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Current WA Nation: Westberg Empire
Name: Republic of South Africa
- Full Title: The Federal Republic of South Africa
- Shorthand: South Africa
- Etymology: Southern Africa
Head of State: President Louis DeMarcus
- NOTE: Omit if not applicable.
Head of Government: President Louis DeMarcus
Legislature: Congress
Map Claim: South Africa
Capital City/ies: Pretoria
Population & Demographics:
- Total Population: 61 million
- Language(s): English(official) Afrikaans, Setswana, Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Tsonga, Siswati, Venda, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, isiNdebele, Phuthi language, Pedi (Secondary)
- Ethnic Group(s): White, African, Coloured, Asian
- Religion(s): Christianity (majority), Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism (minority) *Freedom of Religion*
Economy Description: Modern Industrial World Economy
- Nominal GDP: $600 billion
- Primary Exports: Manufactured Goods, Gold, Diamonds, agriculture goods
- Primary Imports: Machinery, Automobiles, Oil
Government Description: Federal State, Presidential Republic, Democracy
- System of Government: Federal State, Presidential Republic, Democracy
- Distribution of Powers: Executive, Judicial, Legislative
- Procedures of Government: Election
Military Description:
- Active Personnel: 75,000
- Reserve Personnel: 50,000
- Annual Budget: $9 billion
- Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force
- Equipment:
Brief History:
- 1910: Union of South Africa forms under the Cape Fransice model
-1915-1917: South Africa fights with the UK against Germany
-1919: Kingdom of South Africa formed with the House of Hanover as Head
-1933: Women of all races are allowed to vote for the first time
-1939-1945: South Africa remains neutral in WW2
-1946: Democratic Alliance Party is formed
-1947-1965: rapid industrialization and immigration from the UK to South Africa
1955-1980: Freeway and Rail Act helps states build freeways and rail connecting the country
1979: Equal Opportunities Act Passes Congress: Funding to all ethic groups on a per capita basis. Thus all groups receive equal funding in that regard. Each municipality would receive the funds. The State and Federal governments will oversee all projects and ensure funds are used in appropriate manners. As a result white riots occurred in major cities for several weeks afterwards.
1990: 5 political parties the People's Party, Green Party, Democratic Alliance, Progressive Party, Unity-Freedom Party contest in the 1990 election and all elections there after
1978-present: rapid increase in wealth, technology and industrialization continue
- NOTE: Must conform to preexisting regional history.