prepares to sleep.

- United Europe-Eurasia

03/28/50, 1:02 PM
Santō University, Wajuro, Ussurichi Domain, Bikin Province, Hanguk-Nippon

Glenn Ellesmere, a Midandian studying in Hanguk-Nippon, was taking his usual lunch break. He was at a café when he saw the notice.
"Midandian products boycotted. Midandian bank accounts frozen", it read on the television screen.
"Huh? What’s this...?" said Glenn. He took one last sip of his coffee when he felt a hand on his shoulder.
It was a police officer. Glenn began to sweat a little, but swallowed his fear and confronted the officer. He mustered his courage and his knowledge of Hanguk-Nipponese and asked "Yes, officer? How may I help you?"
The officer, still holding his shoulder, moved to the seat across from him and sat down. “I’d like to ask you several questions, all of which concern your stay within this country,” he said.
Glenn remained calm, and even though tensions were high between his home country and Hanguk-Nippon, he feared nothing but having his coffee turn cold.
"Ask away, sir," said Glenn.
The officer gave a nod and proceeded with his line of questioning. "Which university do you go to? Which classes?"
"Santō University, and I take advanced robotics and chemical engineering. It's quite a colossal task for somebody like me, but I'm willing to study and get a high-ranking job in Hanguk-Nippon's world-class chemicals industry."
"Very nice. Are any of your friends or family here with you?"
"My friend Ethan Piers is studying at the same university as me, we've been friends for a while. Though, he plans to return to Midand once he earns his degree."
"Okay, enough questioning... I've heard enough."
The officer stood up and walked over to Glenn. "Any identification?"
"Of course, sir."
Glenn handed him his driver's license, and with that, his fate was sealed.
The officer grinned as he held the card up to the café lights. "Thank you, Mr. Ellesmere. It has been a pleasure hosting you at one of our nation's prestigious universities; we take education quite seriously around here."
The officer swiftly locked Glenn's hands within a pair of handcuffs and lifted him out of the seat. Glenn, puzzled, decided to remain silent.
"You are under arrest for the charges of conspiring with treasonous members of an anti-national society. What you say now can and will be used against you in a court of law. You shall answer all questions truthfully and honestly when asked by state authorities. You have the right to an attorney, and if you cannot afford one, the government will provide one for you," said the officer with a new stern expression, placing Glenn's license in his pocket. He carried Glenn out of the café with little protest from him or any of the witnesses. They were all too scared to intervene, especially after the thought of national treason and conspiracy.

Emperor Sesato sat woefully in his office chair, overlooking a map of the nation, he remarked quietly about the military situation in the north. "The Kanyang perimeter is collapsing, Hyoejin has fallen... I remember the times I visited Hyoejin. So many memories of visiting my grandparents there..."
Sesato sighed and drank some dark coffee slowly, savoring the bitter taste and basking in his nostalgia. "Those days of fishing on the Central Sea... My grandfather turning the boat around and shouting, 'you fish like a cat'... and my poor grandmother... Long lost memories leave me now as one more city falls to greed, corruption, and... 'pacifism'."
He mumbled, looking at the city on the map. He heard a knock on the door and looked up slowly with an automatic frown. "I thought I said that nobody shall interrupt me at this time of day."
"I'm terribly sorry your majesty," the messenger on the other side said. "But I'm afraid this matter requires your close attention! The Imperial Diet sent me here!"
"... Oh for goodness sake. Enter."
The young man jogged to the desk and relayed the situation, the diet wasn't happy either and concluded that only compromise will assuage the suffering of the country.

"What? Compromise by holding an election? Do you mean legislative or... the impossible?" Sesato's words became more severe.
"... The latter, your majesty... I'm saying that the-"
Sesato grunted through his nose and pressed a fist on the desk. "The Imperial Diet wants this?" "Yes, your majesty. They said that there's no other option..." "Are they being pressed? Are they becoming psychotic?" Sesato's words felt like bullets to the young messenger.
Sesato gave a long tense sigh of aggravation. "I can't have anymore idiocy within these honored walls that have hosted our nation's government for centuries. Send this letter to the speaker to be read immediately," ordered Sesato. He took out a red envelope with the word "辛곤苦란" inscribed in the corner, which meant "distress" in English. "In front of the entire Imperial Diet. Have this be read."
"Indeed, your majesty." The messenger took the letter in both hands, bowed, and scurried off hastily.
Nobody was happy.

