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The Times[12-1-2020]

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Montrandecs Neighbours's Vacant President

President's Vacancy with a lot's political pressure is not new its normal and usual. Many regions have seen a president resigning during a crisis and the elected president of Montrandecs Neighbours was also not different.
Montrandecs Neighbours is having a number's Crisis and well its actually happening from 211 residents to 75 residents is the journey. Elwana who was elected by a big and major majority he got 14 votes out of 26 votes and that fair enough majority. He recently resigned instead of finding a cure for the crisis and he even left his region and went to 10000 Islands. Now the entire attention is on the Vice-President South Kalmaria. Its even said that South Kalmaria will be by default made the President and Vice-Presidential elections will again happen.

Montrandec the Founder he himself has been inactive quite a lot. With a stumbling position of the Montrandecs Neighbours all eyes are on the Founder Montrandec and the current Vice-President South Kalmaria.

Political instability continues

As we all know Democratic Republic of Southern Africa has been a sort of unstable and there are Senate elections coming soon with the Lasagna merge and a lot drama.
First of we a week ago when a sudden event happened. In the day Magnum Exitium the president said"Greetings all,
Following recent events I have realized that it is necessary for me to have embassy permissions. I didnít think I would need them, but I was clearly wrong about that. I was also wrong about the idea that people would listen to orders when I gave them." It was not usual as the President gave himself the embassy power. Later in the day The Second surprise came up as the Secretary of state Aksaria posted this message:
"Announcement from Secretary of State Aksaria:

Good evening my fellow citizens today I am sadden to announce that I will be resigning as Secretary of State of the wonderful region and the reasons for my resignation is that I had a dispute with President magnum over the embassy construction with a region I believe is not in the best Interest of our Region and I strongly advised him not but At the day I cannot be Apart of a government that doesnít seek to have whatís best of the interests of this region first but I respect the president and I pray he does well and that My successor Also does well, itís been the greatest honor of my lifetime to have served you as Secretary of State and My resignation will go into affect on Wednesday. Thank you and my god bless The DRSA.

Sincerely, Secretary of State Aksaria"
Now the question remained which region? What happened behind the sense and what were the details.

Senate Drama

Democratic Republic of Southern Africa saw a Senate Drama in this past week as the Senate elections have brought a high Political movement. Firstly the Senator Sowlina brought a motion in Senate to Impeach the Senator Baddie bad land who has been quite inactive. Later One more surprise happened
Aksaria the former Secretary of State asked to run for Senate in a three man contest with Free Newoot and Sowlina. Then a few days later Sowlina said this "good evening I am Announcing today that I am officially Exiting the race for seat one of the Senate Elections because I see no idea of this campaign Winning and before we can lose in a historical electoral defeat I must exit so we donít have damage for the future. Thank you and itís been honor serving you as senator and I will like to Endorse Free Newoot". So officially she ended her Senate Campaign making it Free Newoot vs Aksaria which will be a interesting Competition.

Dates out

Democratic union of free states's next Presidential elections are declared as they will happen on 28th January, 2020 stay tuned for more updates.With the Parliament re-convenes next week.

New Western Empire Polls

New Western Empire Polled recently to see that people support which system and the people's voice supported the current system.This poll was called by United Soviet States Of Russian Empire

Farkasfalkagoes democratic

Farkasfalka had its first democratic election for the 'Earl' Position. Marquisal won the elections and beat Doverlawn, National Astroka.

Lasagna on the fire of merge

Lasagnahas been recently been a merge fire as a lot's of merge things are happening and The Green Reform Party with The Workers Party have stayed a protest against United Nations organisation's decision of merge. The future of merge is yet under doubts.


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