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Opening Address & Formation of the Executive Council


[size=100]Opening Address & Formation of the Executive Council[/size][/b][/align]
Good morning, 

Our citizens have spoken and it is now time for a new government to be formed. I congratulate [nation]Francois Isidore[/nation] on his election as Vice Delegate, [nation]Deropia[/nation] on his election as Speaker, and [nation]Vivanco[/nation] on his election as Attorney General. 

Id like to thank all of you who participated in this election, by voting and asking questions, you have helped to keep our democracy strong. As we all know, decisions are made by those who show up, so thank you. 

There are a number of appointments I now need to make. Turning firstly to the Executive Council.

[b][size=100]Executive Council Appointments[/size][/b]

I appoint the following to my Executive Council and I invite them to take their oaths accordingly. 

[b]Minister of Communications[/b]: Marcus Antonius ([nation]Ethnon[/nation])
[b]Minister of Culture[/b]: [nation]Prydania[/nation]
[b]Minister of Defence[/b]: [nation]Trondstorm[/nation]
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]: TlomzKrano ([nation]Kranostav[/nation])
[b]Minister of Home Affairs[/b]: BluieGamer ([nation]Konar[/nation])
[b]Minister of Radio[/b]: [nation]El Fiji Grande[/nation]
[b]Minister of World Assembly Affairs[/b]: [nation]Gorundu[/nation]

I thank all appointees for their willingness to serve. I look forward to working closely with them in delivering upon my platform for all TNPers. 

[b][size=100]Staffing and Other Positions[/size][/b]

Ghost ([nation]Pallaith[/nation]) will be reappointed in his position as [b]Chief of Staff[/b]. Rom will serve as my [b]Press Secretary[/b]. 

Praetor ([nation]Praeceps[/nation]) is reappointed as the [b]Guildmaster of The Cards Guild[/b] and I nominate Marcus Antonius ([nation]Ethnon[/nation]) once more to serve as Chancellor of The North Pacific University. 

[nation]Territorio Di Nessuno[/nation] is reappointed as the [b]Lead Gameside Advocate[/b]. I will be making a number of changes to the makeup of the Gameside Advocates and will announce this in a few days. 

That is all from me, for now. I will now take questions. 

[b]Delegate of [region]The North Pacific[/region][/b]