THE TOGAMI TIMES - "Your Newest Newspaper on All Things Hanguk-Nippon! ~"
Midandian Arrested on Charges of Conspiracy; Uncertainty Surrounding Snap Elections

At 1:02 PM HNST, 28 December 2049, a Midandian by the name of Glenn Ellesmere was apprehended in Wajuro at a local café. The authorities have released a long statement on the matter, which concerns an investigation into a possible planned car bombing attack on a local fish market in Aomori. His trial is currently ongoing, but the government has repeatedly stated that this was in no way a premeditated arrest. "His trial shall be paid attention to closely. Nobody shall be harmed, and our verdict shall present itself through logic, reasoning, investigation, and rational thought," stated Chief Officer Senju Hantōro at an official meeting and press conference.
There has also been some concern surrounding the nation's situation. "How long shall this war last?" asked one. "When will things ever return to normal?" asked another. So far, rumors have spread about a snap election to settle the case. However, Emperor Sesato appeared quite discontented with it at a speech in Kyoto. Not much else is known about this issue.

- Hanguk-Nippon

04/01/50, 6:00 AM
Undisclosed facility

"Receiving file drop. Be ready to intercept. Run a scan for any suspicious items."
"What you got?"
"Well, according to the message attached...give me a moment, this computer is getting's files on...the Operation."
"The Operation? That's got to be impossible."
"Midaic Intelligence says its files are being cracked by some Eurasian nerds. They're transferring them here for...safekeeping. They're deleting all other traces of the Projects on their end."
"Really? We're that vulnerable?"
"Never underestimate a Eurasian, buddy. Back when I served with them overseas they were able to keep a lot of surprises up their sleeves."
"So what do we do now? If Eurasian cyber-ops are really as advanced as they think, the breadcrumbs we might have left behind will lead them here soon."
"That's what Midaic Intelligence is anticipating. They're hoping that they will have thought something up by the time that happens."
"Seems risky."
"Of course it does. But it seems in these times...risky is the best we're going to get."
"You know how much juice we got packed down here, right? The Projects, the Operation, the Park...hell, even the island we're on technically isn't supposed to exist."
"Vodden has a lot of stuff up his ass that's best kept undisclosed. We do what we can. I expect the division will soon be given an assignment to begin taking down Eurasian cyber-ops."
"Doesn't it bother you?"
"Doesn't it bother you? You used to serve Eurasia, and now you're helping us giving them a sock in the jaw?"
"I serve no side. I see the conflict between Midand and Eurasia as simply two small children squabbling in a playground. When you've reached my position, maybe you will understand. I only signed up for both country's agencies to make a living. Nothing else. The two countries can do all the sketchy activities they want, and in the end, it won't matter too much to me, wouldn't it?"
"Apathy. I like it. I'm going outside for a cigarette. You coming?"
"Don't. Storms are back again."
"What? As far as I know, the previous storms just ended hours ago."
"That is what we get for setting up in a godforsaken place in the middle of nowhere."
"Ah, damn. Might as well get back to work."

04/13/50, 8:00 AM
Undisclosed facility

The floodlights loudly turn on one by one, illuminating the hangar fully.
The workers inside briefly shield their eyes from the new massive light sources.
A man standing by the doors of the hangars shouts,
"Get going! What the hell do you think you're all doing?! Viking Platoon expects this shipment by next week!"
The workers, still struggling to accustom to the light, mumble replies of bare acknowledgement and get back to work. Shipments of weapons are being loaded into crates, and are wheeled off by unmarked trucks to locations unknown.
The man steps up to a platform overlooking the hangar, taking in the view.
Below him, he sees planes being assembled. Workers busily shoving crates into trucks. A massive transporter bringing ungodly amounts of supplies, metal, and parts.
Another man approaches him.
"Sir, Vulture Squadron is asking about our progress on the Operation. When is the aircraft prototype they're expecting going to be delivered?"
"I haven't even laid eyes on the prototype as of yet. It's probably the best-kept secret this side of the world. Barely anyone in the base itself has knowledge of its existence."
"I understand that. But Vulture grows impatient. General Tavor grows impatient. Minister Duncan grows even more impatient. You're the foreman of this specific Project, you should have the answers."
"You certainly are right about that. Forgive me. I shall make a trip to view the Blade's progress now. Come with me. You need a report, no?"
"Very well."
The two men exit the hangar and into another, which is heavily guarded by guards with assault rifles. Entering the hangar, one of the men activates a fingerprint and biometric scanner. "All workers have to go through with this. The Blade is a well guarded secret. If any word gets out that one of them tattled to someone else, well..."
"I catch your drift."
The two men enter the reinforced hangar and walk through it.
They come across a massive fighter jet unlike any other.
Plated with some of the most reinforced material known to man, equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry, equipment, bombs, and most important of all...spy equipment.

