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[Proposal] On the Common Practices and Necessary Regulations of Puppetry

On the Common Practices and Necessary Regulations of Puppetry

The Government,

Puppeting is the act of utilizing secondary nations in addition to a given main nation. These secondary nations (herein "puppets") are a fun mechanic utilized by NationStates in order for nations to view issues, farm cards, raid regions, form new identities, among other features exclusive only to the practice of puppeting. However, this mechanic may also be exploited by nations freely, most notably in regions holding a regional government in order to circumvent established rules and regulations through alternative mediums.

This Proposal Hereby:

BANS the use of puppets in malevolent acts not limited to:

  • Vote-rigging: The use of puppets to unfairly modify the results of a poll, especially one in the political context, to one's or an individual's advantage.

  • Framing: The use of puppets to perpetuate malignant acts that aim to damage the image of another individual, such as voting extensively on a political candidate through puppets so that the public may believe that this said candidate is vote rigging.

  • Brigading: Already a frowned upon act by itself, brigading and flaming an individual through numerous accounts must become a more grievious crime warranting harsher punishment from the regional judiciary.

  • IC Puppeting: Should regional RP be established, puppeting shall also be banned as it may create an unfair advantage for one player over another through the continued creation of IC nations that may or may not ally with the main nation.

EMPOWERS the Intelligence Agency of the region to operate within the region in addition to their external roles so as to properly use the needed faculties to enforce the above rules.

GRANTS the Intelligence Agency the ability to investigate a suspected puppeteer given a reasonable doubt, and initiate a trial between that suspect and the Government should appropriate evidences of puppetry be found to be substantial and the offender unwilling to relent and/or confess to wrongdoing.

RESTRICTS the above powers as that the suspected puppeteer must be informed beforehand of their investigation, and that such investigation must not result to coercion and other forms of toxicity, and

RECOMMENDS nations to prioritize their main nations in the region above all else in matters relating to regional politics so as to ensure our community's continued stability.