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"Historical" - The Founding of the TRR Discord

Yundeath Reaper - 11/29/2016
Guy! >_<
Guy to make a #roleplay channel
Libetarian Republics - 11/29/2016
3 lazy admins is more efficient than 2
Frattastan IV - 11/29/2016
Can't we roleplay making a channel, instead?
guy - 11/29/2016
This'll be good.
frattastan - 11/29/2016
"Guy clicked on '+' and filled the permissions for the new channel. He had never roleplayed, but he knew that it was his duty as a good chat admin to take care of this."
Yundeath Reaper - 11/29/2016
with that effort you could have made one yuo jerk >:c
frattastan - 11/29/2016
"Guy was figuring out how to make a channel properly, and he was tired and that effort was offputting. But he knew that Fratt wasn't going to do it in his place. He was always too lazy to do anything."
guy - 11/29/2016
claps [for frattastan]
Yundeath Reaper - 11/29/2016
stabs fratt
frattastan - 11/29/2016
"Frattastan however, liked to think that he wasn't lazy, but that he inspired people to do work. That should've surely counted as 'activity', no?"
libetarian republics - 11/29/2016
Julius Caesar reference. Nice!
the stabbing
guy - 11/29/2016
"Et tu, Yuno" actually has a ring to it.
frattastan - 11/29/2016
"Fratt turned towards Libetarian Republics and with his last breath told him: "Hey, let's make a #metaroleplay channel""
Yundeath Reaper - 11/29/2016
ugh why are you two admins again? =_=
guy - 11/29/2016
Frattastan got the job for winning the "rudest TRRer" contest.
frattastan - 11/29/2016
"Fratt looked at what he was typing. It was bad writing, and a bit cliche with the stabbing and last breath thing, yes. But only because they weren't writers, but only amateurs who had never written a single word of fiction. It was justified, damnit."
(we moved to a higher plane of roleplay now)
Yundeath Reaper - 11/29/2016
frattastan - 11/29/2016
Done, btw.
I'll delete it when you go to sleep.