"This is the Blade. The pride and jewel of the Midaic Order's OPERATION."

04/02/50, 5:56 PM
Providence Forge, UEE

"Which one would you like?"
"Same one as always."
"Very well then." The person at the newsstand handed Lois Castillo the newspaper with a wink.
Lois opened the paper and flipped through it, perusing through the articles. "Thank you."
Lois handed him a couple bills, folded up the newspaper, and stuffed it in her bag. "Anything else?"
The newsstand worker sadly shook his head.
Lois hung her head dejectedly. Then, looking around to make sure no one was listening, switched to Midandian. "Really? The mess at Midaic Intelligence still hasn't cleared up?"
The newsstand worker responded in Midandian, "Hell no. We all got to lay low, Lois, at least until some of the crap between us and Eurasia blows over. I'm willing to bet they're not even going to send a coded message in that newspaper anymore. Might as well skip coming here every day. I got to lay low too, you know."
Lois nodded reluctantly and switched languages back. "Thanks, Charles. Have a good afternoon."
"You too, Cheryl!" Charles yelled as she left.
While walking through the streets of Providence Forge, she stopped by a produce market and entered one of the shops.
She stood by the counter for a couple of moments, before a shopkeeper emerged, wiping his hands with a dirty cloth.
"Cheryl!" he exclaimed. "What can I get for you today at Mark's Fresh Fruits and Veg?"
"Just a couple carrots and potatoes", Lois said, rummaging through her bag. "Throw in some cheese too."
"Making dinner or something?" the shopkeeper asked, putting the items in a bag. "You never buy this much here."
"Yep", Lois said, handing him a wad of money.
The shopkeeper quickly switched to Midandian. "I got nothing, Lois. My connection with Midandia has gone dark."
"Damn", Lois said silently. "Thanks anyway."
She took the bag of produce and left, walking through the city back to her apartment. Opening the door to her apartment, she turned on the light, revealing a chair, table, television, and a closet. She opened the closet to reveal a large computer setup, connected to a large server hidden somewhere else in her apartment. Putting her groceries on the table, she booted up her computer and started typing.
Sometime later, she silently swore to herself when no messages from Midaic Intelligence appeared. The last message was from two weeks ago, simply saying: "Agents potentially compromised. Contact cut off. Lay low."
But it didn't bother Lois too much. She was here for a mission. She was one of 4 operatives stationed in the city, with the 16 others scattered around the rest of the country. She was going to assist Midand in unveiling Eurasia's suspicious activities to the world. Her task was to extract any incriminating information and bring it back with her to Midand when she returned.
But ever since the Eurasians tightened their grip, it seemed she was stuck here.
Wanting to busy herself with something else, she took a potato out of the bag and started peeling it. Maybe she was going to make dinner for once. She was about to move on to the carrots inside when she heard a loud bang outside her door. She instinctively got up out of her chair and made a beeline for the gun hidden in the bathroom.
But she stopped herself. Maybe she was getting ahead of herself. She had taken every precaution to hide her identity. They couldn't have gotten to her this quickly...right?
Another bang echoed outside. She should get the gun while she still could...
Bang. Beads of sweat formed on her head.
She started inching towards the bathroom.
"Just put the box down, idiot!"
She sighed with relief. Only two guys messing around. She sat back down in her chair, still a little on edge. Maybe next time, she could-
And the door burst open with a loud boom, blowing her back.

