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Welcome to the New Western Empire!


We're so glad you decided to join our diverse community!

Whether you are an experienced player looking for an exciting change or a newly founded nation just trying to learn the basics, we're here to assist! The New Western Empire (NWE for short) accepts any and all individuals, and is a region that stands for liberty, democracy, and equality. We're proud to be offering you the opportunity to participate in this wonderful community and growing region, and we look forward to your participation. Continue reading below for more details on how to get started here.



NS can be a scary experience at first! It's got various bells and whistles, and if you don't navigate its waters correctly, you could end up finding yourself in very unpleasant regions. However, we're here to help, as the New Western Empire is a beginner-friendly region! First, you need to learn a few key terms in order to be successful:
Regional Message Board (RMB): Ground-Zero in the continuous struggle for successful communication! The RMB is our main hub for social gatherings and the like. Go on, say hello if you haven't already. As well, be sure to join the region's Discord server (link can be found in World Factbook Entry at the top of the region's page).

World Factbook Entry (WFE): Do you want to know what parties there are? Maybe get a glimpse of the news? Or maybe you're trying to find who represents you in government? You can find all of that information and more in the World Factbook Entry (It's at the top of the region page in that big box labeled 'World Factbook Entry').

World Assembly (WA): There is a world beyond the RMB, you know. There are thousands of nations and regions in The World. And there is only one place where they all come together in (almost) perfect harmony: The World Assembly! This massive legislative body is the central nerve system that carries out international demands to all of its members. NOTE: You need to be in the WA in order to be the WA Delegate. Never have more than one WA nation at any given moment: It could lead to you being banned from the World Assembly. To endorse someone, go to the bottom of their page and click "Endorse ___". At any time (say, if someone ticks you off), you can unendorse a nation by clicking "Withdraw Endorsement".

  • WA Delegate (WAD): Do you like that nation's flag over there? Are you in an alliance with someone? Are you being a loyal citizen? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, you'll need to read this little tidbit first: WA Delegate is the World Assembly Delegate, meaning he/she represents our region in the WA. We advise all of our nations to endorse the WA Delegate, feel free to endorse others as well.

  • Sinker Regions: So, you've been absent from NationStates for a month or so? You come back to see you flag gone and find yourself in a region you probably don't know about. When you don't log in for 28 days (or 60 days if you have on vacation mode), your nation disappears (Ceased to Exist- CTE). When you log in again and revive your nation, you are placed in a "Sinker" region, all of which house the abandoned and forgotten among us.

  • Rejected Realms (RR): REJECTED! Okay... So maybe you haven't been rejected yet, but that may not always be the case. If you get in trouble with the government here or the Moderators (who rule the entire site), you can get banished to the Rejected Realms, a region for, well, rejects. If you are just banned, you can come back to the NWE. If you are BANJECTED, you are banished forever (Yes, forever. Unless the Emperor pardons you, of course).

  • Premiership: The executive branch here in the NWE. The Prime Minister is elected by the region as a whole, he/she holds executive power just like the Founder. The Prime Minister is permitted to select his/her own Deputy Prime Minister. The Deputy Prime Minister is here to succeed the Prime Minister if he/she is found to not be able to fulfill their duties (i.e. Resignation).

  • Cabinet: The Cabinet is composed of around a half dozen elected members- the Director of Foreign Affairs, Director of Immigration, and Director of Interior to name a few. These are the ones who are tasked to protect our safety and enforcement of the law at the Prime Minister's leisure.

Hopefully, we haven't bored you just yet. Now that you have the basic terms, you are almost ready to become an official member of society.

  • Senate: The Senate is the legislative body here in the region, and it consists of currently 11 senators. This body is permitted to propose and vote on legislation that can go in to law, although the Prime Minister reserve the right to overturn passed legislation that doesn't meet the required threshold of two thirds support.

  • High Court: The High Court is the judicial body of the region, and the court's bench consists of a single Chief Justice as well as at least two associate justices. Nominations are made by the Prime Minister, and then is either confirmed or rejected by the residents.



Before you go shuffling off into the corridors of Justice, we'll need to see some identification. Or, rather, we need you to become a citizen and (Possibly) join the Government. Here's what you should do:
1. Introduce yourself over the RMB! We need to get to know you before we go through the proceedings, you see.

2. Get educated and read our constitution! If you want to live happily here, you need to read these documents ASAP.

3. Join the Government! Want to make a law? Then telegram the Founder when election time comes around, and state that you wish to run for office, you may even choose a party to run under.

NOTE: All residents are automatically granted residency. However, there is a special tier of residency (Citizen) that is needed to run for office and participate in voting (be registered in the World Assembly).

"On behalf of the region, I hope you enjoy your stay."

New Suternia, Interior Director


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