- Midand

04/03/50, 6:54 AM
Providence Forge, UEE

It's a soggy, wet day in Providence Forge. Minister Rossborough wakes up and checks his phone.
"16 Missed Calls from Minister Hopkins", Mr. Rossborough says in a confused but curious voice. He quickly dialed her back, and she answered immediately, catching him off guard.
"Minister Rossborough, We have a suspicion of some 16 Midandian operatives in Eurasia, about 4 are possibly currently located here in Providence Forge and their identity is currently hidden. We've done our background check and we believe that they somehow bypassed our Entrance Security and forged a fake VISA. We investigated some Deep Midandian files and we believe the lead operative is in Providence Forge, she goes by the name Lois Castillo."
Minister Rossborough, in shock, responds aghast but interested. "Wow, didn't think that I would be hearing this, I want a warrant for Lois Castillo's arrest issued immediately, there is no holding back on this one. I want her detained on the charges of Illegal National Trespassing, and Treason and Espionage. And for the other 15 operatives, have them tracked and pinned, I want private investigators dispatched to their locations but I want their status kept on the low."
"Wow that's a lot to take in Minister Rossborough, but we're ready to fulfill your request, we will have this order passed down immediately. Also, I will issue a message to the public about the warrant for Lois Castillo's arrest. We have some pictures that we could supply to broadcasting companies around Eurasia."
Michael Rossborough sighs, annoyed that his morning was started off in a frenzy. "Okay, Hopkins, sounds good to me, let me know any updates."
"Yes, sir. Also just to warn you, we're going to begin intercepting the usage of cellular data and internet connection between all of them. We believe that Midaic Intelligence ordered them to stay low, and we also believed that they shifted their files over to an undisclosed location off of mainland Midand. But don't stress, we have a national intelligence investigation going on right now and everything should be finished and reported back to us within a few weeks."
"Thank you, Minister Hopkins. I will schedule a meeting with you soon." Minister Rossborough hangs up the phone, ecstatic about the next few weeks. "Finally, these Midandians apart of The New Midaic Order will have a special place in hell and in a Eurasian Federal Max Security Prison."

04/04/50, 3:30 AM
Eurasian Intelligence Agency

"How is everything going with the investigation, Mr. Evans?" Minister Hopkins says in a determined voice.
"Well things are going quite well, Midand was kind of weak with covering their tracks to their new facility and computer systems. The code should be cracked in a few weeks and the ETA is around January 29th."
"Ahh sounds great, I want all the files extracted into a secured system. And then transferred on a private jet to The Arctic Circle. Midandian operatives and military wouldn't dare touch the Arctic." Minister Hopkins sits down at her desk, ready for more action.
"Very well."
"Also, about the files, you extracted on the operatives, I want them forwarded to my email immediately please, but add encryption. Since our intelligence has been placed on lockdown, it's been difficult getting them on my own."
"Will do, Minister." Mr. Evans exits the room and rushes to the nearest intelligence agents.

- United Europe-Eurasia

04/06/50, 10:34 AM
Undisclosed facility, Midandia

Michael Andrews looked around the dark, reinforced, room. Around him were a huge portion of the passengers on the subway, including the two protesters he saw were arrested by the riot police.
One impatient passenger, dressed in sharp business attire, was banging on the door. "Hey! It's been actual days since we've seen the light of day! People will talk if an entire train of people just disappears!"
No response.
It had been a few days ever since the incident on the subway. While only a few passengers were actually arrested, the riot police decided if a person was sprayed with tear gas, they would be brought in for a "brief questioning period". Besides providing a meagre food supply, not one single person actually entered their cell.
But this gave him a lot of time to think. What was Terence Piles' plan with the protesters? He had evidently dismissed thinking up any peaceful resolution whatsoever, and judging by the actions of the riot police on the subway...
His thoughts were interrupted by the door swinging open, and light flooded the once dark room. Michael shielded his eyes.
A police officer who was wearing way too much gear stepped in. "You are going to stay quiet. You are going to comply with our orders. I am only going to explain this once!"
Two other heavily armed guards entered the room as well.
The officer continued talking again and put a hand on his weapon stored in his holster as he did. "You have found yourselves in here today because you have been noncompliant with MPD's orders and the authority of the Midaic Order as a whole. You have been convicted of starting riots within the Midand New Capitol subway station and will be questioned and sentenced accordingly."
The impatient man spoke up. "Some of us were trying to go to work! Do you think I give a damn about these protesters, officer? I was just on the train and poof! Tear gas everywhere, getting into my eyes and crap! I will have you know I-"
The officer picked him up and shoved him against the wall. "Do not undermine my authority here, understand? Down here, no one can hear you scream."
He promptly let the scared man go, and he slumped against the wall in shock.
"Name?" he asked the man.
"Uh-uh-erm...Dickens. Ronald Dickens", the man stammered timidly.
"Don't undermine my authority again, Dickens. You're already charged with quite a lot of stuff."
"But-but-but I..."
The officer turned around, and his face then fumed, seeing a person with her phone out, recording the altercation.
"HEY!" the officer yelled, and he stormed towards her. "Not tolerated!"
He took the phone out of her hand and promptly smashed it against the wall. "Tell me how much you recorded."
She said nothing, only stared him down.
The officer, his face now going bright red, yelled, "Take her out of my sight! We can question her with more...intensity."
The two guards quickly forced her up and took her out of the room, never to be seen again.
The officer continued going around the room, taking down names and asking questions.
He later got to Andrews. "Name?"
"Michael Andrews, sir", Michael said.
The officer stopped. "Andrews? As in former Chief Andrews?"
The officer silently swore under his breath. He motioned for the guards. "Get him out of here and get him home. It is clear he got caught in the crossfire. I have to make a call."
The guards returned and helped Michael up.
The officer got close to Michael. "You will not speak of what happened in this room. Ever. Unless you would like to stay in this room."
"With the tyranny outside there? I would prefer this room to be completely honest", Michael spat, disgusted with what the police department had turned into.
The officer narrowed his eyes, his face getting redder. "Don't lecture me, Andrews. I will have you placed under police supervision for that comment. Get him out before he opens his mouth again."
Before Michael could have time to throw another insult, the guards had forced him out of the police department, back into the streets of an ever-deteriorating Midandia.

04/13/50, 11:45 AM
Midaic High Chamber, the Capitalon, Midandia

- "Forgive the lack of my physical absence at this meeting today. I extend my sincere apologies that I could not make it. I am quite a busy man."
- "Absolutely no problem at all, Chairman. So, you have called a lot of the Council for this meeting today to discuss the situation we have with our foreign neighbours, including United Europe-Eurasia and Hanguk-Nippon most especially."
- "Correct, Minister. The biggest thing I would like to focus on at the moment is our relationship with Hanguk-Nippon. I understand, thanks to a few mishaps in judgement, that Hanguk-Nippon has caught onto our more...dubious actions."
- "Dubious is an understatement."
- "I agree with Geldon. Now that they have practically condemned us in the eyes of the public, how should we take action?"
- "I am glad you asked. As you all know, the situation in Hanguk-Nippon grows more...complicated day by day. Not only are they trying to deal with us, but they are also trying to deal with a rising movement of insurgency within their borders."
- "And, Mr. Chairman, how do you expect us to deal with them, exactly?"
- "Oh...this is where things get complicated. This is where we delve into territory beyond the paygrade of some of you. But, case in point, we will be using a variety of resources that Hanguk-Nippon has inadvertently provided us to vouch for a change of administration. And this is where my new...friend comes in. Geldon will be taking the lead on this one."
- "As the Chairman said, we will be utilizing a change of administration within their borders. We...pull some strings. If we get our friend into the echelons Hanguk-Nippon's elite and powerful, we can use this...puppet to our advantage. I believe you get what I'm saying."
- "That is a lot to take in. Are you two suggesting...?"
- "It's been done in the past."
- "And what do we have to do with it?"
- "Pull some strings, essentially. No different to what many of you are doing now. Now if you will excuse me, I have to take an urgent call. Geldon can brief some of you on the details of our stratagem."

"Minister, what are you calling me for? This had better be as 'urgent' as you're saying it is."
"I am calling from the Park. Most of the Projects have been completed."
"You should have seen General Tavor's face when he saw the plane. Chairman...the Operation is as good as complete."
"Wonderful, simply wonderful news. Soon, we will launch, Duncan."
"Aga:sa'no ma denir Midaia."
"Aga:sa'no ma denir Midaia."

04/13/50, 8:00 AM
Undisclosed facility

"Yep. Many terabytes full of information that Vodden would rather keep up his ass. These USB sticks are probably some of the most incriminating devices on the planet."
"Good. Kill the server. Careless as Delvin may have been with covering Midaic Intelligence's tracks, we are a step ahead. Lock those sticks in the secure room and make sure that the server doesn't turn on until further notice."
"You got it."
"The storms have subsided now too, you can go out and take a break when you're done."
"Sweet. You coming?"
"No. I have work to do."
"OK, one minute you're all 'no side matters; all that matters is you work for yourself', but now you're turning into a workaholic working for Midand. Doesn't that say something about-"
"That's what I'm doing, though. I am working for myself, and solely myself. I find experience in my craft, and I put my skills to their full potential in my work. When I was a technician working for the Eurasians, people would have said the same thing."
"...alright then. I'm going outside for a break and a cigarette. I won't be too long."
"You'd better be. Storms are going to be back at some point. Better hurry."

- Midand